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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 3.33             5/14/6008 TAM a/k/a Aug 15/16, 2008


Revelation:  Pale Horse Rider Scenarios


And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, “Come!” I looked, and behold, a pale horse. The name of him sitting on it was Death, and Hell followed with him. Authority was given to them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with the sword and with hunger and with death and by the beasts of the earth. Revelation 6:7-8

The pale horse rider named Death, and his companion, Hell, have been given authority over a forth of the earth - namely, over the Islamic enemy nations of Israel.

Soon the pale horse will be carrying atomic catastrophe to those nations. Likely recipients at the top of the prophetic list include Iran, Syria with its capital city, Damascus, and Lebanon.

How might that destruction happen?

Consider the world situation with us, along with possible scenarios regarding how the prophecies of atomic destruction on the enemies of Israel are likely to soon be fulfilled.

Join with us in prayer that the righteous will be delivered.


The Pale Horse Rider of Revelation is on his way!

Created by Brandon Alms, this artwork was a winning entry in the Desert Space Foundation's contest to design a universal warning sign for a radioactive repository planned for Yucca Mountain.

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Listener Feedback & Answers:

It described my life!
Q. South Africa: Dear Eliyahu & Dawn, I just want you both to know how blessed I am by your programs. I'm still trying to catch up on the Revelation series but I've also gone back in the archives to listen to some of your earlier broadcasts. My 14yo son is a big Matrix fan and he asked me to save one from that series. We have, so far, listened to the first one and I was so excited - it described so much what has happened in my own life. My dh is not 100% convinced and this is a lonely road to walk but I cannot go back. Above all I know that He is faithful and has led me to teachers such as yourselves. I have asked dh if we can have a group here on a Saturday to share your teachings with others who I know are also thirsting after truth - he has tentatively agreed. YHVH willing we will have our first meeting 23 August. Please pray for us!

It is encouraging for us to hear that you are blessed by our programs. We've got a lot there and it takes a while to get through it all. Like your son, a lot of people love the Matrix movies. This has been a great jumping-off point for us to teach about important issues. I bet you didn't think it would be talking about you - until you heard it. Moving forward in truth is a lonely walk. We understand that, which is why YHWH has put us here for you and others like you. That's so exciting [about your meeting]! Please let us know how the meetings go. If there is anything we can do to help as you progress through your meetings please let us know. We are praying for you!

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True Names
Q. Country Unknown: Shalom chaverim, I visit your web site since now two weeks and hear many from your "teaching". There is many things to hear and a very good presentation from you and your wife. I am an Israelite and have turned to the Torah truth since many years. I hear you spelling name in their hebrew origins, and proclaiming from time to time the name of our heavenly Father and from our Master in their Hebrew origin, which is right so. Please look at this mail in the spirit of love and not a critic. there is things I don't understand and may be you haven't see it from these perspective.

As an Israelite, I have been many years in christianity until YaHWeh call me back to the Torah. Today I know that there is no other name under heaven by which man can be saved: Yahushua / Yeshua the man from Nazareth. My question to you brother is why after calling your web site: tsiyon, using "ts" for the letter "tzade", having yourself an hebrew name, why do you keep talking about "jesus", the "Lord" and many other pagans terms? Please once again my concern is to understand. If it is because you are talking to "christians", why don't you take the opportunity to teach them the "TRUE NAME". If you speak to messianics, I think they should know about the name, so there is no needs to use pagans names. I would be really grateful to know your position on my questions.

A. We are glad to have you with us brother! We always appreciate feedback from scattered Israel. Thanks for your question. I think as you listen to our programs you will notice that most of them use the Hebrew names for Y'shua and YHWH exclusively.
We have a few programs in which we are especially reaching out to Christians in which we read from translations of Scripture that use "Jesus" instead of Y'shua. The reason we do this is that Christians trust these translations, such as the King James Bible, for example. We want them to see the truth directly from the Bible they are used to using. This has been very effective.

