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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 4.21 - 02/27/6009 TAM - 05/22-23/2009


  Revelation: Sunrise Messenger


Numbering the 144000


"“Don’t harm the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, until we have sealed the bondslaves of our God on their foreheads!” 

I heard the number of those who were sealed, one hundred forty-four thousand, sealed out of every tribe of the sons of Israel" Rev 7:3


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Listener Feedback 

Listener Comment: Eliyahu & Dawn, Blessings to both of you, I cannot begin to express my love for your ministry. I am a former resident of the Matrix. So the first time I heard your show I knew I found a voice of truth. Kinda like being in Mexico and finally finding a English station. I have not heard it all but i loved your Matrix series. It has been a helpful aid to me in the past so I was amazed when I heard you draw from it as well. I became alive in July of 2007. Since then I have been unplugged if you will. I know I am not alone and appreciate what you have to say, which brings me to my point. I loved your show 168 by the way. It was a very pleasant way of explaining the Election mess. I usually go with a WWF explanation. But these same revelations drove me to my current faith. I went backwards if you will. I had a life long shallow faith that sprung to life after certain revelations in exploring our world. I do love your initial response. Again I have had to mature in approach to a truth that is so real yet others simply cannot see. I know this now and am growing in my use of words. My only goal is to get others to the whole word of G_d. I pray for nothing more than the words to say to get someone into the Bible and the truth. I since thought that time is not a luxury and thus I grow anxious with those still plugged into the Matrix. So I support you with your ripples, may we make tidal waves. I have grown from your teaching on my journey through the Bible. I love your style and knowledge of the "Hebraic" perspective. I have not previously heard of Messianic Ministries, but it is a logical approach to the truth. I seek faith not religion and you seem to stick to this as well. Thank you for speaking the truth we are listening and spreading it to all the Brothers. I wish all G_d's grace to you and Dawn as you prepare the road for all of G_d's children. I wish to be with you in the end as we go to our true home. May your teaching multiply to all nations, and bring others closer to true Faith. I thank you for making me feel not so alone in this current phase. As you know there is not much else like your direct application to both the present and the Bible. Some will have you be prepared for salvation in a vacuum, but we live on Earth. There are true conspiracies against G_d and we must decide where we stand or take the mark of the Beast. I represent that the mark is our works "Hand" and what we set our minds to "head". So when we take or not take this mark, I believe, will be whether we recognize what is going on or not, and act accordingly. But, there is a fire burning and most don't even smell the smoke. Keep it up Brother.

Tsiyon Answer: It is always great to hear from a soul set free from satan's matrix of deception. From your email I can see that you have made great progress in comprehending the truth about the world around us from the Divine perspective, and in helping other truth-seekers to see that truth as well. Feel free to make CDs of some of our Matrix programs to share with others, if you feel those programs may benefit them as they have you. And by all means, please become an active member of our Tsiyon community, where your experience of being set free can be an encouragement to other like-minded folks who are also gravitating toward the light of freedom and truth as you have done. Finally, allow me to encourage you on with these words of Paul the apostle: "But you, man of God, ..follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, and gentleness. Fight the good fight of faith. Lay hold of the eternal life to which you were called, when you confessed the good confession in the sight of many witnesses." (1Ti 6:11-12)


Thoughts from Eliyahu ben David:

"For God is not a God of confusion (i.e. disorder), but of peace as in all the assemblies of the holy ones." 1Co 14:33

This statement of Paul underscores how different things are today from how they were in the 1st century. Paul states that "God is not a God of confusion." The Greek word actually goes deeper here. It is Strong's G181, akatastasia, and it more correctly means disorder. Out of disorder arises confusion. The opposite of disorder is peace. Interestingly, the Greek word rendered peace here is Strong's G1515 eirene. This word literally means to join. The implication of Paul's use of this word here is that peace means to cease from disorder and to join in the order of God. Paul continues with this amazing statement regarding the situation at that time i.e. "as in all the assemblies of the holy ones." Imagine that! In the 1st century all of the assemblies of the holy ones were joined in the order of God!

It is manifestly true that today, peace among believers is much less common than confusion. Why? 

Disorder. Believers are not joined together in the order of God today. 

What could ever change that? 

144000 bondslaves joining the order of God will produce a core of believers operating in the order of God. This will give all other faithful believers a fit place to join themselves, restoring the order of God among assemblies of holy ones as Paul observed in the 1st century. This week's program speaks to how this will occur among the 144000 bondslaves foretold in Revelation 7. 

Be warned, the order of God manifestly is not popular today - but it is still the order of God. All who separate themselves from it have confusion. Those who love it and join themselves to it have peace. 

Blessings and peace to you in the name of Y'shua Messiah

Eliyahu ben David

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