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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 4.20 - 02/20/6009 TAM - 05/15-16/2009


  Revelation: Sunrise Messenger


I saw another angel ascend from the sunrise, having the seal
of the living God.

Rev 7:2 


Seal of the Living God


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Listener Feedback 

Listener Comment: If you have not been made aware of it, this is sort of frightening:

They were at my door last week with the hand-held computer thingy, so my front door is now on their grid. We are like gophers in a hole. I admit that I was rude to the poor man who was putting the coordinates in on my house -- it frightened me because I knew what he was doing. Yet, I know that Yah is in His Heaven, and sitting on the only true throne, and it is His Throne. Thanks for keeping me on your list to receive your weekly broadcasts. Just want you to know that I do continue pray for you, your family and your ministry. Be encouraged in the work!

Tsiyon Answer: Hi, That GPS thing is freaky. Thanks for reporting a real case of it happening. May YHWH bless you and keep you through these last days.

Listener Comment #1: Did I overlook your Statement of Faith?  I cannot find it.Thanks!

Tsiyon Answer #1: Yours is a normal question these days, since most ministries present a Statement of Faith. We don't. Let me explain why: The custom of presenting a "Statement of Faith" springs from the Greco-Roman concept of creeds.  This concept is unknown to the Scriptures.  In no place in Scripture do you find a checklist of approved doctrines.  To know what the Scriptures teach you must take in the whole message and rely on the Spirit to open up your understanding.  Likewise, Y'shua Messiah never presented such a list of beliefs, nor did any of the apostles.  Actually, the truth cannot be condensed into a trite list of beliefs.  Such lists trivialize the truth and are an insult to the entire process of seeking after the truth, which takes time, effort and spiritual work. Creeds were invented as a human devise of men to control and/or to divide believers. For all of those reasons we do not post a Creed. Instead, we follow the Hebraic and Scriptural pattern of allowing our message to explain itself. We offer over 150 hours of radio programs explaining the Scriptures, as well as many pages of material.

Listener Comment #2: Whether it is Greco-Roman or no, I think that your position is short-sighted and patently patronizing, particularly in these last days. No one should listen to anyone, whether Jew or Gentile, who cannot concisely explain their position with regard to the authority of Scripture and, of primary importance, WHO exactly Yeshua is. There is enough heresy floating about in which people misrepresent Jesus is, Further, no one should have to listen to a multitude of messages, which may or may not contain heresy, to figure out if they are dealing with a heretic. Nor, should one risk wasting money on a multi-volume commentary of Revelation without getting an idea of who I'm dealing with.

Tsiyon Answer #2: I'm sorry if what I said offends you. I'm thinking you are totally misunderstanding the tone of what I said. Email can be like that sometimes. I was not putting you down for asking. 

I was merely explaining why you found no Statement of Faith on our website. 

Everything you say about the proliferation of heresy today is true. All the more reason to examine things closely for yourself rather than to rely on a tick list of bulleted points, which points themselves may or may not be fully reliable.

It takes time and effort to search out the truth. All of our programs give tons of Scriptural support that you can test out with your own Bible. People who listen to our programs often do that. If, on checking out the support from Scripture we offer in our programs, you find that we are misquoting or misrepresenting anything, then you will be justified to cross us off your list as heretical. You can't rightly do that on the basis of a few bulleted points, however. 

Telling you this is not motivated by personal pride, but from a high regard for the truth. I would not be helping you or any of our web visitors by participating in a Greco-Roman practice that encourages slothfulness about searching out the truth. There simply is no room for shortcuts when it comes to seeking out the truth.

Having said all that I also want to say that I know you probably haven't encountered this perspective before. It is in no way against you personally. You don't have to have the same opinion I do to visit our site or to listen to our programs. You are welcome here, even if you think I'm rude or stupid. I don't mean to come across that way. I just respect you and your question enough to give you a real answer. 

Listener Comment #3: Ok, so you're not being onery. I'm glad to hear it. I attend [a Messianic congregation] so, no, I'm not a Roman-Greco person. [Other Messianic ministries] have statements so I'm not sure of why this is an issue for you but that's okay.

Tsiyon Answer #3: Us Messianic ministers need grace too! Thanks for so kindly extending it. That makes my day. Many blessings to you and to everyone at [your Messianic Congregation].

Thoughts from Eliyahu ben David:

The next few programs, starting with the one just posted, are on the 144,000. Listen to all of them and you will get a very complete picture of who the 144000 are. 

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Until next time, may you and yours be blessed in Messiah's service.


Eliyahu ben David

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