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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 5.23 - 3/21/6010 TAM - 6/4/2010


Occult Space NAZIs Recycled

Occult Space Nazis Recycled

space ambitions..

 ..realized in the USA via
Operation Paperclip and NASA.

Occult Space NAZIs and NASA


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Tsiyon News

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Listener Q + A

Listener Comment - Who are you?
This morning you said it was up to us to find out who we are--where do I start to find who I am in God's family and kingdom?

Tsiyon Answer - Who are you?
Ask the One who knows - your Father in Heaven. If you ask Him to reveal who you truly are in His sight He will unfold this truth to you. He may bring this answer suddenly, all at once - or in bite-size pieces over time. Just ask Him, trust Him and walk with Him and your answer will be revealed.

Listener Comment - Chemtrails?
Do you believe in the theory about chemtrails? I don't understand how the elite people would try to poison and kill our world and not realize that they were killing themselves. How to they believe they will escape any harm they intend for others?

Tsiyon Answer - Chemtrails?

A bill was actually introduced in the House banning chemtrails.

Here is the link at the Library of Congress:

This would not be in an official government bill if chemtrails weren't real.

Chemtrails are real. The bigger question is: what exactly are they?

Also, who is responsible and why?

There is still a lot of debate about these questions and, so far, I'm not sure of the answers. What I do know is that YHWH has these answers and He will reveal the truth at the right time. He is protecting His remnant, and the wicked will be revealed and will receive the due wages of their evil deeds.

Listener Comment - Free programs?
As a newcomer to the site, I am finding it hard to navigate to find the materials you indicate are free, and I'd like to listen to more, read more articles, read forum topics, etc. to know more about your ministry. Then, if in the future I have some extra funds and want to be able to access the archives etc, I could consider signing up and paying the fees.

Tsiyon Answer - Free programs?

Here is a list of some of the free programs available right now:

The two programs posted first on our main page are free right now ..That's simply the opening page.

You can find a few more free programs listed on this page:

That will give you several hours of free programs to sample our site. May you be blessed in your study of His Word!

From Eliyahu

In this week's episode we follow von Braun and his occult NAZI rocketeers from Germany to the USA - brought into the USA via Operation Paperclip. We will consider the role of the von Braun NAZI team as regards ICBMs and eventually the USA space program. We will see that the NAZI team was the backbone of the fledgling NASA and especially the Apollo Program. We will tell you about Jack Parsons, satanist and rocket scientist, whose "magical" solid rocket fuel is essential to space flight.  We will explore the large Masonic influence that was joined to the NAZI team in NASA, including leading astronauts and project managers. Finally, we will delve into the occult ritual which is documented in Masonic literature as having occurred on the moon! Finally, in the light of the Scriptures, we look at all of this bizarre occult activity out of which the human conquest of space has emerged. What does all of this really mean?

Blessings and Shalom,

Eliyahu ben David

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