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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 5.30 - 5/11/6010 TAM - 7/23/2010


Flying Saucers a Sign?

Hitler's Flying Saucers

Why do we equate flying saucers with Martians, little green men, "the Grays", ET, extraterrestrials?

Where do they really come from?
What do they mean?

Amos 9:2

Projekt UFO


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Tsiyon News

Listener Q + A

Listener Comment - "YWHW" or "Jesus"?
i have a COMPLAINT - being: it perturbs (sp?) me to hear you ALWAYS REFER to CHRIST JESUS as YWHW - you are knowledgeable in a lot but then this is your profession - if i sat & scoured the internet all the time i could come up with as much as you give forth on the radio - i did some research on the topic and came up with this:\ YWHW is the name of God which means I AM, THAT I AM, THAT I AM...but JESUS, YESHUA, ETC. MEANS SALVATION so the name you use is INCOMPLETE and irrelevant in and of itself - without JESUS, YESHUA you have NO SALVATION only what Jesus called Himself before He came as the Lamb & Lion of Judah ~ what say ye?

Tsiyon Answer - "YWHW" or "Jesus"?
Thanks for your email. In my material I often refer to Y'shua ("Jesus") the Messiah. I both HAVE and advocate salvation through Him.

YHWH (not YWHW) is the English literal translation of the four Hebrew letters comprising the Name of God (the "Tetragrammaton"). This Name appears in the original text of the Scriptures about 7,000 times. Many Bibles substitute LORD for this Name, so that The Name remains unfamiliar to many English Bible readers, perhaps including yourself. Nevertheless, this is the name by which YHWH has chosen to reveal Himself to man, as found in the original Scriptures.

This is also the Name Y'shua ("Jesus") was referring to in prayer to His Father when He said:

"I have revealed Your Name to the men whom You gave to Me out of the world." John/Yochanan 17:6

I follow Messiah's example in making known His Father's Name just as He did.

Listener Comment - Zechariah Horses
   I like the way you think because up to now, nobody had approached Revelation like you have, and more importantly, your are not afraid to say it. I have spent allot of time like yourself but do not have the training and the visions. Part of my frustration with Zechariah was not the horses but the ordered they show up. Since I could not resolved it, I had two groups, one for the old testament and one for the new. I am assuming since there are only four archangels, there can be only 4 riders at any given time and thanks for the correct starting order (east, south, west, and north).
   In REV, they are WHITE (East), SOUTH (Red), WEST (Black) and NORTH (Pale)
   In Zech, The RED horse is being ridden and red horses with speckled spots standing behind the red rider. Why only mention a Red horse? Why not the white one? Maybe because Israel is in bondage to Babylon? Michael said he had a hard time getting to Daniel. But why red since Black is in the north were Babylon (Iraq) would be?
   Later they are traveling all I can get is this: RED (???), BLACK (North), White (???) and Bay (South)
   Again, the orders are off.
   I have a companion Bible and I'm sure you know Bullinger wrote it. I have always been influence by his thinking, scripture is correct PERIOD. If it is wrong, then I need to find out why I am thinking wrongly, not change the scriptures. Maybe I'm reading beyond the scriptures and maybe not. I respect them enough to think there is a mystery here.
   So I am stuck !!!! any help ????

Tsiyon Answer - Zechariah Horses
Its great to see the extent to which you have been digging into this yourself. You have identified what is always a sticky question whenever people do a deeper study of Zechariah and Revelation. While an email is not sufficient to cover this whole topic, I will share the basic explanation with you. To my knowledge this simple explanation is not available anywhere, until now.

In this picture the four angels essentially control the four winds. That much is in my book and Revelation Series radio programs, so I'm not going to go into the four angels and the four winds here, or much about the four horses of Revelation either. I'm assuming you've got all of that already.

Here's the part I haven't written on yet: The four angels send out "horses" upon the winds in the configuration required for any given "mission." In other words, the color and order of the horses are mission-specific, which is why they vary from mission to mission.

In Revelation the emphasis is on restoring Israel, with which the white horse is associated. This is why the white horse is the most prominent in Revelation, being first.

By contrast, in Zechariah 1 the mission of the horses has to do with a survey of "all the earth" (1:11). Following is the verse from Zechariah showing color (with Strong's numbers) and order of the horses on this mission.

"I saw at night, and behold, a man was riding on a red(122) horse, and he was standing among the myrtle trees which were in the ravine, with red(122), sorrel(8320) and white(3836) horses behind him." Zech 1:8

The lead horse is red(122) and behind him is another red(122) horse. Also a sorrel(8320) horse and a white(3836) horse.

Since the sorrel(8320) horse is another kind of red horse (see 8320 in Strong's), that means there are three red horses on this mission! These are joined by one white horse. Since this is only a reconnaissance mission, requiring no action toward any party on the earth, no weapons or equipment are in sight.

Why all the red horses? Red/blood is the color of mankind. Different uses of the word (as listed in Strong's) mean the color red (same as the color of the horses), name of the first man, an individual man, and mankind as a whole. Red is associated with the people of "all the earth" so is the appropriate color for the horses of this mission. Why the white horse last? The white horse represents the interests of Israel. Whatever YHWH does with the nations, He always has Israel in view.

From Eliyahu

The Heavens belong to YHWH and the Earth was made for man - that doesn't leave any room for ETs from other planets. Yet, the propaganda machine has been linking flying saucer sightings to ET for 50 years - and most people have been buying it. Our latest program offers the facts to show where all of this comes from. Partners, download the video version to watch on your computer or device. Its a big file, but the visuals are worth the download time.

Blessings and Shalom,

Eliyahu ben David

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