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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 4.51 - 10/01/6009 TAM - 12/18/2009


Escape Economic Oppression

Enslaved to Debt

You CAN break free from economic oppression .. here's how one family
really did it! 


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New Stations - WYYC AM - RevolutionBroadcasting

Starting on December 21, 2009 Tsiyon Radio will be heard on WYYC AM. This station covers York, Lancaster and Harrisburg, PA.  Our program will be broadcast M-F from 11:00AM to 12:00 noon and 8:00-9:00PM. If you have any friends in that area please ask them to tune in!

Starting on December 21, 2009 Tsiyon Radio will be heard on Broadcast times are 12:00 noon and 12:00 midnight EST, M-F.

Listener Feedback:  Part of the Kingdom?

Listener Comment: I am learning things about the Davidic kingdom and other subjects I have not heard about in the mainstream church. If I am not an Israelite/ or of Jewish nationality, would I be part of the nations going up to worship or part of the kingdom? (as a believer in Yashua). Waiting with anticipation for your 2nd book and sharing what I am learning with friends.

Tsiyon Answer:  Thanks for writing. We are so glad to have you with us as part of our Tsiyon family! To answer your question, if you are not a natural Israelite but are an overcoming believer in Messiah Y'shua then you are "grafted in" to believing Israel. That means that you share the same hope of ruling in the Messianic Kingdom with Messiah.

You can read more about that here.

[Segment continues below]

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Thoughts from Eliyahu ben David:

We are excited about adding two new radio stations to our lineup, starting this week! If our program is not yet in your area why not contact your favorite local station and ask them to carry it? Radio stations are always very responsive to the local listeners that ultimately pay the bills. Speaking about bills, our program this week is amazingly practical on the topic of economics. I think you will enjoy hearing me interview one of our Tsiyon Ministry Partners who is in a unique position to explain how he and his family broke free from economic oppression. As a Bank Manager, he could not have been more deeply entrenched in the economic system. Now that he is free of that, he is telling us exactly how the banks and other segments of the system DELIBERATELY enslave the unwary consumer into economic servitude. This inside look will give you the chills - and point you to real freedom. Don't miss it!

Blessings and Shalom in the Name of Y'shua Messiah,

Eliyahu ben David

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