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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 4.48 - 09/10/6009 TAM - 11/27/2009


Real Money

On "Black Friday" - the biggest shopping day of the year - we introduce this teaching on Real Money - Money according to Scripture. You may be surprised what you can learn from such passages as Genesis 13:2:

"Abram was very rich
in livestock, in silver, and in gold.

  Real Money

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Listener Feedback: A Watchman Sent Forth

Listener Comment:  I am enjoying the teachings that are on the website, you guys got me staying up late at night listening and really being challenged. Eliyahu, I was listening to your show from Aug. 10th 2007 you say that you follow the Torah and keep the festivals. My question is: can you give me some instruction in how to follow the Torah and how do I keep the festivals? For so long I have heard in the "evangelical church" that we are dead to the law, and therefore we don't keep the "rituals". But upon hearing how the Greek emperor Constantine setup the catholic church to rid the believers of our Hebraic foundation, I no longer want to be fooled by the "church system". I am really debating on rather or not to start my own ministry, but I realize that the Job of the Shepherd is hard and I feel like I have so much to learn. I can't sit on the pew forever. I have a burning desire to teach, but in this system I am in, other preachers make it seem as if you need their blessing to start a ministry. Can you keep me in prayer for guidance from YHWH. Thanks for taking the time to read this email.

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Read - Announcing: Judgment Day

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Tsiyon Answer:  It's great to hear that you are getting so much out of the programs. Also, that you aspire to be a minister of the Word. You're right, in the Greco-Roman Church we were turned away from Torah and the Feasts of YHWH, even though Messiah and the early believers observed these. YHWH, through the prophets before Y'shua, never said Torah would be done away under the new (renewed) covenant. Instead He said; "I will put my Torah in their inward parts, and in their heart will I write it" (Jer 31:33). This means keeping Torah in an entirely different way than the Pharisees claimed to keep it. Keeping Torah in a living way from the heart is not a matter of slavish devotion to Pharisaical rules and rulings. This, unfortunately, is the route many take on first learning that Torah is still valid - they turn to the customs and rules of rabbinical Judaism thinking that is what must be "Jewish." This is a dead end that leads away from a true understanding of Who Y'shua actually is and the higher way He taught/teaches regarding Torah.

Y'shua was called "The Nazarean" and the path of Torah-keeping He taught was called "The Way of the Nazareans." This is also our path at Tsiyon. We offer a free teaching program called the Tsiyon Talmidim Program that will lead you through this teaching step by step. I invite you to join.

For more details check this link:,91.0.html

Listener Comment: A few years ago I was hospitalized for 40 days. During that time I saw some things that I have constantly pondered, and when I try to share these things with others it is like I am talking over their heads. Here's what I saw, there was something like an hourglass and when it was turned upside down it was as if earth itself was washed with a massive flood. After the water subsided it was like paradise on earth. I then found myself preaching in a church, but the weird thing was that the people were sleeping and I saw fire coming out of my mouth. As time went by while in the hospital, and was starting to come to, I heard a voice say "Go out and give man HOPE". When I looked I saw a man standing in front of me and I asked for him to go instead, but the man I was looking at just smiled at me and shook his head as if he were saying, nope! He told you! Shortly after, I saw a city coming down from the sky, it has these huge walls around it, and in my spirit I knew that this city was Jerusalem. Now here is the weird part - I kept running along the top of the walls delivering messages, so to speak, I would go to America and come back to the city, receive more instruction and then go back again. This vision has constantly tugged on me for the past few years. I feel so inadequate at times to lead Yah's sheep, and I really want to figure out was this? YHWH calling me or was it just me and the medicine? Thanks for all your hard work and the sacrifice of your time.

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Read - Announcing: Judgment Day

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Tsiyon Answer: Thanks for sharing about the things you saw (your revelation) during your 40 days in the hospital. Your revelation was a rational consistent message and not a hodge-podge of drug-induced images. It is real.

40 days is a significant period that speaks of trials and testing - judgment.

The things you saw have to do with the judgment of the world.

The hourglass speaks of time running out. The hourglass being turned was telling you a time period of judgment was about to start (which has since started). The judgments are figuratively like the waters of Noah's Flood, washing the earth clean to bring in Messiah's Kingdom on Earth.

People sleeping in the Church speaks of the spiritual condition of church believers today, to whom you are sent. They are completely asleep to the gravity of the times. Fire coming out of your mouth is a warning message of coming judgment events that will burn some of them up and will refine others for service, depending on their response.

