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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 4.36 - 06/14/6009 TAM - 09/04/2009


S. Denice Newton Interviews Eliyahu ben David

Sandra Denice Newton

This is part 2 of Eliyahu ben David's appearance as a guest on S. Denice Newton's radio program, AfterThoughts.

Denice asks Eliyahu questions about the Book of Revelation, making Revelation relevant in today's world.


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Listener Feedback - Tsiyon Mistake?

Listener Comment: On the radio today 9/2/09 you were talking about the 5th horsemen. You were talking about executive orders 11000 and a few more. These orders were revoked by EO11490 by Nixon in the late 60's. Very disappointed and I thought I could trust what you were saying.

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Tsiyon Answer: Thanks for writing. We try very hard to be accurate, but nobody is perfect. I thank you for your concern and you can rest assured that I will be researching your point. By the way, it was the fifth seal, not the fifth horseman - there are only four horsemen.

Tsiyon Answer: [Further Research Revealed] Executive Order 12656, by Ronald Reagan, revoked EO 11490 - meaning EO 11490 has not been in force since 1988 and is not presently in force. Details are below:

Executive Order 12656, revoked EO 11490.
Assignment of emergency preparedness responsibilities

* Signed: November 18, 1988
* Federal Register page and date: 53 FR 47491; November 23, 1988
Revokes: EO 10421, December 31, 1952;
   EO 11490, October 28, 1969

This means that Nixon's EO11490 is itself revoked, so does not revoke the EO's quoted in our program. Our listener was therefore mistaken. Thanks  to this listener for the chance to explain!

Thoughts from Eliyahu ben David:

Our latest program is part 2 of my appearance on S. Denice Newton's radio program, AfterThoughts. We received some excellent feedback on the first segment of this interview, so if you've missed that first segment you might want to go back and pick that up before moving on to part 2. In this final segment of the interview Denice asked some great questions about the book of Revelation. Even if our Revelation message is not new to you, you will find this exchange between S. Denice Newton and myself interesting to consider. You may glean some tips from this interview that will help you to communicate a Messianic perspective to folks who haven't yet considered this way of thinking, such as some of your friends and relatives. Also, you can make CD copies of the interview to share with others who are new to this perspective - this would be a great introduction into this material for them. My thanks again to Denice, and may each of you be blessed by this interview. 

Blessings and shalom in the name of Y'shua Messiah,

Eliyahu ben David



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