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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 3.49 - 9/7/6008 TAM - Dec 5/6, 2008




Q. Why the global crisis?

A. The Court of Heaven
   is now in session!


Court in Heaven is now in session!

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Global Crisis Reflects Judgment From Heaven:

The world is always very resistant to the idea that YHWH brings judgment upon their evil deeds. Even so, judgment that occurred in the Court of Heaven at the start of this Biblical year last spring, is now manifesting in deepening global crisis. This week's program is an encore presentation (with some new material) explaining the issues now under judgment from Heaven. Listen, and be sure you are on the right side of those universal issues!

Below is a portion of an email sent in by a listener which speaks of an impending crisis that some of our listeners may not be aware of. While this ministry does not agree in every detail with the point of view here expressed from an Evangelical Christian perspective, we do believe the issue here discussed, and its potential aftermath, are now manifesting as a direct result of the judgment that has already taken place in Heaven.

---------- Contributed Excerpt of News Item -------------

   Barrack Obama is heading to the White House, but there are now 5 powerful legal cases that have just reached the Supreme Court, and on December 5th, 2008, all 9 justices (led by justice Clarence Thomas) will review whether or not Barrack Obama is potentially guilty of fraud, conspiracy and high treason. Not only that, but multiple cases are sitting in lower courts around the country. One case, filed by former presidential candidate Allan Keyes is demanding that California not allow it's 55 electoral votes to be presented before Congress on Dec. 15th for ratification because of potential fraud and conspiracy.
   The cases revolve around Obama's unwillingness to provide a certified birth certificate that shows that he's constitutionally fit to be the president of the United States. The constitution requires that a person be a natural born citizen. However, Obama has not proven that he's a U.S. citizen, the Democratic National Committee has posted a copy of his birth certificate that forensic experts have declared is a fraudulent document, and Obama's family members have testified that he was born in Kenya. His grandmother states that she was there when he was born. He also traveled freely to countries that U.S. citizens were blocked from going to - purportedly under an Indonesian passport, making him Indonesian - and not a natural born U.S. citizen. Regardless of all that, the fact that his father was Kenyan (and Kenya was a British colony), Obama was born as a dual citizen and therefore is not a natural born citizen of the U.S. His mother was not 19 - the required age to legally give him natural born rights. The rabbit hole goes deeper as there is no hospital in Hawaii which has records of he or his family "ever" being there. The state of Hawaii also allowed a child born in another nation, to be registered with a Hawaii birth certificate during the 60's when he was born.
   We have a serious crisis of epic proportion on our hands, and Christians must be ready to move into action if this hits the fan over the next couple of weeks.
   Crisis #1. Attorney General's offices across the country have all been made aware that the electoral votes should not be allowed, and ballots stricken - until Obama proves his eligibility to be president. They have all stood aside and refused to defend the constitution.
   Crisis #2. The electoral college who will be placing their votes officially on Dec. 15th with congress, who will ratify the votes, have all been contacted concerning Obama's ineligibility. However, they have no plans of upholding and defending the constitution. Will congress uphold and defend the document that they swore to uphold?
   Crisis #3. The Supreme Court will have to make a decision which will, in one way or the other, change the course of American history. This year - the boat is going to ROCK!
   A. If the Supreme Court demands that Obama produce the birth certificate and he cannot, they will have to make a decision as to whether or not they will uphold the constitution. If they do, they will have to scrap this last election, deny Obama the right to take office, and they will have to prosecute him for high treason, fraud and conspiracy. He will be tried for fraud to get into congress, and every document he's ever signed as a U.S. Senator will have to be repealed. He will go to prison and his voters will more than likely riot in the streets. Maybe this is why Bush just brought 20,000 U.S. federal military troops to their FIRST ASSIGNMENT EVER in the U.S. ?????? Remember, federal troops have no jurisdiction in your home town. That's what your militia - National Guard is for, under the direction of your governor. The only way federal troops have authority to keep peace is if martial law is declared.
   B. If the Supreme Court backs down, refuses to stand with the constitution of the U.S., then indeed our constitution will have been hijacked by godless usurpers. This will undoubtedly force the hand of militias, constitutionalists and freedom fighters who will consider it their responsibility (according to the constitution) to throw off the present government who abandons the constitution. This would be critical and there would be much blood shed in the streets of our own great nation.
   Crisis #4. Depending on what the Supreme Court rules over the coming week(s), every American will have to make decisions that none will want to make. Lines will be drawn, sides will be taken, and the threats of mass civil war, national war and possibly racial war are very real. These are times when states like North and South Dakota, Wisconsin, Idaho and Wyoming threaten to defect, Texas tells Washington to take a star off the flag and they put up their own boarder fence, and the nation goes into utter chaos.

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   Crisis #5. You are hearing nothing (NOTHING!) from the main stream media on this issue. They've all been contacted. They all know that the 5 cases are coming up before the Supreme Court. They all know that Obama is causing a constitutional crisis by not providing a $10 certified copy of his birth certificate (rather, he's purportedly spent $800,000 in attorney fees to keep from showing the $10 certificate). They know that a non informed public will be quiet when people have to decide for or against our U.S. Constitution. These media outlets need to be reprimanded and brought under tight scrutiny as they are denying the right for American citizens to hear valid news that could affect their future and their nation.
   This is the time for intense prayer, intercession and spiritual warfare like never before. The battle is not with flesh and blood, but with high spiritual entities who are bringing division into our nation. If there was ever a time for fasting and prayer, or for a call to unite, it's right now - this week, before Friday Dec. 5th! There is no time to spare. Pray that your elected officials and the Supreme Court simply do what's right, just and fair according to the U.S. Constitution that they've all sworn by their very lives to uphold. If Obama has a birth certificate, government needs to force him to produce it.

...You need to inform your friends, neighbors, relatives, etc. of the hostile take over attempt, and the need to pray and prepare for the outcome. Know your
Constitution HERE and know the Declaration of Independence HERE .

---------- End Contributed Excerpt of News Item -------------

The writer of this news item above prevailed upon his readers to pray against and oppose the unconstitutional acts described in the news item above. Knowing what we do, this ministry is opposed to that view. The manifold crisis now falling upon the world are a direct result of judgment from heaven against the world system. The only correct response for all true subjects of the Kingdom of Heaven is to choose not to oppose the will of YHWH and to stand neutral in regard to the political affairs of the kingdoms of mankind. Ultimately all of the world's governments will be declared null and void, as the only rightful King and Ruler, Y'shua the Messiah, will take up His reign over all the earth. To embroil ourselves in the affairs of the political governments of this world during their final death throes is to polish the brass on a sinking ship. It is a vain thing. The faithful remnant of Israel is our nation and the Kingdom of Messiah is our government. Forever and ever. Amen.

Pray for the deliverance of the righteous and for the glory of YHWH to be revealed, then you will be praying in concert with the divine will and purpose.

Blessings to you and yours in Messiah.


Eliyahu ben David



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