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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 5.22 - 3/14/6010 TAM - 5/28/2010


Occult Space NAZIs

Occult Nazis

1942 .. NAZIs launched the 1st rocket into space
.. years ahead of every other nation.


space ambitions

derived from and were fueled by

demonically-inspired occult paganism.


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Tsiyon News

Website News
Everyone seems to love our theme song, Oh, House of Israel by Jonathan David Brown. We recently obtained a limited supply of the CD this song is taken from. Just click here or click the CD album cover displayed on our website sidebar to order yours.

Some of you noticed in my last program that I didn't pronounce "Shavuot" like an Israeli. So true. Like many of you, I'm still working to improve my pronunciation of Hebrew words. To hear "Shavuot" spoken by an Israeli, visit the post for program #229, where I have included a sound file of the word Shavuot as spoken by a native Israeli female.

Listener Q + A

Listener Comment - Protestant Churches of God?
Brother Eliyahu & Dawn, After hearing one of your broadcasts on JC Talk, Am1220 KPJC in Salem Oregon, I checked out your website and was very excited about what you had to say. I listened to the first broadcast, and was even more excited, then the second, and now I'm a little stumped in regard to what I think you're saying about the Church. I can see the truth in its being Greco-Roman in influence, but I don't get the idea that the Church was never sanctioned by God. Are you saying all the protestant Churches are not of God? At first I was thinking you were saying that God sanctioned the Churches up until Israel became a nation. I was excited about that. But now I get the impression you are saying that God has never sanctioned any Christian Protestant Churches? Do you think God is not there at all? What about the Churches that Paul and others founded in the beginning? What about the Churches Yeshua wrote His revelations to? Were they Jewish and not of Greco-Roman influence? I'll listen to the second message on "Is the Church Israel" another time or two because I probably missed some points but can you help me with these questions please ?

Tsiyon Answer - Protestant Churches of God?
Thanks for writing. I'm very sympathetic to the difficulties a person faces upon first digging into our materials. This is due to the problem of shifting to a new paradigm while having a lot of the old paradigm still in place. I promise, as you just keep moving forward this will all start making more sense.

I don't want to say too much here since the programs explain all this in detail as you move through them. However, I will make a few clarifying comments in answer to your questions.

To understand this fully you must make a distinction between the individual believer and the larger system in which the believer finds himself/herself.

First, on the level of the individual believer, everyone who puts faith in the Son of God and follows Him is "saved" - regardless of what group they may otherwise belong to. That's because salvation is an individual thing involving a relationship between the individual and God through His Son. That being the case, there is no doubt that millions of Protestants in many denominations are "saved." Nothing that I am teaching changes that.

The question I am dealing with has to do with believers AS A GROUP.

Today we often call that group "the Church." But, is the definition that has come to be commonly accepted of "the Church" identical with God's definition of "the Church?" In other words, is "the Church" a Gentile group separate from Biblical Israel, as is commonly assumed?

The short answer is that "the Church" that we find in the NT is NOT separate, but is in fact identical with believing Israel. It was never intended to be a Gentile group. Gentiles were admitted into believing Israel by being "grafted in" to believing Israel. Upon doing so they became "naturalized" Israelites, so that Israel/the Church retained its Israelite identity and character. It was not founded as a Gentile group nor was it to function according to Gentile ways. This is the NT "True Church" if you will, as experienced and taught by the apostles, including Paul. (See Romans 11)

So how did we go from that reality to re-defining "the Church" as a Gentile group separate from Israel? The short answer is, rebellion. As the numbers of Gentile believers came to outnumber Israelite believers the Gentiles brought in their Greco-Roman ideas with them. In course of time they marginalized and eventually even rejected their Israelite brethren, establishing a new Gentile organization of believers which continued to call itself "the Church." Only, it wasn't the Church (believing Israel) that Messiah had inaugurated. That majority Gentile group had rejected the Israelite order and character of the original "Israel/Church" in favor of a new sort of organization expressing Greco-Roman ways and values. In the 4th century this apostate "Church" crystallized into the Roman Catholic Church - a false religion that dominated Gentile Christians for over a thousand years.

The Protestant reformation managed to restore some important truth, but never did return the people of God to the "True Church" - believing Israel - of the NT. Protestant religion has continued teaching the myth of a Gentile Church separate from Israel, not knowing any better. Spiritually speaking, a Gentile Church does not exist, at least in God's sight, since that structure is not of Him but is of man. So does that mean that God is not to be found in the churches? As long as real believers are there He will be there with them. That does not mean He approves their separation from Israel as part of the Gentile "Church." Even now He calls to them, saying "Get out of her, My people!" As more and more believers hear the call they will flee from man-made religion and be grafted into believing Israel, to become one body once again. This is the big item underway on the prophetic time-clock right now.

This gives you an overview that I hope you will find helpful. As you go through our programs and books this will be fleshed out for you with a solid foundation of historical information and Scripture. It is a lot to digest at first, so just take it a bit at a time and pretty soon the true picture will become as plain as day. There is nothing to fear here. As Paul rightly says; "The Lord knows who are His."

From Eliyahu

With this new program we are getting back to the "Signs in the Sky" series of programs. The entire program this week is about the NAZIs, their occult origins and their connection with the space effort. There is history here that I think you will find both fascinating and troubling. Most important though, this history is very relevant to our current series theme and will allow you to see the space effort in its true light - more correctly, in its true darkness.

Blessings and Shalom,

Eliyahu ben David

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