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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 3.15            1/5/6008 TAM a/k/a April 11/12, 2008


New:  Lesser-Known Passovers

The new Torah Year of 6008 is here and Passover quickly approaches. As we know, Passover commemorates the first Passover of Israel coming out of Egypt and finds it’s fulfillment in the sacrifice of the Lamb of God. However, there have been other lesser known Passovers that are both instructive and inspiring to consider. Do you know what happened during the first Passover of Joshua/Y’shua and the first generation of Israel to enter the Promised Land? How about the year the Temple was built? One of my favorites was the Passover called by King Josiah/YoshiYah that was held after Israel had LOST THE TORAH - yes, the Torah was actually lost and forgotten - and then found again! And how about the “revival” and Passover of Hezekiah/Y’chizqiYah that was greater than any Passover of any of the kings of Israel? Do you want an example of “grace” in the “Old Testament”? Then you will love this story! In this program we also answer the question: Is Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread together 7 days or 8 days long? Is Passover to be commemorated on the evening of the 14th or the 15th of Aviv? What do the Scriptures say? What does the priest, Josephus, say was the practice in the first century? Listen to this program and get into a Passover state of mind.

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Latest News At Tsiyon

Prayer Alert Update! This last week we sent out a prayer alert to our Tsiyon News list to ask you to pray for little 3 year old Logan Stehno. As we reported to you; "Logan was accidentally run over by his Grandpa. Grandpa was leaving the house to go pick up Logan's sisters at school and did not see Logan follow him out of the house. Grandma was taking care of Logan's 4 year old sister. Sadly, when Grandpa was backing out, he backed over Logan's head and chest." Many of you responded immediately to the prayer request. Now, we have an update for you. On receiving MRI testing it was determined that Logan has no evidence of brain damage!  Another report has come to us since then and is reproduced below just as we received it:

-----------LATEST REPORT ON LOGAN ---------


Update on Logan Stehno

The last update received this morning is that Logan will have to undergo more testing on his brain. He is still in a coma and the doctors are having trouble getting him to respond and to wake up. Though the initial MRI showed no brain damage, Logan’s brain was still swollen at that time. It is thought that the swelling may have been hiding an injury, or that a complication has developed since the first MRI.

Also, an account has been set up for Logan to help defray expenses. Donations can be mailed to the following:

LOUISE, TX 77455


Please note that the bank will forward deposit receipts to the family with information that will allow the family to acknowledge your donation.

Please, continue to pray for this family. If you are able to help with a monetary donation, I know that the family will be most grateful.


The family believes that your prayers had a lot to do with Logan's initial favorable MRI. Truly, YHWH hears the cries of His people! Let's continue to pray for Logan until he is clearly out of danger. His family continues to need prayer as well.


Here at Tsiyon Radio we want to do something special for Passover for all of our Tsiyon listeners. We want to give any of you who don't have it yet, a copy of our book, Holy Time as a special Passover gift. Don't miss details about this free gift in this week's Tsiyon program!


Q. What could you do with a case of these books?

  • Study them together in your family or group.

  • Offer them at your group or website.

  • Give them to family or friends as a witnessing tool.

 Sister "Mair Contrair" likes our book, Holy Order Restored. She likes it so much she asked if she could buy a whole case! She is not one to keep quiet about the truth, so we were not surprised she wants her own supply of books to share with many of her friends. Well, the least we could do for her was to try and get the best deal possible from our printer for a case price. Major distributors like Amazon get 25% off retail as their wholesale price, but I wanted even more of a discount than that for Sister Mary. I managed to secure a special price for the month of April only. Are you ready for this? 40% OFF - case price only! If you would like to have a case of Holy Order Restored to do what Mary is doing you can get in on this special offer for the month of April only. Don't pass up this great discount. If a case (case = 58 books) is too much for you then try splitting a case with another Tsiyon listener. For specifics just email us for full, no obligation, details. Sharing these books is a great way to get the truth out to others.

In closing we wish to thank you for listening to Tsiyon Radio through this last year and sharing it with your family and friends. Despite many challenges through the year the message has been going out to an ever increasing sphere of listeners. Tsiyon Radio has grown a lot this last year. You, our Tsiyon listeners, have made that happen! Your prayers and support have made you partners with us in this exciting work and we want you to know that you are beloved and appreciated! We pray that during this upcoming year we will all grow into greater unity together. We pray that you and your family will be released from every burden and hindrance and that you will be blessed abundantly far beyond what any of us can even imagine.

Shalom in Messiah,

Eliyahu ben David and Dawn

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