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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 5.16 - 2/2/6010 TAM - 4/16/2010



Two Staffs

I took for myself two staffs.

The one I called Favor

The other I called Union

and I tended the flock.

Zech 11:7


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Tsiyon News

Listener Feedback

This feedback concerns the following programs:

One World Government in Revelation #194

The World Under Judgment #195

It Doesn’t Make Sense! #198

Listener Comment - ..ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT
I had heard references to one-world government before listening to your programmes but had never understood them or read anything of significance about them. Your broadcasts, interviews with Dr Stanley M, and your challenge to read his book Brotherhood of Darkness, cleared the air and has brought me to a similar conclusion to yours.

I studied history at university and taught it to advanced level in high schools in Zimbabwe (formerly Southern Rhodesia) where I lived for many years before immigrating to Australia where I now live.

As you can imagine, I was most interested in Rhodes and his work. The complicity of the British government/Milner in the infamous Jameson Raid, which brought about Rhodes’s resignation as Prime Minister of the Cape Colony, was a favourite topic for honours students of history. I knew something about Rhodes scholarships but wasn’t aware of his secret society. My elder son was interviewed for this scholarship for Zimbabwe so after reading Brotherhood of Darkness, I asked him again about his unsuccessful interview. He said that he knew what they wanted him to do, but he wasn’t prepared to be confined to their program. As a young man, he wanted freedom and not to be controlled. (This answered a question which had puzzled me since my arrival in Australia: Why did the Labour Party which was controlled and supported by the trade unions, abandon its protectionist policy and go global? The answer lay in the fact that the then Prime Minister and some of his cabinet colleagues were Rhodes scholars!)

Dr Stan graphically describes his visit to Cape Town and Rhodes’s monument there. I have seen this and also his visited his grave that was hewn out of a huge granite kopje in the Matopos hills in Zimbabwe. In these hills, Rhodes had gone unarmed to speak peace to the leaders of the Ndebele tribe which had rebelled against European occupation and rule. He secured peace and won the respect of the local people, receiving their royal salute, “Bayete”, when he was laid to rest.

What is significant is that the Matopos can be described as Zimbabwe’s witchcraft capital, an area where ngangas (witchdoctors) have authority. It was in the shadow of these hills that 16 of my Christian friends who were living in community were martyred 20 years ago by dissidents (Ndebeles opposed to Mugabe’s government). From accounts of the martyrdom, the attack was demonic and death followed attempted decapitation. The locals believed that if one pointed to the main kopje/hill, their arm would freeze. The power of the ngangas in this area is real. A strong mature Christian friend told me that when he went to visit the ngangas with a group of Christians doing spiritual warfare in the area, he felt like a little schoolboy in their presence!

It would seem that Rhodes’s burial place is most appropriate and that the ngangas recognized a fellow traveler.

Rhodes’s influence is pervasive, and I need to confess that I was influenced by his words, “Go north, young man” and went to live in the country, which for a season, bore his name. Zimbabwe, South Africa and indeed the world still reel under his influence. In all, I have a greater appreciation of history and understanding of current events. Many thanks for your inspired and spirit-filled teaching and the wonderful support Dawn gives you.


Thanks for sharing your results from listening to my appearance on Dr. Stan's program followed by reading Dr. Stan's book, Brotherhood of Darkness at my suggestion. I'm blessed that I could point you in the right direction!

It always pleases me when another aware person has their eyes opened to the truth regarding the demonic powers that rule from the shadows of this world. Your own personal history regarding the influences surrounding Cecil Rhodes is fascinating and I'm glad you have included it, along with your insightful observations.

Thoughts from Eliyahu ben David:
The green pastures of spring around our house are so beautiful this time of year. Sometimes I enjoy sitting and eating my lunch, just looking out the window at the cows slowly meandering through the fields, munching down that fresh, green grass. The beautiful serenity of that pastoral scene imparts a sense of shalom that puts me in touch with pastoral figures of the Scriptures, like Abraham, Jacob, Moses, and David - Just to name a few. As shepherds each of those men experienced the sort of peace I'm talking about. That shepherd's pastoral peace provides the perfect atmosphere to meet and spend time with the Shepherd of our souls. Indeed, we all need to spend time in His green, well-watered pasture, to take in all He has to offer. The new program we have just produced for you this week will bring you closer to your Good Shepherd, and you will learn how and why He carries two staffs. Be re-assured. Both of those staffs are meant to be a blessing to you. Dawn and I got into the groove with this and ended up recording a lot more than we could include in the regular one hour radio version (if you are one of our partners, be sure you download the extended edition). We really loved the focus of this program on our Great Shepherd and we think you will enjoy it too.

Blessings and Shalom,

Eliyahu ben David

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