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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 3.24             3/10/6008 TAM a/k/a June 13/14, 2008


New:  Four Horsemen of Revelation #128


You already know all about the Four Horsemen of Revelation ... IF you can answer these questions:


1. What is the connection between the first seal, first living creature and first horseman?

2. What is the connection between the second seal, the second living creature and the second horseman?

3. What is the connection between the third seal, the third living creature and the third horseman?

4. What is the connection between the fourth seal, the fourth living creature and the fourth horseman?

5. Why do the four living creatures introduce the four horsemen but none of the other of the seven seals?

6. Where does the symbolism of the four horsemen come from and why should you care?

7. Why hasn't anybody ever answered these questions before, or even bothered to ask them?


BONUS QUESTION for all the marbles!
What do the answers to the above 7 questions about The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse have to do with Israel ..and with YOU?

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Latest News At Tsiyon

Announcing our first Tsiyon Video: Tsiyon Radio is now offering a new free video available from YouTube and other online video outlets. We have also posted it on our website for you to view there. The simple embed code is included so you can show the video on your own website simply by inserting one line of code wherever you want to display the video! The theme of the video is "Revelation - The Four Horsemen." It is only five minutes long and provides a great little introduction to our Tsiyon Radio Series on the Book of Revelation. Please share the video with your friends as a painless way to introduce them to a Hebraic perspective of Scripture.

The Hebraic Meat You Crave: When you check out the new video at our website don't miss the new radio program posted directly below it, also on the Four Horsemen of Revelation. That radio program is where the Hebraic meat you crave is really located. This radio program is a mind-blower! It has the potential to re-format your brain at the root level! OK, that may be a little exaggeration - but not much. You'll know what I mean as you listen to this latest "On The Road To Tsiyon."

Friends, Revelation is being fulfilled right now. We don't have to be afraid about that. In fact, this is the time for Yah's people to shine. May the Ruah/Spirit fire of Shavuot/Pentecost be shining forth from you in Messiah's Name!

Shalom in Messiah,

Eliyahu ben David


On The Road To Tsiyon

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