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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 5.33 - 6/3/6010 TAM - 8/13/2010



Star Called Wormwood

A great star .. fell from heaven .. And the name of the star is called Wormwood, and a third part of the waters became wormwood. And many men died from the waters, because they were made bitter.  Revelation 8


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Tsiyon News

Listener Q + A

Listener Comment - Glory with the Ark?
In listening to your message "God in a box?" you mention that God's glory is still present above the mercy seat while the Philistines have the Ark, and while it resides in the tent. I am curious to know the biblical reference for this information. My understanding has been that his glory was only present while in the tabernacle. I would be most grateful for references and clarification.

Tsiyon Answer - Glory with the Ark
Thanks for your excellent question. Here is a verse that comes to mind which addresses your question. This verse was uttered on word of the tragedy of the Ark being taken by the Philistines:

The glory has departed(H1540) from Israel; for the ark of God is taken. 1Sam 4:22

Notice the word here translated as "departed." This word has a much greater depth of meaning in Hebrew, as the Strong's definition shows:

H1540 - gaw-law' - A primitive root; to denude (especially in a disgraceful sense); by implication to exile (captives being usually stripped); figuratively to reveal..

Use of this word means that the "glory" of YHWH was literally and disgracefully made naked and revealed - exposed in exile to the Gentiles, while no longer being "clothed" by the Tabernacle in Israel. This indicates that the Glory associated with the Ark went with the Ark, wheresoever the Ark went - even when taken into the custody of the uncircumcised pagans, and later, when finally "clothed" again by the Tent of David.

I would add that this is a prophetic picture of the Glory of Messiah deposited by Him among the remnant of Israel, within the Tent of David, in the first century. In course of time, through persecutions, deceptions and usurpations this Glory was taken from the remnant of Israel into exile among the Gentiles centered in Rome. Even when surrounded by their paganism the Glory of Messiah continued shining through these many centuries down to our day. Now, according to the prophets, this Glory is to be restored to the remnant of Israel, in the Tent of David, in these final days. Amazingly, this restoration of the Glory to its rightful place will pave the way for the final harvest from among both Israel and the Gentiles. (Acts 15:13-18)

Listener Comment - Revelation 12:14?
   Though I am not a Jew I see in the scripture God has not forsaken His people and will revive them again in Him. Since I've been listening to your podcast, I have been impressed with Eliyahu's straight forward interpretation of the scripture. Your latest programs on the end times, especially the one on the sixth seal, has compelled me to send you a note. I too have had that dream you described your Jewish friend having. This is the one about the stars glowing in the sky unusually bright and the meteors falling from heaven. In my dream I saw the meteors fall on trees a distance away setting the trees on fire just as your friend did. Next they started to fall closer and closer to where I was. I was in city setting and next to buildings that were about 4 to 5 stories high (I didn't recognize where they might be). There were several of these in a row (definitely a city setting). When the meteors fell, all who were around started to panic and run. It was very similar to what your friend described. I dream a lot, and don't put much faith in dreams, so at the time (probably last year) I didn't think anything of it. Also your podcast about the sixth seal was a blessing. I meditated on this passage and have come to the same conclusion about the "planet" interrupting the light from the sun. Excellent point about the moon and sun affected at the same time in the prophecy.
   My question that I have about the end times is where is God planning on hiding the Jews that flee when the antichrist surrounds Jerusalem with his armies as prophesied in Revelation 12:14
But the two wings of the great eagle were given to the woman, so that she could fly into the wilderness to her place, where she was nourished for a time and times and half a time, from the presence of the serpent." ...

Tsiyon Answer - Revelation 12:14
Thanks also for sharing your dream. As your comments suggest, we can't put too much stock in every dream. Most of them are just a natural product of our subconscious mind and are influenced by most anything, including that sandwich we ate before bed. Yet, the Scriptures make clear that YHWH can and does speak to His servants through dreams as He chooses to do so. We have many examples of this in Scripture with three of the most notable being Joseph son of Jacob and Rachel, the Prophet Daniel, and Joseph the Tsadeek. Scripture also foretells Divine dreams and visions on a much wider scale during the last days, which are indeed happening in this generation. (Joel 2:28+29, Acts 2:17+18)

Your dream is very interesting, in that it is much like the one you mention that we have broadcast regarding impending meteor strikes. While we don't expect anything like the magnitude of the 6th and 7th seal events for a while, it does seem there will be a ramping up of smaller impacts from space pointing forward to the larger impact events of Revelation. Others are having very similar meteor impact dreams to your own. I believe that these dreams are pointing toward real events that will occur in the relatively near future. These are part of the "signs in the sky" Messiah told us to watch for.

Thanks for your questions regarding a place of safety for the remnant of Israel during the Tribulation. This will come in two major moves. The first will be the Second Exodus in which the remnant of Israel, under the leadership of the 144,000 bondslaves, will return to the Land to dwell "upon the mountains of Israel." This is the "escape" of Luke 21:36. This will occur prior to the outbreak of the Great Tribulation and will serve to protect the remnant from the fearsome events of the 6 and 7th seal, while also providing YHWH an instrument through which He will make His Name known as in days of old

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The second major move for the remnant will be just prior to the rise of anti-messiah as indicated by Revelation 12:14, as you suggest. This will not be in Golan but will be at a site now considered part of southern Jordan, which site I have personally visited myself. I can assure you and all that this site is more than adequate to house many thousands of people for the 42 months necessary and has been "prepared" for this very purpose! An upcoming book in my Messianic Revelation Series will discuss this in detail. I have spoken about this in the past as a guest on Dr Stan's program. The links below include that discussion.

From Eliyahu

"Wormwood" of Revelation was thought by many to be the Chernobyl disaster, until recently, when a number of panicked commentators told us "Wormwood" is the Gulf Oil Spill, which they said would grow to foul a third of the world's waters. Many other dire prognostications about the oil spill came through our email, telling us the spill would bring on the end of the world in a dozen different ways. While the spill is/was bad, it has not brought on the end of the world. We knew it wouldn't, so you never heard Tsiyon Radio jump on that bandwagon. Wormwood is not a nuclear disaster and it's not an oil spill. What part of "a great star fell from heaven" do we not understand? Wormwood will be exactly what the Scripture says - a large celestial mass that will impact Earth. It hasn't happened yet and it won't happen until the Tribulation has come. Find out more in this week's program.

Blessings and Shalom,

Eliyahu ben David


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