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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 3.19            2/03/6008 TAM a/k/a May 8/9, 2008


Revelation Judgment of the House of God 

Had your wicks trimmed and oil level adjusted lately? Revelation 1-3 reveals Messiah as our great High Priest inspecting the 7 menorahs and judging each one "according to their deeds." This Revelation judgment of all professed believers as pictured by the "Seven Churches of Asia" follows the Hebraic pattern that "judgment must begin with the House of God."



Judgment of commendation,

Judgment of sin,

Judgment of punishment,

Judgment of reward
- For overcomers ONLY!

Find out how the judgment on the original "Seven Churches of Asia" was literally fulfilled and what that means for all professed believers RIGHT NOW!

Note For Tsiyon Partners: We are presenting more information for some of these Revelation programs than will fit into our regular hour programs. When we do that we are creating an "extended edition" just for our Tsiyon Ministry Partners that includes EVERYTHING. We are producing Revelation study guides for our Tsiyon Ministry Partners, also. This information is vital for the remnant of Israel and is being unsealed right here, right now. Please, don't miss a thing.

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Latest News At Tsiyon

This is a Sabbath Year - but Sabbaths can be even more work for those who serve full-time in the Temple! That is not a complaint but a way of saying that the new Torah Year is already much busier for us here at Tsiyon than last year was - and we are delighted about that! It means that more people than ever are being blessed by the ministry at Tsiyon. Revelation is pouring forth from the Throne and this is keeping us very busy as we travail in prayer, spend time in the Word, record and produce programs, and write. As you take in the Revelation messages and the extended information we are providing you will be blessed with an understanding of Revelation that will literally resemble a news report of what is currently going on in Heaven! This information is up-to-date, no-nonsense and absolutely vital to the remnant of Israel. We need your help to get this information as widely distributed as possible.

Can You Help?

Please listen to these Revelation messages yourself and then send a copy to someone you know would be blessed by receiving it, or just send a Tsiyon link to someone with a few words of your own. Either way, you will be helping to multiply our efforts at getting this message into the right hands. These Revelation messages are shaping up as bold messages far beyond what you usually hear in a radio program. This is bound to be opposed, so please keep Tsiyon in prayer. Also, it is hard to stay on top of the content and also service the website and email as well as we need to. Could you help us out as a Tsiyon volunteer? For one thing, we could really use a good webmaster and all around tech guy. Is that you? If it is let us know!

Here is another thing to consider. Things get busier for our listeners after Passover and they often forget to send in support. If you forget to help us through the summer we have nothing else going to make that up - and all of our expenses go on the same whether you help us or not. A painless way to help us monthly would be to sign-up as a Tsiyon Ministry Partner, if you haven't done that yet. You can start as low as $12 per month and get an incredible amount of ministry resources to help you in your walk with Messiah. Now would be a great time to sign-up to get all of this extended information we are putting out on Revelation, plus, if you want, you can join us for our online meetings where we are discussing each program together. In any case, if you are blessed by what we are doing here at Tsiyon please show it by sending an offering from time to time to the address at the bottom of this newsletter or online. It will go to good use helping us keep Tsiyon Radio on the air. Thanks to all of you who help us to keep the Tsiyon message going out.

Truly, these are exciting times as we approach the end of the age. This is your chance to make your mark in Yah's end-time Plan. We pray that our current series of Revelation programs will help you and yours to do just that!

Shalom in Messiah,

Eliyahu ben David

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