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   Tsiyon News

Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 5.12 - 1/03/6010 TAM - 03/19/2010


Looking Toward Passover

Get in to
a Passover
Frame of Mind!

Spotless Passover Lamb


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Tsiyon News

Hebrew New Year & Passover

The new Biblical month of the new Biblical year began March 17 at sundown. That means that the 14th day of the 1st Hebrew month falls on the evening of March 30th. Thus Passover begins after sundown on March 30 this year!

Listener Feedback

Listener Comment - ..Passover Questions
I just ordered my first two Kingdom Shekels, very exciting. But I also have another question. Myself and my family are interested in celebrating Passover this year. I want to be sure of a few things, namely, when. I believe the next Full Moon would coincide with Passover and the calendar says March 30th. These seem to be the same this year. We want to start this year integrating back into the Kingdom, if anything in our Hearts with prayer during this time, but ultimately we need to lose the Easter Bunny and Worship Yahweh and are looking for some help. I am sure there is much to learn to the observance of this appointment, but I know the first step is to "Show Up"!! I am sure you can help me meet this appointment. As far as other customs associated with Passover that's another story. I am not looking to do the external right away as much as the internal first. But if there are some key components that would fill the spiritual fulfillment No Yeast etc, please let me know. I think meeting this appointment for 8 days will reward our Hearts with Yah's presence and we can build from there. Also I wonder what you think about watching "The Passion" on Passover. Since this was after all the Day that Y'shua went to the Cross. My children (teen boys) have not seen this yet, and I thought there to be no better time then on that day to see this.

Tsiyon Answer - ..Passover Answers
You are right about Passover. It will be on March 30 (after sundown). Your attitude about Passover is great! Showing up is the big thing. Some like to follow some of the Jewish customs for the holiday. However, the scattered remnant from the nations does not need to be detered because of unfamiliarity with Jewish customs. Simply enjoying the Passover meal together with other believers as outlined in Scripture and recounting the Passover story together fulfills Yah's instructions regarding Passover. Since Messiah is our Passover sacrifice "once for all time" we no longer have any need to sacrifice a lamb at Passover, although eating lamb at Passover is a fitting memorial as part of the Passover meal. "Bitter herbs" such as are found in most green salads, and unleavened bread (motza) round out the meal. Of course, other items according to preference are not prohibited from the meal. Red wine, symbolizing the blood of the Lamb, is also very appropriate. What I have just outlined is what we do in my family. We also include eating unleavened bread through the following 7 day feast of unleavened bread. To do this, we remove all bread-leaven from our home during the days before Passover so that it is completely absent on Passover forward, through the next seven days. Spiritually speaking, this is a great time to focus on getting the leaven of sin out of our homes and lives as well.(Ex 12+13, Lev 23:5+6, Matt 26, Mark 14, Lk 22, 1 Cor 5:6-8, Heb 10:10)

None of this is anything to be stressed about. Being open to the Ruah/Spirit makes each Passover unique and meaningful in the moment. I think your idea of watching The Passion is great. Any activity like that which focuses on the Passover theme can add life to the observance.

Listener Comment - ..Kingdom Shekel Questions
I am a TSIYON partner and I ordered 100 shekel's today and I have two questions not covered on your mp3's or Q & A that I can find.

1. Silverware tarnishes and needs polishing. Do Kingdom shekel's tarnish since they are silver? Any special care for tarnish in storage or cleaning that you recommend?

2. If I want to redeem some at a future date the local store won't want to take any. What kind of establishment do I look for in the yellow pages or on the web? Some kind of precious metal dealer? I assume they would want to test for purity and melt them down? Or is the only way to redeem to sell them back to TSIYON?

Tsiyon Answer - ..Kingdom Shekel Answers
I hope you enjoy your Shekels! Silver does tarnish so these shekels can too. They will be sent to you in protective containers which will likely keep your shekels shiny for a long time to come. Since the weight and fineness are stamped right on the shekels you should be able to redeem them at any coin dealer when the time comes. Of course, TSIYON will also redeem these as we are able. The intention though, is that you can use them for trade for goods and services if/when paper money should fail. Silver has always been accepted under such circumstances.

Thoughts from Eliyahu ben David:

Passover season is a great time to re-vitalize our faith and our walk with Messiah. It helps to ease into it though - getting into a Passover frame of mind through the month, as we move toward that special day. My hope is that our new program will be an aid in that process for you.

Blessings and Shalom,

Eliyahu ben David

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