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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 4.07 - 11/18/6008 TAM - Feb 13/14, 2009


Revelation: Black Horse Rider 2


Theft of the Land


Global Economic Crisis

 "The Land is Mine," says YHWH.

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Listener Feedback and Answers

Waking Up! - Comments
My husband and I appreciate your programs and are hearing exactly what we've come to believe, and are also learning more than we knew previously. I have a comment to your program this morning - "We are Waking Up". Maybe the sisters are doing more because our husbands are away working all day. I listen to several programs throughout the day, but when my husband comes home he usually can only listen to one and then has to go to bed because he's so wasted. We were in an organization for over 30 years that keeps the Sabbath, the Holy Days, and food laws - but for a long time we saw how Greek it is. In 2007 we began to seriously explore our Hebraic roots and found KDSH, and more. When we told our minister about what we were hearing it was met with anger and hostility. In order to keep on going forward we had to leave, and we have never been happier. We thought we understood the Scriptures before, but there is no comparison to how much we are learning and how much our relationship with Yahweh has deepened. I could go on and on making comments on the things we are hearing. Thank you so much for your teachings; we pray for your ministry.

I'm glad that you and your husband are enjoying the programs. You're right about many of the men being busy working. It really is quite exhausting having to deal with the world all day. Working to support the family is an important ministry in itself. I regret that we didn't mention that, that time, in the program. It is very courageous of you and your husband to leave what was familiar to press ahead into deeper truth. I'm sure YHWH is very pleased with you folks for loving Him enough to keep pressing on to higher ground. We are blessed here at Tsiyon to be a part of that sacred journey with you. Thank you for your prayers and support for the ministry.

"Worst Bushfires Ever" in Australia - Prayer Request
It is Sunday 8th Feb in Melbourne Victoria (Australia). We have lost over 66 people and 700 houses in the worst bushfires we have ever seen. Not to mention the hundreds of people burnt. Please pray for those who have survived, for those who have died and for the country to turn to YHWH in repentance.

A. Thank you for sharing this prayer request. Let's pray together. "Our Father in heaven, we pray for the people of the Melbourne Victoria area who have been impacted by the bushfires. We ask you to comfort those who have lost loved ones and to shelter those who have lost homes. Most of all we pray for them that this tragic event will turn the hearts of the people of Australia back toward you in these last days. May your Name be glorified and may your will be done. We pray in the Name of our Messiah, Y'shua. Amen."


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Final Comments from Eliyahu:
The Los Angeles Times, today 2-13-09, carried this headline: Obama vows to turn next to housing crisis. The lead-in to the article reports; "The president, ..says trouble in the housing sector is at 'the root of our economic challenges.'" Finally,  President Obama and I agree on something! Ultimately, the "housing sector" is about the land houses are built upon. Just about everything on earth ultimately comes out of the land, including the "housing bubble" that first upset the dominoes of the global economic crisis rapidly falling all around us. It is doubtful that President Obama's administration will turn to the Torah to find the solution to this problem which is "at the root of our economic challenges." However, the Torah does have very definite things to say about economics and land. As usual, when you learn the truth you soon understand that all of the problems of this world system have come upon us because of disobedience to the commandments of YHWH. Listen to this week's program to enhance your Torah education as it applies to today's news headlines.

Blessings to you and yours in Messiah's Name.


Eliyahu ben David


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