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13/13/6007 TAM a/k/a March 21, 2008 Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 3.12

New Episode - Wall of Fire #116

Red Sea Map

Wall of Fire is an awesome song by Tapestry of Praise that we have included in this program for your listening pleasure. It is also a fitting name for this episode of our program, even though our actual theme is: Listener Questions. One question we will be answering concerns the return of the Remnant of Israel back to the Land of Israel in the Second Exodus. This astounding event is foretold by the prophets and includes some unique details. We've included a handy little map to help you follow some of the foretold events where they will actually be happening in that day in which the Living Elohim will reveal His glory to the whole world in His Remnant People. Talk about a Wall of Fire! Truly, there is NO ONE like Him! Another question so many of you keep asking is: "How is Yitzak?" Thank you for your constant prayers and concern! For those who are new here, Yitzak is our 10 y.o. son who recently shattered his back in multiple places. He has been home now for about a month and we are watching YHWH do something truly amazing before our eyes. Don't miss this report. This is not only about Yitzak. It is about you too. [For those following our Matrix Series: We expect to return to our Matrix Series with our next program.]

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Latest News At Tsiyon

The really big news this week is in our latest program. It is about our son, Yitzak, and what YHWH is doing with him. Don't miss that report because it is really an awesome example of how our Father turns lemons into lemonade.

 Speaking of turning lemons into lemonade: we've had a couple of lemons we've done that with lately. In fact, you can consider this new newsletter system, complete with new newsletter format, as lemonade. The lemon that precipitated this change was a server burp that ate half our email list in one gulp! After that little episode we realized it was time to install a different newsletter system, which we now have done. We also had to reconstruct our email list, which we have done as best we can. If we got anyone on our reconstructed list by mistake who doesn't want to be, we are sorry to have bothered you. You may unsubscribe at the link at the end of this Newsletter.

While we are talking about correcting errors, we had one today that we should also tell you about. When our new program was posted to our site the program link was not updated - so the link still pointed to our last show. [Thanks, Blue Rooster, for telling us about that early! It seems that Rooster part of your handle really fits.] Anyway, we've fixed that now, so if you got the funky file please go back and get the right file from exactly the same link.

That's it for now. We hope you enjoy this week's program as much as we enjoyed sharing it with you. Till next time, May YHWH turn all the lemons the enemy hands you into sweet and tasty lemonade!  Ah, yum!


Eliyahu ben David and Dawn

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