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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 3.17            1/19/6008 TAM a/k/a April 25/26, 2008


New:  Messianic Music (stereo mp3Pro)

Here is a treat for your ears! Our Passover season programming for this year concludes with some of our favorite music for your listening pleasure. Musical styles are varied with songs by an impressive list of inspiring artists. This program is here presented in full stereo to enhance the listening experience of our Tsiyon web visitors. Enjoy!

Music by these artists is featured by permission on this program:

Danny Lee ben Israel - Album in production, link to be announced here!
Jonathan David Brown - Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God (Album)
Susi Meredith - Secret Place (Album)
Brian Samptor -Torah Walk Revival (Album)
Tapestry Of Praise - Wall Of Fire (Album)
Oleg Gitlin and
Genady Shlapobersky
- Your Hand On The Strings Of My Heart (Album)

Visit our website to hear this program free!

Latest News At Tsiyon


April 28 will be the last day of our free Holy Time book offer for all of our listeners. This is a special gift just for Passover. If you are not yet registered hurry on over to and register right away!


Q. What could you do with a case of these books?

  • Study them together in your family or group.

  • Offer them at your group or website.

  • Give them to family or friends as a witnessing tool.

For more information about a case order and free autographing of your copy email radio at

Prayer Alert Update!

Here is latest update on 3 year old Logan: "Thank you all for all of your prayers and for forwarding the requests. The outpouring for this family has been tremendous. Logan's mom could hardly talk without crying last night when we were talking about all of the prayers. She believes that the prayers have done more to help everyone, Logan included, than anything else. I am very happy to say that Logan is making some progress. He is opening his eyes, turning his head, and posturing. I'm not sure what they mean by posturing, so if anyone can say what is meant by that, it would be great. They are baby steps, but we'll take them. His mom says that they still have him on the ventilator to keep a good supply of oxygen to his brain. His condition is still critical, and he is still hour to hour, day to day and things could change at any time." Let's continue to pray for Logan and his family.

Prayer Request

This week our friend and brother, Yaakov, had a tire explode while he was fixing it. He hurt his hand, splitting open one finger clear to the bone. As breadwinner in his family, he is continuing to work even though some time away from work would be more beneficial for the healing of his hand. Please pray for a quick recovery for Yaakov.

Lotsa Motza?

As the feast of Unleavened Bread continues we remember the haste with which YHWH led our fathers out of Egypt. They were being liberated so fast there was not even enough time to allow bread to rise. As you eat your motza through the rest of the feast, remember, this is not only a memorial. It is also a rehearsal. One day we will be hurriedly leaving Egypt ourselves in the 2nd Exodus!

Shalom in Messiah,

Eliyahu ben David and Dawn

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