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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 4.34 - 05/28/6009 TAM - 08/21/2009


Sealed Among My Talmidim

In this amazing prophecy, revealed through the twin lenses of the Isaiah Q Scroll and Targum Isaiah, the future of both Messiah and His Talmidim/Disciples is foretold. This teaching arrives at its grand finale as we learn what all of  this means regarding Israel,  the Covenant, Torah, and Messiah's Talmidim.

  Immanuel in Q 4

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Tsiyon Talmidim Program:

Since our current program deals with prophecy regarding Messiah's Talmidim, it seems to be the right time to tell you about our Tsiyon Talmidim training program. This program is available free to all Tsiyon Partners. Our Tsiyon Talmidim training program is unique, in that we do not teach according to either Greco-Romanized Christianity or Rabbinical Judaism as our guiding principle. We teach the Way of Righteousness followed by the righteous descendants of David, including such Nazareans as Yosef/Joseph ben David, Yochanan/John the Immerser, and of course, Y'shua Messiah and His Talmidim. To learn more, visit here

Listener Feedback

Recent Talmidim Signup

Listener Comments: Thanx for these wonderful teachings of the remnant of Israel. I keep hearing about discipleship training, I was wondering what that entails and where to find it.

Tsiyon Answer:  All the info is here:,91.0.html

We would love to have you sign up!

Listener Comments: E Please sign me up for Talmidim class. I want to grow in Yahweh's Love through the Commandments of God and the testimony of Yeshua. Loving the Word.

Tsiyon Answer:  Glad to have you aboard. Start on through and email me whenever I can be of service. Shalom, E. [Yes, it really is that easy to get started!]


"What version of the OT did Jesus preach?"

Listener Comments:  My friends and I recently began meeting Wed nights for Bible study. We decided to start with the basics: the validity of the Scriptures. Before we tackle the NT, we wanted to research what version of the OT Jesus preached. It seems there are three possibilities: the Pentateuch, the Hebrew Bible (containing the Pentateuch), and the Septuagint (Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible containing the Apocrypha). It was frustrating and disappointing to see that there is almost no discussion of this fundamental issue on the internet. I'm hoping you can share your views with us via email or telephone.

Tsiyon Answer: 

Y'shua, like all first century Jews, used various versions of the Tanakh (or Tanach), the Hebrew Scriptures ("Old Testament"). These Jewish Scriptures consist of three divisions - the Torah and the Prophets and the Writings/Psalms.

The books of the Tanakh in each division are as follows:

The Torah ("The Law")

1. Genesis - Bereshith

2. Exodus - Shemot

3. Leviticus - Vayikra

4. Numbers - Bamidbar

5. Deuteronomy - Devarim

The Prophets (Neviim)

6. Joshua - Y'hoshua

7. Judges - Shophtim

8. Samuel (I & II) - Sh'muel

9. Kings (I & II) - M'lakhim

10. Isaiah - Y'shayahu

11. Jeremiah - Yir'mi'yahu

12. Ezekiel - Y'khezqel

13. The Twelve Prophets

a. Hosea - Hoshea

b. Joel - Yo'el

c. Amos - Amos

d. Obadiah - Ovadyah

e. Jonah - Yonah

f. Micah - Mikhah

g. Nahum - Nakhum

h. Habakkuk - Havakuk

i. Zephaniah - Ts'phanyah

j. Haggai - Khagai

k. Zechariah - Z'kharyah

l. Malachi - Mal'akhi

The Writings/Psalms (Kethubim)

The "Sifrei Emet" - "Books of Truth"

14. Psalms - Tehilim

15. Proverbs - Mishlei

16. Job - Iyov

The "Five Megilot" - "Five Scrolls"

17. Song of Songs - Shir Hashirim

18. Ruth - Rut

19. Lamentations - Eikhah

20. Ecclesiastes - Kohelet

21. Esther - Esther

The rest of the "Writings"

22. Daniel - Dani'el

23. Ezra-Nehemiah - Ezra v'Nekhemia

24. Chronicles (I & II) - Divrei Hayamim

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NOTE: There are only 24 books because some of the books are combined as compared to the Christian Bible.

Y'shua confirms His use of the Tanakh in its three divisions in these words: "These are My words which I spoke to you while I was still with you, that all things which are written about Me in the Law of Moses and the Prophets and the Psalms must be fulfilled." (Luke 24:44)

Sometimes the entire Tanakh is also spoken of in the Gospels in two divisions, The Law and The Prophets, as in these verses: Matthew 5:17, 11:13, Luke 16:16, John 1:45.

Now to the Question: Did Y'shua/Jesus Use A Specific Tanakh version?

Three main versions of Scripture were available in those days. Y'shua quoted and freely paraphrased from all three versions.

1. The proto-Masoretic Hebrew text

In Mark 13:8 Y'shua warns that in days ahead "nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom." This phrase is reminiscent of Isa 19:2 in the Hebrew, which reads: "city against city, kingdom against kingdom." This is different than the Septuagint, which says: "city against city, province against province."

2. The Greek Septuagint Translation

Matt 11:5, Mark 7:6-7 and 9:12, to mention a few, reflect the Septuagint or a Hebrew version similar to it.

3. The Aramaic Targumim

There are multiple quotations where the words of Y'shua most closely match the Targumim. For example, in Mark 4:12 Y'shua paraphrases Isa 6:9-10 with the concluding phrase "and it be forgiven them." Only the Isaiah Targum is phrased in this manner.


Y'shua and His Talmidim/Disciples had various excellent Scripture versions and resources available to them and they were fully conversant in all of them and brought all of them into service of the Kingdom of Messiah. Likewise, we do well to use the best Scripture versions and resources available to us today in service of the Kingdom.


Thoughts from Eliyahu ben David:

If you have been following our teachings on Immanuel in Isaiah you likely have been struck with how different Isaiah's understanding of Messiah is from the "traditional" rabbinical view espoused today. Indeed, Targum Isaiah, from before the 1st century, proves conclusively that mainline Judaism once believed in and taught the divinity of Messiah! That means that the divinity of Messiah as taught in the Renewed Covenant Scriptures (NT) was not in the least out of synch with the standard teachings of Rabbinical Judaism of the first century, the only difference being that Y'shua was held to be Messiah by His Talmidim. Why was this divinity of Messiah teaching later abandoned by Rabbinical Judaism? Amazingly, the current situation of Rabbinical Judaism vis--vis the Talmidim of Messiah is directly prophesied in Isaiah! The implications of this prophecy for the returning remnant are profound. This is a life changer! Don't miss this!

Blessings and shalom in the name of Y'shua Messiah,

Eliyahu ben David


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