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   Tsiyon News

Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 5.37 - 7/1/6010 TAM - 9/10/2010


Fruit for the Kingdom!

Fruit for the Kingdom

Those sown in the good ground
are those who hear the word,
and accept it, and bear fruit.

Mark 4:20


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Tsiyon News

Tsiyon Radio News

Happy Yom Teruah! - The joyful noise and shouting of this day reminds us to get ready for the special days of the seventh month! Yom Teruah begins a set-apart ten day period of repentance culminating in the most set-apart day of the Torah year, Yom Kippur, the "Day Of Atonement." These ten days are called the "Days of Awe."

WWCR Shortwave

Now on Shortwave - Hear Tsiyon Radio anywhere in North America on shortwave, parts of South America and other places too! We are pleased to announce that Tsiyon Radio will be broadcasting every Saturday at 5 PM CST on WWCR Shortwave starting September 4, 2010. Give us a listen and let us know how our signal comes in from your location.

Listener Q + A

Listener Comment - An Overcomer's Prayer
Dear Brother Eliyahu, I am reading your most excellent book: "Announcing Judgment Day" and was immediately impressed with an overwhelming determination to be an Overcomer! I welcome Yeshua Messiah's judgment of my life; knowing full well that there are areas of compromise in my life that ABSOLUTELY have to go! Thank you for your faithfulness in writing this book! The picture is getting clearer every day! Revelation 18:4 says it all! We have to come out of Babylon completely! "........THAT YOU BE NOT PARTAKERS of HER SINS and THAT YOU RECEIVE NOT OF HER PLAGUES!" I'm getting it! Let the download happen Father Yahweh! Yeshua Messiah come to me now and show me all my sins and I will repent immediately, without compromise! I will enter into your presence and stay there until every "appearance of evil" & "every stain of sin" in my life has been revealed to me, Abba Father, in Yeshua Messiah's Name Amen! I want to be part of your Kingdom, Abba, a triumphant Overcomer, part of Your "glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish!" Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Listener Comment - A confirming dream
  I had a disturbing dream a few days ago. In the dream I was out in a more rural area but at some sort of building (a large business or school maybe). While I was outside I saw a Large black Object flying through the sky towards us. It was shortly joined by other flying objects of different shapes. These objects landed, connecting together to create some sort of perimeter a few hundred yards away from us.
  Everyone around immediately thought "aliens". Shortly after the landing, heavily armored "people" walked toward us carrying weapons. These looked like normal people except for their mouths. Their mouths looked different. I am not sure if it was a flesh colored mask or what it was. There was no big announcement as to why they were here, in fact they mostly kept quiet. I'm not entirely sure of their purposes but nobody dared to fight them. All the people around me were compliant. They pulled some people off to the side and took them and I did not see them again.
  At one point I was in the bathroom with another person having a conversation about these strange people. One of these people came in the bathroom and urinated in the toilet but did not flush. (I apologize if this seems crude). We kept quiet until this "person" left the bathroom. The person I was in there with looked in the toilet and found an orange substance. For some reason he became obsessed with this. I told him to leave it alone but for some reason he wanted to drink it. I tried to stop him but he went in and drank from the commode. I was standing outside the stall and heard a physical change occur with him. He had become like one of them. I asked him about any new "powers" that he might have as he said he felt stronger. After this I tried to keep my distance from him.
  Later, a small "person" from the "ship" that landed took me aside and put what looked like a flash light up to my nose. It was a very bright light and left my brain feeling weird. I had the impression in the dream that I should not do anything strenuous for a couple days or I would die from this experience.
  This is where the dream ended.
  I'm not sure what to make of this. I wasn't watching any alien movies recently or up late eating weird foods. I'm not ruling out that this may just be a natural dream but It just seemed like there was something more to it.
  I'm not sure what to make of this, but I wanted to at least share it in case it is something from YHWH. Do you have any thoughts on this?

Tsiyon Answer - A confirming dream
Dear Brother, thanks for sharing your dream with us. We received it right after we had completed and distributed
Alien Abduction Dirty Tricks #244  - but had not posted it yet. In other words, we had finished producing that program but you could not have heard it, since it had not yet been made available as of that time. That is significant because your dream presents very much the same message as our program #244. In fact, I view your dream as a confirmation, a second witness, to the truth presented in that program.

Your dream has layers of meaning. What I'm seeing on this confirmation layer is a symbolic picture of how the secret government has fooled the world into believing in "aliens." As soon as these weird people landed everyone thought "aliens" - clearly having been preconditioned to think so. The bathroom scene was a potent picture of how the world has lusted after this unclean/unholy alien deception. By drinking up this vile waste the deceived are themselves transformed into the image of the deception itself.

While you were an observer in the dream you "tried to keep [your] distance" - revealing your status as set-apart from the deception.

It was so interesting that you even had an "alien abduction scene" in your dream with one of these "people" putting a "flash light up [your] nose"! This is a perfect symbolic picture of an implant - an implant is like a flashlight to look inside your head!

Thanks so much for sharing your dream with all of us, confirming program #244. By doing so you have taken that flashlight and turned it around to shine the light on the deceivers! While the world will be deceived by the "aliens" on the day that it matters - we will not be deceived. Way to go!

From Eliyahu - Yom Teruah

The Seventh month is here! In commemoration of the special days of this month we will be taking a break from the series of programs we have been working on to bring you some special programs for this set-apart season. Each of these special programs involves interviews with some of our Tsiyon Ministry Partners, who will be telling you about their own respective walk of faith. I think you will be uplifted and encouraged by these inspiring testimonies, especially provided for this special time.

The most awesome events effecting our lives and future are commemorated in the Torah calendar throughout this month. Our prayer is that you will experience the presence of YHWH as never before through the events of this month and that you will enjoy revelation of the Divine Plan deep within your inner man!

Blessings and Shalom,

Eliyahu ben David


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