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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 4.39 - 07/06/6009 TAM - 09/25/2009


The World Under Judgment - 2 Radio Interviews

Patrick Gibson - Evil Conservative Radio

Patrick Gibson, mastermind behind Evil Conservative Radio, interviews Eliyahu ben David about his book on the prophecies of Revelation, Announcing Judgment Day. You may be surprised by Patrick's reaction to the book. In any case, you will be entertained by his NY wit!

Dr. Stanley Monteith, author of Brotherhood of Darkness and host of the nationally syndicated radio program, Radio Liberty, interviews Eliyahu ben David about his book on the prophecies of Revelation, Announcing Judgment Day - AGAIN!  Secret revealed!

Dr Stanley Montieth - Radio Liberty

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More Guest Appearances!

In our quest to keep our listeners and partners up to date with what we are up to here at Tsiyon Radio, we have been airing recent guest appearances of Eliyahu ben David on other radio shows. We continue that this week with two interviews in this one program! A few weeks ago Eliyahu was a guest of Patrick Gibson on Evil Conservative Radio. Patrick is a colorful person who definitely holds your attention. Patrick had some great questions and was both fun and interesting to talk with. Thanks Patrick, for a great interview. The second interview on this program is another appearance on  Radio Liberty, hosted by the legendary Dr. Stanley Monteith. After having interviewed me already in two earlier programs, Dr. Stan was ready to get into some information you haven't heard yet on Tsiyon Radio. I definitely think you won't want to miss this. Also, welcome to all of the new listeners who have heard about us on Dr. Stan's programs, or one of the other guest appearances we've done recently. 


Listener Feedback - Are Modern Jews Kazars?

Listener Comment: Are all Jews of the blood line of Jews? To me the water of who is a Jew is a bit murky. The nation of Khazaria supposedly converted to Judaism. Some if not all of them migrated to Europe. And a lot of the Jews in Israel, the majority, are Ashkenazi Jews [from Europe]. Can you shed any light on this? Thanks.

[Segment continues below]

Read - Announcing: Judgment Day

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Tsiyon Answer: Thanks for your questions. Converts are considered Jews and are incorporated into the Jewish community, so not all Jews are ethnic Jews. However, MOST are!

Modern DNA research has disproven the Khazar origin theory of Ashkenazi jews. While there seems to be some small contribution from the Khazars in a small percentage of Ashkenazi DNA, the percentage is so small as to be scientifically insignificant. Y chromosome studies "showed that Ashkenazi Jews are more closely related to other Jewish and Middle Eastern groups than to their local neighbouring populations in Europe."

Bottom line here is that DNA studies of the various communities of modern Jews, including Ashkenazi jews, find them more related to one another than to the peoples around them. These are primarily the descendents of the Jewish residents of Judea dating back 2000 years and beyond. Taken as a whole, modern Jews are essentially the same people group as the Biblical Jewish people. Notice this quote:

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Read - Announcing: Judgment Day

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Modern DNA studies on the Y chromosome of Jews worldwide have largely disproven the Khazar origin theory for the vast majority of Ashkenazi DNA.

A 1999 study by Hammer et al., published in the Proceedings of the United States National Academy of Sciences compared the Y chromosomes of Ashkenazi, Roman, North African, Kurdish, Near Eastern, Yemenite, and Ethiopian Jews with 16 non-Jewish groups from similar geographic locations. It found that "Despite their long-term residence in different countries and isolation from one another, most Jewish populations were not significantly different from one another at the genetic level... The results support the hypothesis that the paternal gene pools of Jewish communities from Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East descended from a common Middle Eastern ancestral population, and suggest that most Jewish communities have remained relatively isolated from neighboring non-Jewish communities during and after the Diaspora." According to Nicholas Wade "The results accord with Jewish history and tradition and refute theories like those holding that Jewish communities consist mostly of converts from other faiths, or that they are descended from the Khazars, a medieval Turkish tribe that adopted Judaism."

A 2001 study by Nebel et al. found Eu 19 chromosomes, which are very frequent in Eastern European populations (54%-60%), at elevated frequency (12.7%) in Ashkenazi Jews. The authors hypothesized that these chromosomes could reflect low-level gene flow into Ashkenazi populations from surrounding Eastern European populations, or, alternatively, that both the Ashkenazi Jews with Eu 19, and to a greater extent all Eastern European populations in general, might have some partial Khazar ancestry.

A 2005 study by Nebel et al., based on Y chromosome polymorphic markers, showed that Ashkenazi Jews are more closely related to other Jewish and Middle Eastern groups than to their local neighbouring populations in Europe. However, 11.5% of male Ashkenazim were found to belong to R-M17, the dominant Y chromosome haplogroup in Eastern Europeans, suggesting possible gene flow between the two groups. The authors hypothesized that "R-M17 chromosomes in Ashkenazim may represent vestiges of the mysterious Khazars". They concluded "However, if the R-M17 chromosomes in Ashkenazi Jews do indeed represent the vestiges of the mysterious Khazars then, according to our data, this contribution was limited to either a single founder or a few closely related men, and does not exceed ~ 12% of the present-day Ashkenazim. []

Listener Comment: I feel that Israel from the New World Order stand point is the final solution. Like Hitler the whole idea is to get rid of the jews, especially those of the blood line. Lot of it is because of the defeat that Satan suffered at the hand of Jews for bringing Christ into the world. And if he can occupy Israel he wins. It is kind like King of the Mountain. With his occupying Israel it precludes Jesus from coming back.

Tsiyon Answer: There is a bit more to it, but your assessment is essentially correct.

Listener Comment: Do you know anything about the lost tribes? Thanks.
Tsiyon Answer: The lost tribes are a major interest of our ministry, with many of our programs relating to them. A good place to start would be at this link:
We have more about the lost tribes in our new DVD, which we are giving out as a gift right now to everyone signing up as a Tsiyon Ministry Partner.


Thoughts from Eliyahu ben David:

This seventh month is such a special time of year. No doubt you and your family are filled with anticipation as we approach Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) followed soon thereafter by the eight days of Sukkot (Tabernacles/Booths). Whatever your plans may be, we want to wish you a very meaningful seventh month. May you be encouraged and renewed as you meet YHWH on His appointed days.

Blessings and shalom in the name of Y'shua Messiah,

Eliyahu ben David


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