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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 5.27 - 4/20/6010 TAM - 7/02/2010


Raining Blood, Fire & Ice

Comet and Asteriod Impacts

It is already raining...

... Blood, Fire and Ice!

Revelation 8:7, 16:21

Rain of Iron and Ice


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Tsiyon News


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Listener Q + A

Listener Comment - December 2008 Dream
I had this dream around December of 2008. I walked outside of my house. What I saw was amazing. I saw as if peering directly into space from thousands of light years away. The sky was gone and I saw beautiful stars and planets as if I were looking through a huge magnifying
glass. The planets looked really close. I saw one Planet that was an orange-red color. It reminded me of Jupiter but I didn’t see any rings. Whatever this planet was, it was much larger than the rest of the planetary objects. I called for my kids to come look at the sky and went to get my telescope. By the time I got back outside the sky was back to normal. However as I looked around I saw pieces of metal on the ground. It became clear to me that these were pieces of a fallen satellite. I began collecting pieces which had landed all over my street. I had the feeling that some sort of authorities would be here soon to collect their property. The dream ended there. I’m not too sure if the meaning of this is a literal or if there is another symbolic meaning. But if a large Planet came this close to the earth, as you mentioned in a previous program, it could give the appearance of no sky (or the sky being “parted like a scroll”) and I'm thinking it could cause one of our satellites to fall.

Tsiyon Answer - December 2008 Dream
Thanks for sharing your dream. It's really interesting! The sense I get is that when you saw the heavens, as if through a magnifying glass, you were seeing something now far away, that will one day effect our earth. In that context, the large planet you saw could very well be the one foretold in Scripture at the 6th seal.

The fallen satellite could be real. It is also a symbol underscoring man's puny attempts at mastering the heavens against the backdrop of the far more amazing and awesome wonders of the Creator you beheld in the earlier part of your dream.

The 2008 timing of the dream is interesting too, since 2008 was the beginning of the Judgment period that will lead up to the events of the 6th seal, and then beyond to the end of the age. It could very well be that YHWH was giving you a preview of things to come.

Listener Comment - Huge Fire Ball Dream?
I had a dream. Was some place around people I did not know or recognized. A television was on and news flash was about a moon from a near by planet was headed our way. I looked up at the sky, it came from the left. A huge fire ball or piece of moon stopped right above us, then exploded. Everything caught on fire from top down. Had a sizzling sound to it.

Tsiyon Answer - Huge Fire Ball Dream?
Thanks for sharing your dream. This was interesting to me because I've never even thought of the possibility of another planet's moon careening out of orbit, on a collision course with earth. I'm sure there must be scenarios that could actually cause this to happen.

From Eliyahu

Admittedly, this week's program is a little wacky. All I can say is, strange things are falling out of the sky, and we're not really hearing very much about it. Tune in, and hear what this has to do with Revelation.

Blessings and Shalom,

Eliyahu ben David

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