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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 3.13              13/20/6007 TAM a/k/a March 28, 2008


New Episode:  The Matrix - The War

In The Matrix the fledgling Neo learns the true nature of the world from his mentor, Morpheus. Ordinary people had always seemed so harmless and benign to Neo. Now Neo was learning that very passivity of the masses is the thing that makes them dangerous to everyone who is truly free. Because the masses are passive, yet fully invested in the system, the unseen enemies can enter through any of them at any time and use them as a destructive weapon against those who have broken free. In this war for men’s minds the people Neo is trying to set free are the very persons who can become the agents of his destruction. This should ring true for every follower of Messiah! There are unseen enemies making war upon us RIGHT NOW! They are satan and the demons...and every day they are working through ordinary people around you to neutralize and even control you. Is that just an ignorant superstition or is there real evidence of their existence in this world today? We will offer you some! You will be challenged by this program...and you will be grateful that you were.

NOTE TO TSIYON MINISTRY PARTNERS: we have included two resources for download just for you. One is Multiple Personality Disorder - Demons and Angels or Archetypal aspects of the inner self, Dr Haraldur Erlendsson - 2003. This paper offers scientific information gathered by mental health professionals that prove the common existence of demons in our world today. Our 2nd download is a true unabridged edition of War On The Saints by Jesse Pen-Lewis. This is hard to find because most versions today have been edited to make them more PC. This classic on spiritual warfare in its full unedited strength is a must read for every believer who does not want to become another casualty in the war with the unseen entities that rule the world. The first download is in pdf format. War On The Saints is in html format. To read it unzip to its own folder then click on README in that folder.

Latest News At Tsiyon

Talk about War! We have a war mentality here at Tsiyon. We are fighting hard every day in Messiah to take ground away from the enemy. Its working! We started this last week with the most visits we have ever had in one day at our Tsiyon web pages. Of course, we were thrilled to see so many people being blessed by the ministry. Well, the very next day the server crashed from an "unknown cause" (yeah, right) and was out the rest of the day! Apparently the enemy was having a temper tantrum because so many people were being blessed at Tsiyon. While we lost that one day we battled our way back on line. The number of visits through the rest of the week after that has more than made up for the server outage. Our Messiah has once again given us the victory!

There's more! The enemy's loses in that particular skirmish were greatly multiplied because besides more than making up for the lost visits, Messiah also gave me this week's powerful program on spiritual warfare for all of you! Now we can all put this truth to work together and the resulting onslaught against enemy ground will be multiplied exponentially. He, he, he - Don't you just love being on the winning side? :-)


Q. How come the Jewish Year is 5768 but we at Tsiyon are about to begin 6008? Why the difference in the year?

A. There's a very good reason for that! Read it here.

Finally, a little reminder: As a way to make up for any inconvenience any of our web visitors may have had when the server was down we posted a handy Hebrew Dictionary/Lexicon for free download from our site. If you haven't gotten yours yet it is still available for you. Can you say F-R-E-E ?

That's it for now. Till next time remember: There's a war going on! We pray that you and yours will be enjoying the spoils of victory this day, this week, and every day till we all go home.


Eliyahu ben David and Dawn

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