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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 4.46 - 08/25/6009 TAM - 11/13/2009



PART 2 of 2
Listen in on this concluding segment of S. Denice Newton's latest conversation with Eliyahu ben David. The interview meanders into a varied array of important topics all thoughtful persons wonder about from time to time. What is your opinion on these questions?

 Revelation Afterthoughts on various topics

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Latest News At Tsiyon

Guest Appearance

On October 24 Eliyahu ben David was pleased to make an encore guest appearance on S. Denice Newton's radio program, AfterThoughts. Denise had some great new questions and the interview took some surprising turns. Thanks Denise, for a great interview! We are airing the concluding portion of that interview in this week's program.

Listener Feedback Questions - Favorite Bible? Tsiyon Address? How do I tell my friends? What about tithing?

Listener Comment:  What Bible do you use the most?

[Segment continues below]

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Tsiyon Answer:  I use E-Sword for most of my Bible study, comparing different versions. I use the KJV with Strong's numbers a lot, to examine the meanings of the original language words in Strong's Dictionary and other resources linked to Strong's numbering. Most of my quotes are from the HNV. If you don't have e-sword I know you will love it. It's free! You can download it and an amazing array of free Bible resources for the program here:

Listener Comment:  My wife and I would like to donate to your ministry. We have truly been blessed by your programs and we are learning so much. We would prefer to send a check to you periodically to help with your ministry. Could you give us some information about this.

Tsiyon Answer:  Many blessings to you and your family. We are so glad that you are being blessed by the ministry. [Another listener] recently mentioned how great you guys are doing.

Thanks for thinking about donating. You can send checks by mail here:

Tsiyon (Make check to "Tsiyon")

201 W Stassney Lane A511

Austin, TX, USA, 78745

[Our address is at the bottom of each edition of this newsletter, Tsiyon News]

May you be blessed in your study of His Word.


Listener Comment:  Question, I have been faithfully listening on the radio for 3 or 4 months now and I need a book that will help me have answers for my church friends and other Christian friends who now think I'm crazy cause I think that Christianity might be a false religion created so that we miss the boat, personally I want to be an overcomer. I have an associate degree in ministry and all the way through school I thought they were missing something. I learned Greek but now I wish they would have chosen Hebrew. I hope to find me a mentor in the Torah. I have found a fellowship. I want to know about missionary work in the Torah and tithing. I am faithful in my tithing, but I would rather give my tithe to something that is really tangible, like helping a single mom or family in need, to help a struggling radio show that is putting out the truth in the Torah. Oh I love your show.

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Tsiyon Answer:  Thanks for writing, and for listening to Tsiyon Radio. I love that you want to be an overcomer! I think I'm writing the book you're looking for right now. It is the second book in my Messianic Revelation Series and it will include information that will answer many of those questions your friends no doubt ask. The first book in the series came out last spring and has done amazingly well with Christians. See the radio interview by S. Denice Newton for an example. Another approach would be to make some CDs of a few of our programs on the topics you need and give them to friends. Our 1st few programs deal immediately with the issues you mention. You will find those here.

We need mission workers to share our unique message. Some of our folks do that by offering a home meeting where they play our programs to the group and then discuss them together. We also offer a DVD that works well for that purpose. One-on-one is the preferred method of others. However a person may want to do it, we are glad to offer whatever support we can.

We offer a Talmidim Program which teaches important fundamentals of the Scriptural Messianic faith. We have gotten rave reviews from most of our students who have tried it. More about that here. The Talmidim Program is free to all of our Tsiyon Ministry Partners. More about that here. At least signup to get our newsletter here.

Finally, about tithing:

Since you tithe, you clearly understand the core of what I am about to write. However, since you asked what we teach on tithing I will include it here, and probably in our newsletter later:

You may not have heard this, but we often hear from people who say they don't tithe because there is no Temple to tithe to anymore. This is a bogus argument since tithing originated before the Temple, with the Patriarchs. For example, we know that Abraham tithed out of his increase. (Gen 14:20)

Our father Jacob/Israel also tithed, saying to YHWH;

"Of all that You will give me I will surely give the tenth to You." Gen 28:22

This pledge is binding on all of Jacob/Israel's progeny, both natural and grafted in. This is the source of our obligation to tithe. It is why a blessing is attached to tithing, since tithing fulfills this covenant obligation established by our fathers, Israel in particular. The reverse is also true. To fail to tithe is to disregard this covenant obligation of our fathers, and this is considered wicked by YHWH. In fact, failing to keep our tithing obligation is to rob YHWH.

YHWH addresses this sin in Malachi 3:6-10:

“For I, YHWH, don’t change; therefore you, sons of Jacob, are not consumed. From the days of your fathers you have turned aside from my ordinances, and have not kept them. Return to me, and I will return to you,” says YHWH of Hosts. “But you say, ‘How shall we return?’ Will a man rob God? Yet you rob me! But you say, ‘How have we robbed you?’ In tithes and offerings. You are cursed with the curse; for you rob me, even this whole nation. Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house, and test me now in this,” says YHWH of Hosts, “if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough for." Mal 3:6-10

Notice that YHWH reminds us, first of all, that He does not change. He remains true to all of His covenants in every generation.

Then He calls us "sons of Jacob." This reminds us that we are bound by the words of our Father, Jacob.

In the next verse He says;

"From the days of your fathers you have turned aside from My ordinances, and have not kept them."

