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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 3.48 - 8/29/6008 TAM - Nov 28/29, 2008




Through the Portal into Heaven!  

Q. Something amazing happened in Heaven in 2008. What was that?

A. Enter with John/Yochanan, and with
us, through the portal into heaven
where you can see for yourself!

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Latest News At Tsiyon

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Listener Feedback & Answers:

Mark of the Beast
Q. Can we tell what year the mark of the beast will come about?

A. The mark of the beast will come about with the rise of the anti-messiah. According to the words of Messiah all must be fulfilled within the generation when the times of the gentiles trampling upon Jerusalem is ended. That occurred in 1967 when Jerusalem came back into Israelite hands after almost 2000 years of gentile domination of Jerusalem. That means that some people who were alive in 1967 will be alive for the Return of Messiah at the end of this final generation. The rule of anti-messiah will be during the last 3.5 years of that generation. While we are now over 40 years into that final generation we know that all of the events of seals 1-6 must yet occur before the start of the Tribulation period. That places the rise of the anti-messiah still a number of years away while those seals are opened and brought to conclusion. As Messiah said; "ALL these things must happen." [Luke 21:24-36, Revelation 13]

Daughters of Tsiyon a 'Greek' System?
[Regarding the Daughters of Tsiyon group] you would do as our Greek system has done and divide the woman ..from her husband. 

A. About the Daughters of Tsiyon - it is a women's group. Women have always congregated together for various reasons. This custom is as old as society itself and is not foreign to Hebraic society. For example, Hebrew women congregated to dance and sing together during times of war. Surely if women gather to dance, to knit socks or to talk about home school then they are permitted to gather to engage in activities that promote the Kingdom together. This is a free will gathering of these women. Any woman who doesn't wish to participate is, of course, free to decline. [Examples: Exodus 15:20, 35:25-26, 38:8, 1 Sam 18:6-7, Psalm 68:11, Luke 8:1-3, 23:27, Titus 2:3-5 etc.]

One of the 144000?
My brother, I just listened now to message
#150 What Now. I would like to ask for prayer. Yahweh has grafted me into the Olive Tree and has given me a love for the Nation of Israel. If I could be one of the 144,000, if this is possible, I would be blessed beyond all I could ever imagine. If I can serve Y'shua in any way as far as Israel is concerned I would be just as blessed. I need to find my place in Yahweh's plan if indeed He has me in His plan concerning Israel. Please pray that His will is done in my life.

A. Brother, you have my prayers. More than that, I want you to join the Sons of Tsiyon. This is a great place to serve with other men who want to go all the way with YHWH.

Released from fear by The Tsiyon Revelation Series!
Hello Eliyahu & Dawn--I would like to thank you for your "revelation" of Revelation!! What a relief! While I've read the book many times--there has always been a burden with it that I have had to deliberately resist--ie: Confusion, speculation, doom & gloom, and yes-- worry and fear. The evangelists/teachers seem to promote it--and I've caught on that it can become a distraction from the real road/task that Jeshua wants me on. Finding your revelation finally released me from all of that!! I have ordered the full set of CD's --so that I can get the full message.

Reply: We are very pleased to hear how our Revelation Series has blessed you. How wonderful of our Father to release this Revelation at this time! [Anyone else who also wants CDs can get them here.]

Revelation - Thoughts from Eliyahu:

As you can see from the feedback above, many of our Tsiyon listeners have been profoundly moved by the Tsiyon Revelation Series. This message revealed that things changed in heaven relative to the earth starting with  the Hebrew year which began in the Spring of 2008. We told you that the four horsemen of Revelation had been released and we told you that global economic crisis and universal change was about to fall. Now, that has begun to happen and people everywhere are seeing the effects of this global change as it begins to unfold. No doubt you are seeing and feeling effects of this change for yourself. We learned that there is a reason for this period of change. It is to facilitate the gathering of the 144000 and the remnant of Israel for the 2nd Exodus - before the Great Tribulation comes upon the world. We encourage you to prayerfully listen to the whole Revelation series again, asking the Father to direct your steps through this transitional period that we have just entered. While the world acts out of a place of fear and anxiety to preserve what they have in this world, we encourage you to draw close to your Messiah and do what you can to help in His great mission. We believe the safest place to be through these days is fully occupied in Messiah's service. In that regard, we are allowing one more week before we start up our meetings with the Sons of Tsiyon and the Daughters of Tsiyon respectively. If you haven't signed up yet this will allow you time to join us and be with us right from the very start as we embark on this great spiritual adventure together!

We close with this timely reminder from Messiah about our generation: "Most certainly I tell you, this generation will not pass away until all things are accomplished. Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will by no means pass away. “So be careful, or your hearts will be loaded down with .. cares of this life, and that day will come on you suddenly. For it will come like a snare on all those who dwell on the surface of all the earth. Therefore be watchful all the time, praying that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will happen, and to stand before the Son of Man.” " Luke 21:32-36

Blessings to you and yours in Messiah.


Eliyahu ben David

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