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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 4.08 - 11/25/6008 TAM - Feb 20/21, 2009


Revelation: Global Economic Crises


 Black Horse Rider - Global Economic Crises


The Black Horse Rider.

Global Economic Crisis!

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Economic Crisis Outlook:

   This week we are airing our third program on the Black Horse Rider. This program was first published last summer, and outlines a scenario for economic global crisis which has turned out to be quite accurate so far. This is a very good reason to listen to this program again, at this juncture in the fulfillment of Revelation prophecy.

   The picture of a loaf of bread costing a pile of falling money, which we posted with our first airing of this program, was considered far-fetched by some at that time. We don't expect any such complaints this time around. Indeed, as banks falter and markets plunge to new lows major economies of the world, headed by the USA, are posting more huge job losses every day. The economic decline of the West, in turn, is devastating the economies of countries around the world due to plunging demand for the world's goods. This is causing a domino effect as the global economic crisis impacts underdeveloped and emerging countries. Starvation due to lack of funds to buy food has become a major concern for millions, as Revelation so accurately foretells.

   This predicament is well illustrated by a news story Dawn posted to the Tsiyon Community today. Road to riches ends for 20 million Chinese poor reports on the plight of millions of poor Chinese farmers who moved from their farms in the country, to the cities. They could make more money working in the new factories that produced goods for export to America, which is why they gave up their farms. Now, all those factories are closing due to the "global recession." Without a paycheck and without the farms they left behind these millions of poor are left in the lurch, without a means to obtain food. A similar picture is shaping up in poor countries around the world. Those millions of poor are all hoping that the economy will revive soon and save them. When the economy does not recover soon, millions will die of starvation. The longer and deeper the economic woes persist the more of the world's poor that will die. If you have listened to these Black Horse Rider programs you know that this is man's doings, not God's.

Global Drought

   YHWH is, however, registering His marked disapproval of evil human behavior. The Scriptures reveal that a lack of rainfall is a punishment from YHWH for evil behavior. Thus we need to take note of the fact that rainfall has been sharply reduced in many of the breadbasket areas of the world. These include Israel, where the water level in the Sea of Galilee is at a dangerously low level.  (Deut 11:16, 17)

   The pictures to the left are from an article entitled: Catastrophic Fall in 2009 Global Food Production, which article explains, "The countries that make up two thirds of the world's agricultural output are experiencing drought conditions." Reduced world food production will exacerbate the already severe food crisis now shaping up. Tsiyon Ministry Partners can download this article from the latest post at the website, for full details.

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What does all of this mean? It means that this old world is on a downward slide as foretold in Scripture for these last days. It means "the Kingdom is at hand!" It means that the poor and oppressed of this world are in dire need of the true hope that only the scattered Remnant of Israel can bring them. It means it is time to step up and be counted for the Kingdom. It means it is time to be hard at work at our Father's business, so long as we are able. It means that at long last our Father will be glorified before the eyes of the whole world. It means, in due time, we will be going home.

Blessings to you and yours in Messiah's Name.


Eliyahu ben David


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