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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 4.01 - 10/5/6008 TAM - Jan 2/3, 2009


Out of Babylon!


As we at Tsiyon Messianic Radio embark on our 4th year on the air we celebrate our amazing Tsiyon listeners and partners. These folks are overcomers - like you!


Tsiyon Radio Listeners Talk Back!

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Latest News At Tsiyon

Tsiyon Order Page: Visit our Tsiyon Order Page where you may order Audio CDs of our Tsiyon Radio Revelation Series. More CDs have been added and still more will be added soon. These will play in any CD player. New! Music section. Get 2 free tracks here.

Sons/Daughters of Tsiyon: Does the Revelation Series inspire you to want to help Tsiyon in our mission? Use your unique gifts, talents and abilities to serve the Kingdom along with other Tsiyon Radio listeners!

Be a Ministry Tsiyon Partner: This week's program features excerpts from a Tsiyon Partner Meeting. Join up and be with us for the next one!

A few comments from Eliyahu:

As the war continues in the State of Israel it appears to be going in Israel's favor so far. Let's pray for Yah's will to be done there while also praying for the righteous on both sides of the conflict. Recently I heard a statistic confirming that the overwhelming number of Palestinians are in favor of acts of terror. That didn't surprise me. What did surprise me is that even in that environment of hate there is a large minority of Palestinians who do not approve of terror tactics. Let's pray for those who are against the hatred, that they will be delivered and find Y'shua.

Here's a little Tsiyon news for you. This coming week we will begin broadcasting 5 days, M-F on KKVV-AM in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are excited about providing a Messianic alternative to listeners of this Christian AM station. Please pray that YHWH will use our program on KKVV-AM to minister to His remnant there.

One other piece of news. My friend, Danny Lee ben Israel, is offering his first album and it is doing very well. He asked me to make it available from our Tsiyon website, which I have done. We have also posted a couple of free tracks for you there, just for visiting.

This week's program marks the start of our 4th broadcast year, here at Tsiyon Radio. As we look back at our last broadcast year, we are grateful for all the amazing truth YHWH has released from the Throne. We are also grateful for our many listeners and partners whom we have come to know through this mission. This week's program is meant to honor you. We have a representative and random group of listeners and partners on the program this week whom I think you will find to be very encouraging to listen to. Their stories remind us that YHWH is doing a great work in individual lives, leading His sheep out of Babylon and into His loving arms. He is building His remnant nation!

Blessings to you and yours in Messiah's Name.


Eliyahu ben David


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