You have seen the judgment (water) and you have seen the hope of what is to come thereafter (paradise). "Go out and give men hope" are the words with which you have been sent forth as a watchman with a message of judgment and a message of hope of the blessings to come thereafter.

You have a share in the New Jerusalem, the seat of the Kingdom of Messiah, which is on its way. Today this City is represented in the world by the company of overcomers who belong to Messiah and His Kingdom. Your position as a watchman on the walls, and going back and forth to the City to receive your message, then going out to deliver the message, shows that you are to receive your message from Messiah's Kingdom people - the City. You are not alone, but are part of a bigger whole. There are others of the Kingdom with the same work as you, and there are others who receive the message directly from Messiah and pass the message on to you, and to others, to speak forth. I believe this is why YHWH has brought you to Tsiyon - for you to receive the message that you need to speak forth as a watchman.

I understand about feeling inadequate. In your dream you tried to pass your mission to another, but were not allowed. That's normal enough, even Moses had that response upon first being called. However, when YHWH sends a person forth He has not made the wrong choice. Therefore, you cannot pass this job to another. It is your responsibility now. Only, remember these words that YHWH spoke to Moses when Moses felt inadequate. "Certainly I will be with you" (Exo 3:12).

When YHWH sends a person forth He is not playing games but has a specific purpose in mind to accomplish. Therefore He supports the chosen person in accomplishing the mission UNTO COMPLETION. YHWH is almighty and CANNOT fail. Your degree of adequacy is therefore irrelevant, so don't worry about it. Trust in YHWH and do each thing He puts before you as He leads you - and nothing more - and you will see the wonders of The Almighty in action! Also, if you haven't said "yes" to Him yet, you probably ought to do that right away so you can get started with your mission.

As for the naysayers - they are asleep, remember? That's why YHWH has chosen you and not them.

All that matters now is that you faithfully discharge your mission. Your life depends upon it. (See Eze 3:16-21)

Congratulations on your assignment as a watchman! Praise YHWH!

Listener Comment: Thank you so much for your answer to the revelation given to me by YHWH. I now understand why things have been tough for me the last five years. I was one of those guys who thought that prophets were no more because I thought I had a high view of Scripture, but in reality I did not know what I was talking about. You know, you hear so many people say they are this and they are that, but their message is about things and not YHWH. It is a joy to me to know my assignment, and I look forward to learning more from you and supporting Tsiyon. Man, thank you so much once again for revealing to me my vision, and the assignment that has been given to me.

Tsiyon Answer: I so agree with you about the people who say they are this or that. In doing that they reveal that it is all about them rather than a real mission from YHWH.

By contrast, the true prophets of YHWH are interested in accomplishing the mission and do not constantly blow their own horn. Who they are is proven by what they do - not by bragging about themselves. You do not come across anything like that. Your attitude of humility suits a true servant of YHWH.

You will find some good information about prophets in our programs #82 thru about #89. This will put the office in context in the renewed covenant era and will also help to answer your questions about the early believers. May YHWH bless you in His service.

Thoughts from Eliyahu ben David:

The "listener feedback" above is all from the same real person, whom I have kept anonymous. We honor people's privacy here at Tsiyon. I included this set of emails in this Newsletter as an example of how YHWH is calling some persons to be watchmen today. It is usually hard for people to come to full acceptance that He is calling them personally, as in this example. However, when it is of Him it just doesn't go away, no matter how long they try to ignore it. Eventually the Call becomes clear as glass. The hour glass has been flipped on this generation and the sands have begun their inevitable descent. Without watchmen to sound the alarm before impending judgment falls, the people will perish, not being ready for the evil day. It is no wonder He is raising up watchmen in this hour. These are ordinary men and women who see the reality of the evil day coming and are impelled to sound the alarm. May Messiah strengthen each of them in this vital end-time ministry!

How do we make the transition from talking about watchmen to talking about Real Money? Easy. The watchmen see calamity coming from over the horizon, while we all must endure until it comes, and through it when it comes. This involves real, practical considerations in our personal lives - like money. As the global economic crisis continues to tighten its grip on the world we need a mental make-over, to see money issues as YHWH does. I hope that our latest program will provide a good start at doing that, to give you a needed advantage, helping you to endure well through the days ahead.

Blessings and Shalom in the Name of Y'shua Messiah,

Eliyahu ben David


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