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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 3.26             3/24/6008 TAM a/k/a June 27/28, 2008


New:  White Horse Rider  #130


The white horse rider is released when the First Seal is opened by the Lamb in Revelation 6. While the meaning of the red, black and pale horses that follow seems more obvious, the white horse rider has remained a mystery - till now.

The White 
Horse Rider of Revelation

White Horse


The white horse rider of Revelation six resembles the white horse riders of Revelation 19 that come at the end of the "Tribulation" - namely, Messiah and the Overcomers who ride with Him. In fact, these are the only other white horse riders of Revelation. The problem is that the white horse rider who appears when the first seal is opened starts riding BEFORE the "Tribulation" rather than at the end! This is out of time with the other white horse riders. This timing difference lies at the crux of the mystery of the white horse rider of the first seal. Today, in this program, the mystery of the white horse rider is revealed!

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Tsiyon Radio Needs Prayer: Friends, as I hope you are discerning from the current Revelation series of programs, we are presenting to you a whole new level of understanding regarding the message of Revelation. We praise Yah and give Him glory for releasing this vital understanding of Revelation in these very critical days. At this time we are a few programs ahead in recording, and we thank Yah for that. This gives us needed time to travail in prayer for Providential clarity of understanding and presentation throughout the remaining messages from Revelation, and that these messages may all be heard by those intended to hear them. The reason? The enemy is throwing up road blocks to hinder this message. Some of the road blocks are meant to distract intended listeners from receiving these programs. Perhaps some of those distractions have been thrown at you! Others are intended to prevent or distract from the message itself before it is all presented to you. I humbly ask you to join with us in prayer for breakthrough against the enemy, for all of our intended listeners and for this ministry, that these remaining programs may be released, presented and received in the full clarity of content and expression that Yah intends. 

Shalom in Messiah,

Eliyahu ben David


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