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   Tsiyon News

Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 5.05 - 11/14/6009 TAM - 01/29/2010


Enter by The Gate!

Enter in by the Narrow Gate 

 Enter in by the Narrow Gate
..that leads to life!

Matthew 7:13+14


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Tsiyon News

"The Way" Series

The latest three programs on "The Way" have elicited strong responses. A few people dropped off our list after feeling offended at "The Way of The Pharisees" - with parting comments like " are following the path of satan."  However, others rose to a new level of freedom in Messiah after hearing these programs. Some of those comments follow.

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Listener Comments on "The Way" Programs.

George Comment #1 - I'm a Torah Observant believer/follower of our Messiah - Yeshua. I've been listening to Tsiyon Radio since spring of 2008 and have benefited greatly. I thank you Eliyahu Ben David and Dawn as many of your programs (like the Revelation Series to name only one) have enriched my walk and my study. Your teaching, "The Big Picture", is one of my cardinal reference teachings (outside of the Tanakh). Many times I've heard something said on your programs that caused me to pause and review but I've never felt the need to write in to you since the confusion cleared up upon diligent study. Not so this time. I'm stumped [by arguments in favor of the Pharisees enumerated in this email]. ..Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

George Comment #1 - My name is George... I'm the listener who just very recently (about 2 hours ago) sent in an email asking for your help clarifying & understanding some contradictions that came up for me after I heard program #211 - Broad Way of The Pharisees. Well, my friends, I'm writing to let you know that the answer to my query came before you probably even saw the last email I sent. YHVH is amazing! The answer to my confusion over program #211 was program #212 !!! I apologize for jumping the gun. Thank you for any consideration you may give my previous email but please disregard it. I see now that the solution to my conflict is intimate knowledge and complete trust in YHVH & not in 'Gnostic' ways even if those ways are associated with Torah & the descendants of Abraham ... as you said, it's about "doing business with the Living God". Once and for all, the answer to the Pharisee/Talmud/Oral Law confusion I have struggled with is cleared up. I should have just plowed through to your next program on the Davidic Way. Thank YHVH! For if I trust only Him to make my path straight and get to know Him then if there's anything of value that may lie within the Talmud/Oral Law He will share it with me directly and not let me be a slave to any Gnostic taskmaster. The true Freedom I seek is near and it is so very far removed from Talmudic and Gnostic halacha. I get it now - it's the way of Yeshua the Nazarean!

From fredrad - This teaching has opened up some amazing perspective that I have passed over before. To realize that David was already walking with Yeshua brings these psalms alive. I love reading the 110 Psalm to people to watch their eyes get big as they realize what I am reading. There is such a wealth of faith stored in the Nazareans. Understanding and appreciating the Davidic covenant and what it must of taken to preserve it is an empowering message.

From PraiseToYah - This is an awesome thing. I have always believed that David, by faith, had received his salvation. But to find that the Scriptures explain that David actually knew Yeshua before He was born is quite revealing. This makes me so excited and clarifies these Scriptures for me so much.

From Ester - Gnostics believe in salvation by knowledge, but hunt for loopholes around what they believe, read Gnostic books quoting the Bible, rather than the Bible, seeking to hear from man, rather than God. They believe in a creator, not necessarily God. I know of one who calls himself a traditional Christian, thinks his family tree is from Africa, and they cannot eat pork, as it interferes with their physical DNA make-up!? Not a sign of any relationship nor mention of Yeshua as the Redeemer. Very sad! Yeshua IS the Door/Gate to Yahweh. Yah (Yod) and Door (Chet, the Hebrew alphabets) together means LIFE (Chai)! Chai=Yod Chet written in Hebrew. Can't have one without the other! The language speaks tons! Oral Law "traditions of men", are abominations,  passed down by Pharisees, whom Yeshua called "vipers and hypocrites"; was what Yeshua came to expose and quash. HalleluYah! Great and mighty is our Yahweh!

Thoughts from Eliyahu ben David:

Y'shua Messiah is The Gate by which we must enter The Way of Righteousness, which is The Narrow Way to Life. This is the Way pioneered by David HaMelek (David the king). This is also The Road to Tsiyon after which this program is named! Come, let us go up to Tsiyon together to fellowship with our Great King!

Blessings and Shalom,

Eliyahu ben David

On The Road To Tsiyon

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