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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 4.24 - 03/19/6009 TAM - 06/12-13/2009


A Great Sign Seen in Heaven: Revelation 12

A great sign was seen in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars. She was with child. She cried out in pain, laboring to give birth.

..The dragon stood before the woman who was about to give birth, so that when she gave birth he might devour her child.


Revelation 12 Woman and Dragon

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Latest News At Tsiyon


Tsiyon Bound Remnant Encouragement Tour, 2009: As we announced in our last Tsiyon News, Danny Lee and SueJean of Tsiyon Bound fame are on tour this summer through much of the USA via RV. Opportunities for a visit from them are still open, if you would like to arrange a concert or get-together at your home or area. Danny and SueJean would love to do some songs for you from their Tsiyon Bound album - or just visit, if that works better for you. If you would like them to visit you drop an email.

Summer Meeting Schedule: Everyone is out and about in the summer, so we are adjusting our Tsiyon Meetings to suit that need. Starting last week we have folded all meetings into one or two Tsiyon Partner Meetings per month. 

Note from Dawn:  We have arranged some great interviews and events for Eliyahu's book tour. Anyone interested in helping to arrange an interview on their local station and/or arranging a book tour in their area should contact Dawn

Listener Feedback 

Listener Comment: Please unsubscribe me from this email list. And by the way, did you read where Obama is visiting the sites of former atrocities during the Holocaust and speaking out against this. You should be ashamed of yourself trying to demonize this man. Hashem says 'Who are you to judge another man's servant?'

Tsiyon Answer:  Your email address has been removed from our newsletter list at your request. To answer your question, I did read about President Obama visiting a concentration camp and speaking out against the Holocaust. That's fine, but it does not justify an effort to push Jews out of their homes in Judea and Samaria ("west bank"). Nor does it justify American pressure on Israel to accept a hostile state within its own bosom, nor does it justify the partition of Jerusalem, which would be the minimum requirement of the Islamists in any deal. The truth is, every Palestinian faction is sworn to the destruction of Israel and would only use a Palestinian state as a staging ground from which to attack whatever was left of Israel after an Obama-forced peace treaty. The Gaza pull-out is ample evidence of that. Of course, Mr Obama already knows all of this, which makes his posturing at concentration camps nothing but empty platitudes for political purposes. As for judging Mr. Obama, I judge nobody. YHWH has already made the judgment which is recorded in Torah as spoken to Abraham: "I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse him who curses you." Mr. Obama himself chooses which category he fits in according to his deeds toward Israel. The problem is, as leader of the USA whatever he brings upon himself he brings upon every American. Every American therefore has a right to have an opinion about that. (Gen 12:3) Here is a link demonstrating the sort of thing I'm talking about. In closing, thanks for sharing your opinion. Shalom.  

Listener Comment: Hi Eliyahu, I was watching a science or discovery channel program about the sun. There were a few things that struck me. 1. Sunspot activity: They (scientists) say runs in cycles of 10 to 11 years. And this last cycle was intensely more active than previously observed cycles. And that the last cycle peaked at the end of 2007. Now they say that we are in a strange period of virtually NO sunspot activity which began in 2008. (I thought you might find these year references interesting) 2. Solar winds / Heliosphere: They link solar winds with sunspot activity. The solar winds are what makeup the "helios sphere" of our solar system. Now scientists say the helios sphere is shrinking. This helios sphere protects our solar system from things like exploding stars in the galaxy which emit massive amounts of gamma radiation and other not so good for us things... 3. Gamma-ray burst: The heliosphere: protects the earth from gamma radiation bursts. Scientists say that the Earth could be fried by one of these gamma-ray bursts. Gamma-rays could also come from our own sun via solar flares. ..With the decrease of sunspot activity, I believe the planet is entering a "cooling" period. Which scientists do NOT want to admit for obvious reasons. Yah having a sense of humor, I think he'd like to throw a monkey wrench in the globalist agenda like this. :)  Snow in North Dakota in June! The upper Midwest is seeing crazy cold weather for this time of year as well. If we are indeed at the start of a low sunspot activity cycle, then we are at the start of a cooling period. The whole "global warming" propaganda machine is about to break down in a most embarrassingly way for the new world order. 

Tsiyon Answer:  These are some very interesting ideas. I had heard the sun had gotten very quiet in this new cycle, precipitating a cooler period. The global warming people will likely try to push their agenda through faster, before the public figures out their scam. 


Thoughts from Eliyahu ben David:

Watching the news these days is not much different than reading the book of Revelation. In my new book, and in the Revelation Series which began last year I explained that a judgment period began in 2008 which would soon be manifested in the ride of the Four Horsemen. Emphasis was given to the Black Horse Rider, which was then revealed as a coming global economic crisis that would enrich the super-wealthy while devastating the poor and middle class. Now, that global economic crisis is here and is quickly galloping throughout the earth. Already the USA's official figure, approaching 10% unemployment in America (actual numbers could be more than double), insures a shrinking USA economy, while also dooming the global trading partners of the USA to much higher unemployment as the global depression deepens. Millions of the world's poor are being left without an income while millions of middle-class Americans are loosing their homes to foreclosure in record numbers. Meanwhile, the super-wealthy buy up everything of real value at pennies on the dollar. This is after trillions of dollars have been snatched out of the hands of citizens to be given into the hands of global bankers, this without oversight or accountability. Trust me, this disparity will become much worse as more of the world's resources are yet to be funneled into the hands of a small global elite on their road to a one-world government. 

At the same time, it is clear that forces well represented by the ride of the Pale Horse Rider are working on the international scene to set up a confrontation between Islam and the country of Israel. In the short run this will put Israel to the test. In the longer run, this will turn out much different than the  conspirators against Israel have planned, as Israel will, in due course, enjoy a massive military victory over its Islamic enemies and will likely even expand on the territory it already holds. This will change the entire geo-political situation in Israel's favor while likely being accompanied by more war (Red Horse) as global power blocks clash in Israel's wake. More about all this in an upcoming program.   

All of this and more will pave the way for the Remnant of Israel to return home, to then fulfill the prophecy of the Great Sign featured in this week's program. Be not dismayed. Our deliverance is rapidly moving closer!

Blessings and shalom in the name of Y'shua Messiah,

Eliyahu ben David


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