Notice in this that we and our fathers are all considered guilty of not keeping His ordinances. This shows us that from His point of view, all generations of Israel are equally required to keep the ordinances established between our fathers and YHWH. This, of course, includes the tithe established by Jacob.

Having set out these principles, YHWH then deals with the problem of disobedience to covenants made with our fathers. He says:

"Return to Me, and I will return to you.”

Most of us are still too dull of hearing to get the point, so YHWH includes our question:

‘How shall we return?’

In other words, "Return? We didn't even know we need to return! We thought we were ok just the way we are!" Here YHWH becomes very blunt in telling us where we have strayed off the path. He says;

Will a man rob God? Yet you rob Me!

Wow! YHWH calls us thieves - thieves of God Himself, no less! In disbelief we say;

How have we robbed You?

Here YHWH gets very specific about how we are robbing Him:

In tithes and offerings. You are cursed with the curse; for you rob me, even this whole nation.

YHWH says, not giving our covenantal tithes and offerings is robbing God because we are obligated to Him to give these and are not doing it!

Failing to keep this obligation, of course, brings us under the curse of disobedience. For those who say that Y'shua has removed the curse, so we can disregard this obligation, I say, Y'shua did not die for us so that we can continue on in sin. He died for us so that we can get the victory over sin, that in Him we can rise up to walk as He Himself walked. In other words, He empowers us to keep our covenant obligations as He did, if we will only walk in His truth by the power of the Holy Spirit!

Therefore, since we have the power to obey in Messiah, the point is all the more valid that we remain cursed in our finances when we rob God, especially once we have come to know and understand our obligation. His solution to this is clear:

"Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house, and test me now in this,” says YHWH of Hosts, “if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough for."

Every covenant includes a blessing and a curse - no less so the covenant of tithing laid upon us by Jacob/Israel. The curse is the curse of want. The blessing is the blessing of abundance. This is confirmed in these words of YHWH. When we tithe it is in the knowledge and faith that YHWH will keep His covenant obligation to us. He promises to pour out a blessing, if only we will first give up to Him the tithes and offerings we owe to Him. When we renege we are telling Him we don't believe that He will keep His word - so we must grab onto every penny under our control! We really shouldn't treat Him like that. He does not change. He WILL keep His word. As He says; test Him out.

If, by a "struggling radio show" you are referring to Tsiyon, that's true. We are struggling to get our message out to as many radio stations as we can afford. We get some free airtime, but that is seldom available in most areas. Paying for airtime is the biggest expense we have, now nearly $3000 per month. We live very modestly to be able to do that, with all other expenditures combined, including family expenditures, amounting to significantly less than we devote to airtime. We draw no paycheck, get no investment income, have no 401k or pension fund - but we also have no debt because we pay for everything we buy when we buy it. When we say we walk in faith we mean that 100%! We do this set-apart work completely on the faith that YHWH will move upon the hearts of His people to fund all aspects of this mission. We are very thankful for each Tsiyon Ministry Partner who accepts even a small part in funding this mission. We also are very grateful for the wonderful folks who listen to His Spirit in giving offerings to this ministry as led. However, not many tithe, though we are so blessed by the few who do. In many cases it may be that people feel a primary obligation to tithe elsewhere, which is fine. We should tithe where we are primarily getting spiritually fed, and if that is in someone's local fellowship or congregation then that is where they should bring their tithe. However, if upon prayerfully considering all of this anyone rightfully feels moved to bring their tithe to Tsiyon, I can assure them it will go to the work and not to the support of an over-inflated lifestyle. Anyone who has ever spent any time with us here at Tsiyon Radio can vouch for that. That is not a complaint, by the way. We are very content with what we have, particularly our abundance of spiritual blessings, and we are so blessed to be fellow-workers with Messiah, in blessing His people every day. We have put YHWH to the test and we urge everyone else to do the same. He is good and is absolutely reliable to do everything that He has promised. In fact, He even does more, when we give Him the chance, just because He is such a wonderful Father. It is not hard to spend a lifetime in the shadow of His wings, telling people everywhere of His marvelous ways, truths, perfections and plans. How inexpressibly great He truly is!

Thoughts from Eliyahu ben David:

Just mentioning the subject of tithing seems to make some people freak out, so I'm writing a little more about it here. We seldom talk about tithing in this newsletter. This is only the second time, as I recall. The last time we spoke of it we had a number of folks go running for the hills. Relax! If you are feeling like that realize that we didn't mention it to twist your arm to give to Tsiyon. We answered a real question we were asked and shared that answer in our newsletter. There is a truth about tithing that needs to be taught with the rest of the truth, and we owe it to you to share that truth when the subject is brought up. We never convict individuals to give. YHWH never sent us forth to do that. It is the Word and the Holy Spirit that are sent forth to convict the hearts of men to do the Father's will. Nobody needs to explain to us why they are tithing elsewhere or giving elsewhere rather than here - or not giving or tithing at all. The truth is, we really don't want to know. What and where you give, or don't give, is between you and Him. All we say is this; be faithful to do as He says and you will be blessed - fail to do as He says and you will miss the blessing. Your outcome is your choice. If you hear what He is saying to you but lack faith to follow through, then ask Him for the faith you need to obey Him. It is all about being real with Him and naturally responding to His love. Now, isn't that simple?

Blessings and Shalom in the Name of Y'shua Messiah,

Eliyahu ben David


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