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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 4.17 - 01/28/6009 TAM - 04/24-25/2009


  Revelation: Heaven Parted Like A Scroll


Heaven Parted as a Scroll


I saw when he opened the sixth seal...the sun became black as sackcloth made of hair, and the whole moon became as blood. The stars of the sky fell to the earth ...The sky was parted like a scroll when it is rolled up. Every mountain and island were moved out of their places. 
Rev 6:12-17 

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Latest News At Tsiyon


We are pleased to announce that our new book is completed, and has now been proofed and has been approved for publication! 

The truth is, we are very proud of this book. It is the first volume in a series of seven books called The Messianic Revelation Series.  This first volume is entitled Announcing: Judgment Day. We have poured our heart and soul into making this book and series the most unique book(s) on Revelation available anywhere. We thank YHWH for empowering us through the entire process of producing this first book in the series in record time, despite our already full schedule, so that you, His remnant people, can have access to this information right now, when it is needed. We have an order in for the first cases of books and will be filling the pre-publication orders as soon as the first books arrive. If you have a pre-publication order in with us feel free to email us with your latest shipping address or other information. As you may remember me reporting, I had a computer crash a while ago, so it may be prudent to update me about your order just in case our retrieved data is incomplete. If you have not ordered a pre-publication copy but wish to, be advised that time is now running out to order a pre-publication, autographed copy of the book from the website. That offer will, of course, be discontinued as soon as the new book has been officially released for publication through normal distribution channels. Thanks to all of you who have been patient with us as we have been occupied with getting this book written and ready for publication for you. We expect it to be available for sale at Amazon and other book stores within about 30-45 days. 

News from Dawn: Shalom Friends, I hope this note finds you and your loved ones well!   If you can, please join us for the next Tsiyon Ministry Partner meeting.  Eliyahu and I are so excited about this week's upcoming meeting.  The Partner meeting is held on Mon evening at 9 PM EST.  If you are not a partner, its not too late to sign up in time for the meeting. Blessings in Messiah, Dawn

Thoughts from Eliyahu ben David:

Time. It goes by so fast. It was only about a year ago that we began our radio series on Revelation. Now, our first book on the topic is completed and will be available soon. 1 year ago there was no popular concern about a "global economic crisis" - now there is nothing but concern. There has been a shift in the spiritual realm that has become manifested in the world. You can feel it in your spirit. It is the feeling you get in the pit of your stomach just as your roller-coaster car tops the crest of the first hill and suddenly, your car starts rushing downward - with so many more ups, downs, twists and turns ahead.  There is no turning back.  For many, there is nothing they know to do but hold on with white knuckles and scream. This is the roller-coaster this world is on, rushing headlong toward the end. It is what awaits at the end of the tracks that determines how you feel about the ride.  For those who belong to Messiah, the trip ends in glorious triumph with Him! The ride getting there is going to be an adventure!

This week's program is about one of the high points in the ride ahead. What makes it so special is that all the world will be gripped with the fear of God. When the moon appears as blood and the sun appears as sack-cloth, while also stars fall like rain and the whole earth quakes. When the heavens are parted like a scroll - will the world pay attention? Yes! They will pay attention, and millions will turn to the true God. If you've heard this week's program before listen to it again. If you have never heard it don't miss it! This awaits the world down the track a piece, it is coming in this generation. 

Time. It is going by faster than you think! Make Him your priority today and everyday so that He will still be your priority on that day. 


Eliyahu ben David and Dawn

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