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   Tsiyon News

Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 5.19 - 2/23/6010 TAM - 5/7/2010


Mazzaroth Signs 2008

Bootes - He Comes


The Witness in the Stars, 

a/k/a The Gospel in the Stars,  

Revealed a message in 2008:  

     Announcing Judgment Day!    

Job 38:32, Luke 21:25

Eradinus - River of the Judge

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Tsiyon News

Website Comments
Some of our listeners sometimes miss the comments that other listeners leave on our website. If that's you, we want you to know what you've been missing. We are re-publishing a few of the comments left at our website recently on the "Signs in the Sky" programs. We regret that we can only include a small sampling of these interesting comments in this newsletter. To read more of these, go to our website to read the rest. Just select the post for the program of interest at our website and look for the world "comments" - then just click on it.

Website Listener Comment - From Dottie
Your program is an actual answer to prayer. These are the first programs I heard, “Signs in the Moon” and "Signs in the Sun.” They were excellent, and a Blessing and encouragement. I heard the ending of your radio show on WWNL in Pgh., and wrote down your website. God is Good. I will pray for your ministry. Thank you, and God’s Blessings to you in the Name of Jesus.

Website Listener Comment - From Shix
THN-Tsiyon Headline News,
get the latest, interpreted views!
The latest news of the Biblical world,
some of the most fascinated news, you’ve ever heard!
News of the views, of world reports,
from NASA, using astronomical charts!
The three early Tetrad, on the Holy days,
must be a sign, the heavens say!
The blood red moons appear to be,
an indication of significance, to the Israelis!
Two dates at the end of wars,
the third, when Jews where exiled, from Spanish shores!
Important times in history of Israel,
the moon has marked these dates, I feel!
The division of the land, seem to be the focus,
Jerusalem a stumbling block, even for a country like us!
There can be no going back, to the borders before,
no matter how many nations, line up for war!
We all know the outcome of this conflict,
just read the Book, no matter what page you pick!
Endurance through the times, is the key,
pray with your heart, wholeheartedly!
Yahweh will bless, those who bless the Land,
time to spread the real Gospel, let’s take a stand!

Listener Comment - From glendue
   Dear Friends in Yeshua, When I first joined the Yahweh’s Messianic Movement in 1998, it was like I had come home to Mom’s cooking after a very long absence!
   When Yahweh brought me to Eliyahu Ben David’s website, it was like coming home to Mom’s cooking all over again, however, this time the food was very well prepared and the flavor was heavenly! At the end of the main course, there was desert! The desert was listening to the next program! My life has been forever changed because I am finally beginning to gain weight spiritually! Praise Yah!
   I had been crying out to G-d to send forth a prophet, to bring me to a higher level faith! I wanted “more truth” and “more revelation”! I was done with “playing synagogue” I desperately needed to understand ALL things from the Word of Yahweh from a TRUE Hebraic perspective! On March 14 I came across when I “Googled lunar weeks” under the direction of the Ruach Ha Kodesh and my life changed forever! Immediately, I accepted the truth about the lunar calendar! Praise Yahweh for His Wonderful ways!
   Last Saturday morning I listened to “Signs in the Moon”. I could hardly contain the waves of rejoicing that came over me! I have listened to the program two or three times since that day! I told many people about what was coming and to look for the soon coming “Signs” in the moon. Sadly, most of them just turned away because they could not/would not understand!
   Two weeks ago my sister Evelyn gave me a book written by a Canadian author Pierre Berton; “1967 The Last Good Year” bound with a red book cover. The graphic artist had used a very large font for: “1967″, the numbers covered most of the book cover. At the time; my sister was very insistent that I take the book with me, it seemed very strange to me at the time!
   However, I said, “Well, the Lord must have a reason why he wants me to have this book! (I had not yet listened to Signs in the Moon) There must be a message that he wants to get across to me through this book, so I agreed to take it home with me.
   This morning when I got up, had my 1rst cup of coffee in our sitting room, the cover of that book hit me square in the eyes: “1967″ The Last Good Year!”
   I knew instantly that Yahweh wanted to confirm that was the year that Yeshua was talking about in Luke 21:21! :) I was so excited! Oh how I love Eliyahu & Dawn for their faithful ministry!
   I can hardly wait to send them my tithe! I believe Eliyahu is a man sent from G-d to straighten the way of spiritual & religious confusion before Messiah’s return! Amen!

From Eliyahu

I regret that I've run out of space for more website comments, they are all so great! Dawn and I are thankful beyond words for all of you whom YHWH keeps bringing to hear our message and participate with us in these truths. Your enthusiasm for the message is amazing! We will be looking forward to your comments on this week's program, which concerns some truly amazing signs in the sky. YHWH is marking out the timeline of His end-time program for us, and these signs in the sky, which only He could put there, confirm these notable times and seasons. Partners, don't miss the downloads included with this latest program. You are sure to find them useful.

As we consider His signs in the sky let this one fact never escape our notice: Seen as He intends, these signs reveal the unparalleled and all-knowing love, wisdom, justice, and omnipotent power of our Grand Creator. All things are under His absolute control.

As we consider the wonders that He has done may He be lifted up and glorified in the midst of His gratefully awe-struck people!

Blessings and Shalom,

Eliyahu ben David

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