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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 4.06 - 11/11/6008 TAM - Feb 6/7, 2009


Revelation: Economic Crisis Foretold


Third Seal - Black Horse Rider


The Black Horse Rider Unsealed

This program was first aired in mid 2008 and predicts the global economic crisis which was unknown then, but which is now in the headlines daily. In this program the economic crisis is identified as originating in the USA and is predicted to be "coming to your neighborhood soon." You need to hear this!

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Latest News At Tsiyon

New! ~ Israel News from Tsiyon Radio ~ New!

We are very pleased to announce a new Tsiyon Radio website and radio program based in Israel. The website is called Israel News from Tsiyon Radio. It is so new we have not announced it anywhere else yet. We wanted to tell you, our Tsiyon listeners about it first! You can find it on the web at it's Israel web address at

The new site will feature content from and about believers who live in Israel and the Palestinian Territories, and will give you a behind-the-scenes look at what is happening in Israel from the point of view of believers who live there. We have joined forces for this project with a Christian missionary, Paul Calvert, serving in Israel, who will be writing on the new website as our Israel Correspondent. Paul also produces the radio program that will be featured  from the new website called Focus on Israel and the Palestinian Territories. The program will feature interviews with Arab and Jewish believers living in Israel. The point of these interviews is to get to know these believers, what they think, and how they live, as realistically as possible. We think that all persons who have a heart for Israel will be blessed by the new Israel News from Tsiyon Radio website, and the radio program available there, Focus on Israel and the Palestinian Territories. Note: the first in the series of programs will be posted at the new site next week.

Other News:

Tsiyon Radio Banned at IFBN: IFBN/Tsiyon listeners keep asking us why our program has been banned at IFBN. Boiled down to its essence, the unoriginal reason IFBN gave us is: we are speaking too much truth and it is upsetting people. This is pretty ho hum stuff for us, since this response to unpopular truth has been an occupational hazard for truth-tellers since the beginning of the world. Never fear listeners, there is no chance that we will let this sort of protectionist stance keep us from telling you the deep truths you come here to receive! Rather than waste a lot of time talking about this we posted the available documentation about this here. As far as we are concerned, that's the end of it. IFBN has an important ministry. We pray they will get past this soon with no lasting damage to their mission. We wish them well as we keep moving on to higher ground.

Tsiyon Order Page: Visit our Tsiyon Order Page where you may order Audio CDs of our Tsiyon Radio Revelation Series. More CDs have been added and still more will be added soon. These will play in any CD player. New! Music section. Get 2 free tracks here.

Sons/Daughters of Tsiyon: Does the Revelation Series inspire you to want to help Tsiyon in our mission? Use your unique gifts, talents and abilities to serve the Kingdom along with other Tsiyon Radio listeners!

Listener Feedback and Answers

"Come!" or "Come and see!"?
Just finished studying with you Program #128 (by the way it was wonderful!). I have a question - Can you lead me in the direction to find out which of the translations to search for the three "come" and the one "come and see"? I have looked up several translations on my own and have found that they all either say, "come and see", "go", all "come, or all "come and see". I am a bit confused. How do I know? Thanks!

A. We are getting into a difficult area here that involves study of the original language manuscripts themselves. These are not all in agreement, which is the reason for the difficulty. In the end it involves the reasoning of the translator to decide if the "come and see" of one manuscript is addressed to John, or if the "come" of three other manuscripts is addressed to the riders. A majority of original language manuscripts are in favor of the latter. However, Christians prefer Christ doing the talking, which is why English translations favor "come and see." Frankly, I don't know of an English translation that gets this right. One commentary explains the situation:
   "Come and see — One oldest manuscript, B, has “And see.” But A, C, and Vulgate reject it. Alford rightly objects to English Version reading: “Whither was John to come? Separated as he was by the glassy sea from the throne, was he to cross it?”" (JFB Commentary, Rev 6:1)

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Final Comments from Eliyahu:
There are three Black Horse Rider programs. The one posted this week is the first of them. These programs were originally aired early last summer, before the global economic crisis was yet known. In fact, I received criticism from some at that time for predicting imminent global economic crisis in these three programs - that was before global financial markets crashed and the housing bubble and credit bubble broke and the words "Global Economic Crisis" migrated from my program to the headlines of major news outlets around the world. What a difference a few months can make! Now we all know we are in a global economic crisis. What most of us don't know yet is: How bad will it get? How will it affect us? And, why is this happening? Don't be in the dark. Listen to these programs again.

Blessings to you and yours in Messiah's Name.


Eliyahu ben David


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