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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 3.27             4/1/6008 TAM a/k/a July 4/5, 2008


New:  More White Horse Rider  #131


When the First Seal is opened by the Lamb, the forerunner of the coming Messiah, the white horse rider with crown and bow, is sent out first - before all the rest of the seals, trumpets and woes of Revelation are released upon a world spiraling headlong into pre-tribulation mega-crisis. Friends, we're there!

And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him; and he issued forth conquering, and to conquer. Rev 6: 2

Where does this figure of a victorious rider originate?

Why a bow?

What does this rider have to do with the remnant of Israel?


The White Horse Rider of Revelation

Note from host: Dawn and I pray before we record each program. While I was praying for this program, as sometimes happens, Dawn had a vision. The mic happened to be on and comments about the vision were recorded. I have included this candid clip at the beginning of the extended version of the program. 

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Listener Feedback: "While I have been up since seven AM this morning I have been listening to a few of your podcasts ..I was able to listen to the newest ones of the white horse rider. I want to thank you, both you and Dawn for the amount of time and energy it takes to do just one of these programs. I was thinking back to when I first heard one of your programs. The blinders were on because what I said was who are these people? And why is the guy talking so monotone? I think I left the site just after fifteen minutes but I book marked the web address, thank God! And I mean that with all humility, thank God. This is what I was thinking this morning, you have changed my view on who God, YHWH is. Yah is a second chance God, He is a God of Love and Restoration. Yah has a heart! When I first started exploring the Torah on other websites and I was very cautious on what I read and what the Scriptures said I started coming to the conclusion that I may not have a chance in God's world. Most sites are for the Messianic and not for the believer who sees he needs to be grafted in. I was very discouraged for a time for I would read wonderful things but felt I was not going to be welcomed by Yah. Even with this feeling I purposed in my heart not to give up on God and even if I wasn't going to make it I would go down to my grave as knowing YHWH is the real God. I know that this may sound strange but this was where I stood at that time. I thank Yah for leading me back to On the Road to Tsiyon! My eyes have been opened to a different world. I don't see what I used to see. Everything is different, things that used to make sense don't, shows that I used to watch I don't like. My over whelming interest is: what else do I need to know about Yah and Y'shua and where do they want me to be in their great plan? Thank you for listening to Yah and Y'shua and doing His work. Even when things don't look the best and you may feel weary keep pressing. You are a conduit of God and I believe in the future somehow someway I will be a conduit too. I'll leave that to God. All I'm saying is if that conduit wasn't there in the first place I wouldn't have had anything to latch onto."

Elijah Bible Code: This week we devote another entire program to the white horse rider. Partners who have been following our program from the beginning will find the white horse rider tied in closely with truth revealed in many of our earlier programs. We have included a lot of supplemental material for our Partners. This is meant to go with all three white horse rider programs. In addition to our extended program and supplement we have also included a "Coming of Elijah Bible Code." This was first sent to us by a listener back in 2006. We always advise caution with Bible codes because there can be problems with individual phrases in any code. However, we include this code because a lot here seems to agree with our Revelation series. A more extensive version of this same code is included in the supplement. Take a look and see what you think!

Finally, even though summer is a busy time, please stick with us for each program in this Revelation series. At this moment the world is tottering on the brink of great change. This will be effecting all of us very soon! This Revelation series of programs anticipate these life-shattering changes and are meant to assist you and your family when the world turns upside down.   

Shalom in Messiah,

Eliyahu ben David


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