Once these folks start looking into the truth we present from their own Bible pretty soon they are asking us why we use the Hebrew Names. Then, pretty soon, they are using them too. We have found that people move along in steps. You can't push everything at once at people because if you do it is too much and they tune you out. That is why this approach is part of out teaching style. As to the word "Lord" we do not use this word to replace the Names. However, Y'shua is my Lord in the normal meaning of that word. I call Him Lord at times acknowledging His Lordship in my life.

Is Y'shua God?
I have three questions [regarding another Torah teacher] I found confusing:

1) is Yeshua God? (not according to the other teacher, but A god, Hashem's manifesting ability)

A. The verse you are referring to is John 1:1-3 as follows:

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 The same was in the beginning with God. 3 All things were made through him. Without him was not anything made that has been made. John 1:1

Note that the Word already "was in the beginning." That means the Word is not a created being but has always existed.
Note that the Word was "with God" - to be "with God" means the Word is an individual Person [the Son] in fellowship with [Father] God.
Note that the Word "was God." There is no "a" here as in "was a god."  That is not consistent with the Greek text at all. The verse is saying that the Word was THE God! One translation is "what the Word was God was" - in other words, the Word shares exactly the same divine nature (godhood) as the Father making Him equally God with the Father.

2) who created the earth & beings? The Father? or Yeshua? or both? (according to this other teacher it is Hashem who created everything, not Yeshua)

A. Note the verse above. "All things were made through him [the Word]. Without him was not anything made that has been made."

HaShem (standing for the Name YHWH) is the family Name of the Father and the Son. It is the Son's Name also. Both were involved in the Creation. "Let Us make Man in Our image."

3) who are my praises/worship supposed to go to? Yeshua or the Father? or both? (according to this other teacher ..we are to worship the King - Hashem, not Yeshua,  that Yeshua is to direct our worship to Hashem)

A. Note this verse:

That all may honor the Son, just as they honor the Father. He who doesn’t honor the Son doesn’t honor the Father who sent him. John 5:23

To worship the Son is to worship the Father - there is no difference according to the verse above.

He believes that the believers should be keeping Torah, and that the christians are turning the Jewish believers away from the Torah. This person feels that most messianic jews have adopted the christian views and he speaks against Christendom. 

Torah is Yah's Instruction which we should all be following. Y'shua is the Living Torah! He defines Torah for us. The Torah all points to Him. To miss Him is to miss the true meaning of Torah. Y'shua said these words to men who thought they kept the Torah but did not accept the Son for Who He is:

The Father himself, who sent me, has testified about me. You have neither heard his voice at any time, nor seen his form. You don’t have his word living in you; because you don’t believe him whom he sent. 39 "You search the Scriptures, because you think that in them you have eternal life; and these are they which testify about me. 40 Yet you will not come to me, that you may have life. John 5:37-40

This person has accepted Yeshua as Messiah and says he does proclaim Him on air but I also find a lot of disturbing things he says as well.

A. Anyone who does not "honor the Son just as they honor the Father" is not accepting either the Son or the Father. Don't throw out the baby with the bathwater! Christendom has adopted many pagan ways and beliefs [that should be avoided]. That doesn't mean that Y'shua is not who He has claimed to be, the Divine Son of God. I hope the comments above will help. My book has a lot more. Read the book of John. It has a lot in it that will help you to see that to worship the Son is to worship the Father.


We hope you have enjoyed considering some of the feedback we are getting from our listeners. We really appreciate all of you!

About this week's program: A lot of research went into the program to grasp the true geo-political situation and what may actually happen in the months ahead. Preparation for war with Iran and its clients has been planned. There are good military reasons why the nuke option may be chosen this time. It's all laid out for you step by step in this program. By the way, If you're not a Tsiyon Ministry Partner yet, this would be an excellent time to sign-up to access the 137 page supplement that goes with this program, as well as all the other extras throughout our archive.

Finally, Thanks for listening to Tsiyon Radio!

Shalom in Messiah,

Eliyahu ben David


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