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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 5.06 - 11/21/6009 TAM - 02/05/2010


Was Pharisee Hillel Davidic?

Doctor of the Law at Jerusalem in the time of King Herod; founder of the school called after him, and ancestor of the patriarchs who stood at the head of Palestinian Judaism till about the fifth century of the common era. Hillel was a Babylonian by birth and, according to a later tradition, belonged to the family of David.                              Jewish Encyclopedia

Was Hillel Davidic?


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Tsiyon News

Tsiyon Radio now heard in Pittsburg! - Tsiyon Radio is now heard on WWNL AM 1080 Pittsburgh, PA, M-F at 5 PM. We are very pleased to be broadcasting daily during prime drive-time in this major radio market!

Tsiyon Radio M-F AM Program Schedule & Information - Some of our broadcast times have changed, and we have added new stations, so we are posting our most recent schedule below.

Alexa: Website Statistics for (as of 2/5/10): 5 Stars - Traffic rank of 156,126 out of all USA websites. Pageviews have increased 410% in the last 3 months. Ranked #2 in Messianic Broadcasting (closing fast on #1)

Quantcast: Demographic Summary for "The site caters to a 50+, fairly wealthy, ..more educated, largely male group." (What? We have a lot of younger people, and female listeners too!)


REACH       STATION           AREA                  DAYS      SCHEDULE**

3,200,000 WWNL AM 1080 Pittsburgh, PA         M-F  5:00-6:00PM (EVE DRIVE TIME)

1,200,000 WYYC AM 1250 York, PA                 M-F  11:00-12:00(noon)  8:00-9:00PM

   710,000 WITK AM 1380 WB/Scranton, PA      M-F  5:00-6:00AM  10:30-11:30AM
   885,000 KXKS AM 1190 Albuquerque, NM      M-F  5:30-6:30AM  10:00-11:00AM

2,000,000 KCNW AM 1190 Kansas City KS/MO  M-F  5:00-6:00AM   2:00-3:00PM

   475,000 WLMR AM 1450 Chattanooga, TN     M-F  5:00-6:00AM   3:00-4:00PM

   450,000 WSKY AM 1230 Asheville, NC           M-F  5:00-6:00AM  10:45-11:45AM

   550,000 WIJD AM 1270 Mobile, AL                M-F  6:00-7:00AM  noon

   436,000 KIOU AM 1480 Shreveport, LA          M-F  6:00-7:00AM  4:00-5:00PM

2,300,000 KKVV 1060 AM Las Vegas, NV           M-F  4:00-5:00AM  2:00-3:00PM

* Based on total coverage area - U.S. Census 2000
** This list only includes Christian AM stations that use our standard format programs M-F. See our website for all other stations and venues. Current Schedule subject to station-initiated changes without notice.

Listener Feedback

Listener Comment - ..What About Radio Advertising? 
You often announce on your programs that you want to expand to many more stations. Why don't you just offer radio spots on your program to help pay for expansion onto more stations?

[Segment continues below]

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Tsiyon Answer - ..What About Radio Advertising? 
This is a question we have been thinking about lately. The support of our listeners and partners has enabled Tsiyon to minister on the radio and on the internet to thousands of people daily, potentially even millions. That is no small thing and we appreciate that support greatly. Even so, as we say on the air, "that is not enough" because we are called to get this message heard everywhere. It makes sense that if we could supplement the support we are already receiving with a little carefully selected advertising on our program we could use that sponsorship to pay for more rapid expansion on to more stations. Of course, if support were to wane because listeners thought advertising was paying the bills then the Tsiyon mission would be worse off for carrying advertising. Also, quality is an issue: Realize that we simply will not ruin our program by saturating it with advertising. At most we will simply replace some of the announcement space already in use on our program with a judiciously selected advertising spot or two so that the meat of our program will be unaffected. This would be better for sponsors too, since their promotion would not be lost in a sea of other advertising on our show. We would like to hear what our listeners, partners - and potential sponsors - think about this idea.
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Thoughts from Eliyahu ben David:

Our recent program on the Way of the Pharisees provoked a lot of thought and questions about the role of the Pharisees in the 1st Century, including questions about Hillel, considered by many Jews as the father of Pharisaic Judaism. In today's program we probe questions about Hillel, and 1st Century leadership of Judaism, as the subject impacts Y'shua Messiah. Be warned: this program is not the party line - but it is the truth.

Blessings and Shalom,

Eliyahu ben David

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Read - Announcing: Judgment Day

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