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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 3.29             4/15/6008 TAM a/k/a July 18/19, 2008


New: The Black Horse Rider Unsealed


Millions of people are starving to death right now.  Why?

The Malthusian theory of overpopulation states: "the world just can't produce enough food to feed 6 billion people!" If that is true it means that God is at fault for famine.

That, of course, is nonsense.

Evolutionist elitists like that theory though. It fits hand in glove with another favorite of theirs, the Darwinian theory of "survival of the fittest." Of course, THEY are "the fittest" so it is "natural selection" that they live in wealth while the "unfit" millions die of starvation. "Too bad, It's a jungle out there" they say.


The Black Horse Rider of Revelation


Don't fall for the elitist "overpopulation" lie. Learn how the "problem of world famine" could easily be solved in ONE DAY. Then you will understand why YHWH is about to judge this wickedness in a neighborhood near you!

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Latest News At Tsiyon

Tsiyon Was Shut Down! ..for a while:

Last weekend the Tsiyon web site was shut down by our web host without notice. When we contacted tech support to get the site back up we learned that we had been shut down for some unknown offense. Our account was paid up so we knew it wasn't that. We were told we would have to speak with a supervisor. However, none would consent to talk with us, either by email or when we called on the phone. They completely stonewalled us - so we were left with no alternative but to go through the hassle of moving everything to a new web host. Which we have done. Needless to say, that's why we don't have all of our web features working yet. (Anybody out there who is strong in db-driven websites who would like to give us a hand?)

The question is, why would they do this and then not even tell us why? Our conclusion: somebody in high places doesn't like our message. All the more reason for YOU to hear it!

Listener Feedback & Answers:

A Gentile believer...
I was excited to find this website. I am a Gentile believer who has a heart for Yeshua, Israel and the Jews (I am an intercessor) and who also loves to study the OT. Over the years I have searched out many reference books in order to try and gain a deeper understanding of the scriptures and also obtain an understanding from a Hebraic perspective, but they never gave me the depth of insight I was looking for. I also tried to find some Messianic websites in hopes I could find perspective there, but nothing.

My passion has always been to know the truth and understand the scriptures. So in light of current events, I decided to go back to the book of Revelation and start a new study; at the same time crying out for God to reveal Himself and His Word to me, in a deeper way, so that I could better understand the times we are in. I also decided to look online for some new study materials. As I searched online I came across your website and was immediately drawn to the teachings on Revelation. As I listened, I began to see things more clearly and realized that the Lord was answering my questions through your teachings. I feel like I've come to a banqueting table.


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Much of what is written today embraces popular doctrines that I know are not correct; but trying to disprove them when you are not a theologian is difficult. You can share with people what the Lord has put in your heart, but if it goes against main stream theology, they have a tendency not to listen. It’s a rare occasion that you hear someone refuting today’s main stream doctrines. The thing that speaks volumes to me, is that through your ministry God has confirmed for me things I have known in the depths of my heart for a long time. Things that are not popular and go against the main stream church and its teachings. Now I know I am on the right path.

Thank you for standing up for the truth. I know there are many who will speak against you. I also know there are many other hungry hearts, like mine, searching for the whole truth. I want to absorb as much as I can before the doors to "free speech" are closed altogether and we have to go underground. I will be praying for you and your ministry that you will reach all those God has called to be His. -DM

Tsiyon Reply:
Thank you for your inspiring message. Our radio program is literally made for people like you who love the truth and want to hear it, whether it is familiar or an entirely different view of things. Frankly, most can't handle what we have to say. They listen to what they like and then when a pet doctrine gets blown they're gone. Radio hosts/teachers are normally sensitive to that. They want to build an audience and be popular - so they stick with what people want to hear so they can build their audience. As a business model that works. That's why you get basically the same thing from most all of them.

Here's why we are different. The fear of God. It's as simple as that. He specifically called me to this mission and I am personally responsible to speak the message He has given me. That's what I do. The radio program is just a means and a format that allows me to get the message out. I don't ever expect to have the "number 1" most popular teaching program out there. I expect most people to be offended and to leave. Even so, I want as many people as possible to consider our message because we (Yah and I) are sifting through all of those people to find the precious few who want to follow His truth as far as it leads, no matter what the cost.

Dawn and I are feeling a great sense of urgency. No doubt you are feeling it as well. We NEED partners like you who value the truth as we do and who will support the ministry with prayer and financial support, and whatever personal talents you may be able to put to work in service to our King. Thank you for sharing your heart with us, as well as for the support you are offering in partnering with us. We pray that you will be uplifted, blessed and prepared for the days ahead as a result of pressing on with God as a seeker after His truth. -Tsiyon

Protected Content:
Dear Sir, I enjoy your ministry, but how can i open the " protected content"? -EM

Tsiyon Reply:
We are pleased that you are enjoying our ministry. To answer your question, the protected content is extra content for those of our listeners who want to go deeper with us while helping to support the ministry. You can sign up as a ministry partner and get all the content. Your contribution can be as little as $12 per month.  Hope to include you as one of our partners soon! -Tsiyon

Should I Move To Another Congregation?
After hearing your messages,  it makes me wonder if I should move to another congregation, since so many people including my congregation leader believe in the pre-trib rapture + I don't hear messages like the ones U give with these explanations. Your messages are very  different and a new one I haven't heard before, yet it rings [with] a strong sense of truth and [is] a very make sense explanation. I want to sit under teachings that are truths. However my congregational leader gives very good messages, but we don't see eye to eye on everything .. one example,  I believe the Torah is for everyone to keep and follow who accepts Yeshua and wants to follow God,  but some people at my congregation including the leader don't think so.  He believes it [is only] for those that are called to it.  And he thinks that is ok if some believers don't keep the Torah.  Also I have a new understanding now of how to spend Shabbat. I am a Jewish believer since 1990. -R

Tsiyon Reply:
About your congregation, only you can decide where you fit in. A lot of folks cling to pre-trib rapture and replacement theology because it is familiar to them and they can't really hear anything else. Others, like you, just want to know the truth. Of course, you are right about the Torah. Messiah kept the Torah. As His disciples we need to walk as He walked, so we must keep the Torah as well. What could be simpler than that? Messiah did not keep the Torah according to all the rules of the Pharisees. He kept it by the Spirit. The Torah is in perfect agreement with the Spirit because both come from the same God. If anyone truly walks according to the Spirit of Messiah they will keep the Torah written in their hearts, "that the righteousness of the Law might be fulfilled in us, who walk not according to the flesh but according to the Spirit." Rom 8:4  It's possible that you could be where you are right now as a witness of these truths you are now learning. If so, then do that faithfully and humbly while you are there.  Then a day will come when YHWH will move you on from there. Ask Him for His personal direction with that and He will guide you step by step. -Tsiyon

The awesome feedback we get as sampled above more than makes up for the angry "remove me from your list!" emails we also get - and all the rest of the flack from the enemy that we are constantly deflecting to bring you the message. We graciously accept both positive and negative responses. These are critical days and we will all have to pick a side before these days are concluded. We pray for you, His beloved remnant, that you will take nothing for granted. That you will seek out truth as more precious than silver or gold. That you will be willing to pay any cost and to scale any height, even Tsiyon's height, to follow Him. We pray that you will rise up in the irresistible power of the Ruah/Spirit to be an overcomer in His Name! Are you with me? ..Yes!

Shalom in Messiah,

Eliyahu ben David


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