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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 4.35 - 06/07/6009 TAM - 08/28/2009


S. Denise Newton Interviews Eliyahu ben David

Sandra Denice Newton

When Eliyahu ben David appeared as a guest on S. Denise Newton's radio program, AfterThoughts, Denise asked some great questions and also brought some delightful humor to the interview. For example, in this interview we answer the question:

Who is the Anti-Christ?

a. Barack Obama           c. SpongeBob SquarePants

b. S. Denise Newton       d. None of the above


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Latest News At Tsiyon

False Flag Newsletter Alert:

As you may already know, a "False Flag Operation" is a political/military term. The term originates from the military strategy in which troops from one country execute some military adventure while carrying the flag of a different country. Hence, a "false flag."  The object is to make it seem as if the country whose flag is being carried is the perpetrator of the military adventure or terrorist act in question. This tactic is meant to make the group whose flag is being falsely waved to look guilty of the offense and thereby to bring disapproval and sanctions onto that other country or group.  This strategy is often employed by political and covert powers  today to stir up the people to some desired hatred and anger, to justify hostile action against some other group or country. This still works because the masses, frankly, are still stupid enough to fall for this lame but effective gambit pretty much every time. My first exposure to this diabolical strategy came when I was a child and a big fan of The Lone Ranger TV show. On one of those TV programs a bunch of "bad guys" removed their black hats and gunslinger getup and dressed up like Indians - then raided and robbed the settlers.  Of course, the outraged settlers were quick to believe it was the Indians who had done the dirty deed. I still remember the outrage I felt when I watched that show! Fortunately, my boyhood hero, the Lone Ranger, saw through the deception and exposed the bad guys before the predictable massacre of the misrepresented Indians could occur. Phew! That was close! Well, all of that is to say that Tsiyon Radio was victimized by just such a "false flag operation" just this last week. Someone sent out a mass mailing of what appeared to be a Tsiyon Newsletter, complete with our return address on it, as if Tsiyon Radio had sent it out. It contained a message "Courtesy of Muslim World Today" in both English and Spanish. I first learned of it when I received a copy of the offensive "false flag" newsletter along with an outraged request to be removed from the Tsiyon mail list. I was stunned. Tsiyon Radio had been a victim of an actual false flag operation! Someone had gone to a lot of trouble to make Tsiyon Radio look bad in the eyes of the Messianic community. In the words of the Lone Ranger: What kind of a lowdown side-winder would do such a thing? Whoever you are, can you say "silver bullet"?

False Flag #2?

While I was writing this newsletter I received an email in my box that listed Dawn and I as "elders" and "founders" on the "board of directors" of a group called THE SHEPHERD'S MISSION. That was a surprise to me, seeing that we had never joined any such organization as members, let alone been involved as "elders", let alone "founders" of said organization! Of course, I sent a reply immediately, withdrawing our names from this apparently presumptuous organization. Another false flag attack against Tsiyon Radio? ..or just more internet craziness going wild?

Eliyahu ben David, guest on Evil Conservative Radio:

This week Eliyahu ben David appeared as a guest on Patrick Gibson's edgy Evil Conservative Radio program, out of New York. Patrick actually read the book we sent him (Announcing Judgment Day) and was very knowledgeable about its contents. I was impressed by that, since talk show hosts rarely find the time to read the many books sent to them. Patrick was a great host and asked very insightful questions. I was very impressed with Patrick and his commitment to speaking the truth as he sees it. We will be re-airing our segments from Patrick's show sometime soon, here on Tsiyon Radio. Thanks Patrick for a great guest experience!

Thoughts from Eliyahu ben David:

Through the summer we have been doing some guest appearances in various places to promote my latest book Announcing Judgment Day. I've enjoyed meeting people in different venues and finding many who are very interested in the message of Revelation as it pertains to the days in which we live. Of course, there are also a good many out there who don't have a clue about all of the signs right before their eyes. We pray for those folks to wake up before it's too late. Our latest program is a re-airing of my appearance on S. Denise Newton's radio program, AfterThoughts. I found this program interesting to do, since Denise's target audience is mostly African American Christians who probably haven't heard much about the things we teach here at Tsiyon. As I came to the program I was a little concerned that it would take more of a bridge than I could build in one program to span the gap. Much to my delight, Denise met me more than half way, making the program nearly effortless to do - even though I was on for nearly two hours! It wasn't all softballs either. We spoke about issues like race, for example, and politics. Actually, I covered everything from soup to nuts on this program, and I sincerely hope you will enjoy hearing it as much as I enjoyed doing it!

Blessings and shalom in the name of Y'shua Messiah,

Eliyahu ben David

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