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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 5.43 - 8/14/6010 TAM - 10/22/2010




Secrets Revealed in 2 Thessalonians 2!

...Who or what is THE RESTRAINER?
...Who or what is being RESTRAINED?
...How long? ...What then? ...Are you ready?

These secrets are vital to YOUR LIFE!


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Tsiyon News

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From Dawn

This week I had two partners email asking the same question. So I thought let's include it in the newsletter in case anyone else is wondering the same thing.

Q:  I am already a Tsiyon Ministry Partner, but I want to donate beyond my regular subscription amount.  How do I do that?  I could only find where to sign up for another subscription.

A:  You can visit this link:

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Listener Q + A

Listener Comment - Report from Iron Mountain
I just listened to The Big Lie (program #250) and as I listened I also would pause and look up some of the information on the internet. Though I could find and verify most of what you spoke on, I was concerned with what was said about “The Report from Iron Mountain” where it was reported to be a satirical book or a spoof. I don’t know, I’d never heard of it before listening to your show.

Tsiyon Answer - Report from Iron Mountain
Thanks for your interest in our program and your thoughtful comments. Regarding “The Report from Iron Mountain” - Neither the clip from Mr. Cooper, nor my own comments discuss the authorship of the said report. The discussion was about some of the ideas broached therein rather than the exact authorship of those ideas. Even so, there is good reason to believe the report is a real leaked document and that the "satire" claims are government disinformation for purposes of damage control. For more on that you might want to read the comments at Amazon about the book. You can find those here.

Listener Comment - Safe Site?
After hearing you talk about Hegesippus and Josephus I wanted to read more of their writings and found a site and my question to both of you is about this site. I don't want to read articles that aren't Godly and be swayed into beliefs that lead to sin. Do you know if this site is safe for a Christian that has only read from the bible? I have come across a lot of sites that I believe satan has a hold of. Thank You.

Tsiyon Answer - Safe Site
In answer to your question about - This site is quite a mixed bag. It includes a lot of  different materials from the first four centuries AD. Some, like the Gnostic writings for example, are mostly heretical. Some have historical value but are not necessarily doctrinally correct. Bottom line: there is information here of historical interest, but there are a lot of bones to spit out as you go along. You might find it more useful to read some of these resources that we have handpicked for our partners.

These can be found at various places in our archive. For example, a very interesting work on Josephus and the last days of Jerusalem can be found here:

Listener Comment - Isaiah Targum?
I am so enjoying your teachings! I just finished listening to the teachings on the Word - memra, in Isaiah. I went to look for a Targum translation by C W H Pauly (or is it Pauley) and was unable to find one. where could I locate this commentary for myself? Thank you so very much for your time in responding to me on this. I am one of those people that like to have their own library of informational books, to the limits that finances allow that is. Thank you again.

Tsiyon Answer - Isaiah Targum
I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed our teaching utilizing the Targum of Isaiah. This version is an old and rare book translated by C W H Pauli, which has not been in print for a very long time. For that reason I cannot tell you where to find one. Don't worry though, since Tsiyon is preparing a reprint of this volume which we expect to make available in 2011. Stay tuned!

Listener Comment - What Tribe?
If a woman is married, does she become part of the tribe her husband is from or because this has to do with eternity, would it be important for her to try to find out if she is a blood Israelite and what tribe she is from?

Tsiyon Answer - What Tribe
Good question! Normally, a married woman is accounted as part of her husband's tribe. However, if he is not a believer, or does not embrace any tribal identity, then her tribal identity may come into play.

From Eliyahu

Conspiracy theories are confusing. In these days there seem to be so many conspiracy theories out there, often at odds with one another, all twisted together into a giant enigmatic knot that completely defies all efforts to sort out the truth from the disinformation. The general effect upon the psyche is to cause a person to just give up on considering what is really going on, and to opt by default into a general acceptance of the world as it appears at face value. That's a very understandable reaction - but also deadly, in light of the Biblical facts of 2 Thessalonians 2. That chapter of Scripture informs us of an on-going conspiracy called "The Mystery of Lawlessness" that was "already at work" 2000 years ago and, now more than ever, continues to move toward a diabolical goal that will result in the destruction of billions (that's billions with a B!) of people. What is worse, they will never see it coming, so great is the deception.

The good news is: truth lovers don't have to be among the casualties. YHWH reveals the evil plot in His Word. He wants to give us everything we need to prevail through the coming mega-crisis. That's why we have embarked upon a series of messages on this topic. In this installment we look at "the restrainer." Whatever you may have heard about this, forget it - we have new information you have not heard before. There will be some mental and spiritual work here so get out your Bible. You will be rewarded for your diligence with insights into these Scriptures that have completely eluded the greatest doctors of theology from the most prestigious religious centers of learning on this planet. "Buckle your seatbelt Dorothy, 'cause Kansas is going bye-bye!"

Blessings and Shalom,

Eliyahu ben David

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