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   Tsiyon News

Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 5.26 - 4/13/6010 TAM - 6/25/2010


Meteor Impact Dream

Kuala Lumpur meteor strike dream

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Tsiyon News

Listener Q + A

Listener Comment - SCALAR weaponry and HAARP
I have been enjoying your recent series on the signs in the heavens. Your most recent one on solar activity and the magnetic field was very interesting, but I was wondering why you didn't bring up SCALAR weaponry and HAARP as part of the whole picture. Wouldn't this be part of man's disturbing the powers of the heavens?

Tsiyon Answer - SCALAR weaponry and HAARP
Thanks for your feedback. I think you're right about weather / environmental modification.

Environmental Warfare #132  is probably our best program on this. Here's the link:

We expect to be going into more on this topic as we explore each segment in some depth.

Listener Comment - The Peace Tent?
I was just wondering if you heard of Dorit Bat Shalom of Taos The Peace Tent? A woman bringing women together to bring peace between Palestine, Christianity and Jewish people. I believe it is some type of Monism or Kabala not sure. Was wondering if you were familiar with this group that is out there?

Tsiyon Answer - The Peace Tent?
Thanks for your question. "The Peace Tent" founded by Dorit Bat Shalom, a native Israeli residing in California, claims to be focused on "peace" between Israel and her Arab neighbors. What could be wrong with that? Plenty, from a Biblical perspective.

On the "The Peace Tent" website on the "About Dorit Bat Shalom" page, there is a large, mystical picture of two women together. If I knew nothing of the picture and someone asked me what it looks like I would have honestly said; "two witches conjuring something up." Below the picture the caption reads: "Dorit Bat Shalom and Salima Shanti." Salima Shanti is identified in the text as a "Sufi teacher."

What is a "Sufi teacher"?

Sufism is a mystical strain of Islam which "grew slowly into a theosophical system by adopting traditions of Neoplatonism, the Hellenistic world, Gnosticism, and spiritual currents from Iran and various countries in the ancient agricultural lands from the eastern Mediterranean to Iraq. One master who contributed to this development was the Persian as-Suhrawardi-, called al-Maqtu-l (“killed”), executed in 1191 in Aleppo. To him is attributed the philosophy of ishra-q (“illumination”), and he claimed to unite the Persian (Zoroastrian) and Egyptian (Hermetic) traditions." []

Sufism is a brand of theosophy, which is itself "a religious or semireligious set of occult beliefs rejecting Judeo-Christian revelation and theology, often incorporating elements of Buddhism and Hinduism, and held to be based on a special mystical insight or on superior speculation." []

Art is offered for sale on the website, some of which is occult in nature along Kabalistic themes. The "rituals" in "The Peace Tent" are said to be "inter-faith" including Sufistic ones.

Bottomline: This movement is designed to be attractive to women who care about peace in the Mid-East, on themes many women sincerely and rightly care about. However, the underlying basis offered for "peace" here is mystical new age occultism rather than a solid Scripture-based approach. This is "peace" as originating with occult powers and not YHWH, the One and only True God.

From Eliyahu

Have you ever seen a movie in which meteors falling like burning missiles from the sky impact a major city? That is scary enough as a movie, but how much more scary would it be in real life?  Recently one of our partners received and submitted what appears to be a prophetic dream predicting this very event within a specific short-term time-frame! We explore the meaning of this dream and its connection to our current "Signs in the Sky" program series in our latest program #234. This one is a real mind-bender!

Blessings and Shalom,

Eliyahu ben David

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