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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 3.47 - 8/22/6008 TAM - Nov 21/22, 2008




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Q. Why is the Tsiyon Revelation Series

Different from all others?

A. This episode explains what other interpretations have all lacked.

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Sons/Daughters of Tsiyon: Does the Revelation Series inspire you to want to help Tsiyon in our mission? Use your unique gifts, talents and abilities to serve the Kingdom along with other Tsiyon Radio listeners!

Truth Bearing Fruit For The Kingdom:

Tsiyon Radio offers what you might call a 'grass roots' message. In other words, Tsiyon Radio has emerged from the ground up rather than from the top down, not spawned from some big denomination or religious movement. There are many obstacles and road blocks out there for the very purpose of preventing this sort of grass roots message from ever getting to people at ground level. The world system wants to be sure everything is filtered through their propaganda machine first. How then did Tsiyon Radio get by that filtering mechanism to bring the Tsiyon message to you? There are a number of factors in how this happened, but the most important is the sovereign Will of YHWH. He is outside the world system, bigger than the system and He empowers His people to overcome - to accomplish His Will. That is the first principle at work that is responsible for Tsiyon Radio.

It's all about being vitally connected to Messiah. "I am the Vine and you are the branches" He said. When His talmidim are vitally connected into Him by faith then His indestructible Life flows through them as the life of the Vine flows through the branches. That Life is of such a character, and of such a power, that it MUST produce fruit for the Kingdom! That is the second principle at work that is responsible for Tsiyon Radio.

That Life of Messiah is filled with TRUTH. Never underestimate the power of the truth. Only the truth can set you free when nothing else can. "Everyone who is of the light comes to the light" Messiah said. The world system killed Him but they could not keep Him in the grave and they could not snuff out the truth. There is no container built by man that can ever contain the awesome power of the truth, let alone destroy it. That's because as long as there are people on this earth, some of them will be the sort of people who are attracted to the truth as a moth is attracted to a flame. Those are the people who are "of the light" as Messiah put it. That is the principle that is responsible for the growth of Tsiyon Radio.

Our listeners are truth lovers. That's why they listen and that's the reason they are so great at sharing the message with others too. We thank all of you for that. However, now we are entering into a whole new level of growth here at Tsiyon, along with some of our listeners who are ready to move into that level with us. This is the level where some of our listeners are joining up with Tsiyon to work together in a unified way to accomplish the Tsiyon mission. I'm talking about our two new fellowship/service groups, the Sons of Tsiyon, and the Daughters of Tsiyon. Here's a sample of what some of our new mission partners in these groups are saying:

One Sister Wrote: Shalom Dawn (:>) I look forward to growing close to you on the road to Tsiyon and our heavenly Father's Mission to unite the body of Messiah together as 1! This is so exciting, and absolutely incredible - the times ahead we are facing and the task that is @ hand! Can definitely see how these are like the days of Noah in one sense that there are going to be a ton of people like those watching Noah build the Ark who are going to think that we are totally out of our minds! It's also really sad because they are obviously totally ignorant of YHWH and HIS AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!! But they will eventually know, hopefully sooner rather than later! Anyway, YHWH's Ruach is just blazing inside of me and I tend to get all fired up thinking about our mission for HIM especially to other bond slaves! I definitely need to creatively and productively channel this blazing gratitude and respect for HIM by serving the Kingdom in a more focused and organized manner! ...[After A LOT of great ideas] Anyhow, more could be expanded on, so lets keep in touch.

One Brother Wrote: I do not feel as much [of] a leader at this point. I have to get used to the idea of working as a team. Not saying I can't work in a team it is that I have preferred not to in the last eight or so years. I was cutting trees down yesterday by myself and as I looked around me at all the work that was needed ... I said to myself 'see, if I had some other people helping me it would be so much easier and quicker'. That is when I knew YHWH was pointing things out to me. Like this [Sons of Tsiyon] program. He was showing me what it is like to do His work on the back of one man or woman. ... I must shed the life of a loner and get in union with brothers and sisters. I feel myself compelled to sign up for the Sons of Tsiyon for no other reason then YHWH wants this program in the forefront at this hour. I think this will be a growing time for me at first, so bare with me, I have to shed some things off of my life that may hinder me at first. You know, what is great is that you can go in the woods to do one thing and YHWH talks to you and you come out with a different outlook on yourself and the world. This is why I just never quit thinking about Him. Because He just keeps ministering if you let Him. Sign me up and let's just see where He leads this vision. I might do a big part or I might do a little part. But as one of your past podcasts taught, don't despise the little things. HALLELUJAH Lets go!


I'm impressed to see people stepping up to join the Sons of Tsiyon, and the Daughters of Tsiyon who have not been involved in a group for a while. I'm impressed with the work of the Ruach/Spirit that I'm seeing in these folks, as shown in the testimonies above. If you have been thinking about the Revelation message and its obvious fulfillment now underway, and you want to be a part of what we are doing here at Tsiyon, well, I'm here to tell you we have a place here for you, so please sign up. We will be having our first teleconferences in early December and we want you included! If that's just not going to work for you right now - no worries! May you be blessed in whatever the Father is doing in your life right now.

Blessings to you and yours in Messiah.


Eliyahu ben David

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