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   Tsiyon News

Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 5.46 - 09/06/6010 TAM - 11/12/2010


 Iniquity in Paradise

"I will put enmity between you and the woman, And between your seed and her seed; He shall bruise you on the head, And you shall bruise
him on the heel."

Genesis 3:15


"the mystery of lawlessness is already at work"
2 Thessalonians 2

Lucifer, snake in the grass

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Tsiyon News

Tsiyon Radio News

I Year Silver Chart

Tsiyon Ministry Silver Kingdom Shekel Anniversary - We introduced the 99.999 fine silver Kingdom Shekel about 1 year ago. We told you then that we expected the value of "legal tender" to be dropping rapidly and that these silver shekels would be a way to protect your hard-earned wealth while also providing a tangible resource for trade if/when the paper money collapses completely. If you got on board with that, figuring from the lowest price of silver to the highest, your silver has increased nearly 100% in value in 1 year! In fact, just recently the price of silver has been going up so fast (even faster than gold) that new silver shekel orders had to be temporarily suspended. The order form needs to be changed to reflect the new realities of the silver market - then ordering can resume. If you missed out on the silver gains of the last year, don't worry. The dollar is still dropping like a rock with no floor in sight - and everything we said last year about silver is still true. More true than ever, in fact. Our new Silver Kingdom Shekel order form will be available no later than sometime Monday, 11-15-10.

Listener Q + A

Listener Comment - Two Dreams?
Question on son's recent dreams. He is 23 years old. I listen to your program daily. I will have him explain dreams for they felt very real to him.

1. This dream was not a very long dream, but it felt very real. I was walking up a mountain to the top. There was a lot of trees and a few boulders laying around. I turned around to see a small city in the distance at the bottom of this mountain. It was very dark outside almost pitch black. It was almost like a pathway leading up to the mountain top with nothing but trees surrounding. I told my mother to hold on as we were almost at the top. When I had turned around I watched the beginning of an explosion in the middle of the city. From the flash it created and the size of the explosion growing larger I new it was a Nuclear weapon. I said out loud to my mother "Oh no I think they dropped it". At this point I'm watching the wave rapidly move towards us and I turned to her and said "crouch behind that rock". As I'm watching this wave race towards us I could not escape this feeling that there was nothing I could do. Like a horrible gut feeling that there was no escape. I woke up before the wave reached us.

2. (month and a half later) This dream also felt very real. I was outside at a house in the back where it was a dirt lot. Secluded like out in the desert. There was also a shack in the back of the house. There was 3 or 4 trouble maker type of young men my age out back with a girl as well. They all knew each other and I knew none of them. I had a very bad feeling about these people. I was trying to figure out why these people were here. The girl would occasionally walk to the shed in the back by herself. I wanted to ask her why they were there and who they were. But every time I tried these other guys would come up and pull her away and keep talking among themselves. They all started looking at me almost plotting something. A older man walked out of the house to the back and threw me a shotgun. The older man walked back in and I turned to look at these people and they were getting in a four door car I guess to leave. We are still in the dirt lot out back when they start to pull away and drive into the darkness of the night. I go and sit on a bench and I'm facing the back of the old house now and looking to my left watching them drive off. This is where things turn and get weird. A man on a horse rode out of the back of the house looking at the people leaving with his head turned towards them. He seems very angry and I had the feeling he was looking for them. I was hoping he didn't notice me. He is dressed like a cowboy. I can see he has on a black cowboy hat with long black hair just beneath shoulder length. He also has a long black jacket and I notice he has on cowboy boots with spurs. It's very dark outside and I have no clue who this man could be. I'm sitting there holding this shotgun slouching hoping that he doesn't notice me. All I'm thinking is if this guy comes towards me I'm going to start shooting. When these people drive out of view he immediately turns his head at me very fast. His face looked like a skeleton. He begins coming towards me on his horse. As he is pacing towards me on the horse and I start shooting that shotgun rapidly as fast as I can at him. I'm shooting and shooting and he is still coming. It had no effect. I couldn't really look at him in the face I'm just shooting. When he turns in front of me I stopped trying to shoot and I feel a presence. This guy is very mad for some reason. I can't look this guy in the face at all and I'm slouching back. Out the corner of my eye I see him raise his hand that looks like a skeleton and he says in multiple different pitched voices very angrily "NEXT TIME I'LL TAKE YOUR SOUL". He lowers his hand to my head but I don't feel him touch me and I pass out. Black. I wake up in this old wooden house and think nothing of it. I grabbed something off of the counter in front of me and started trying to fix it with Allen wrenches. I walked around the corner where my mother was sleeping in her bed in the living room area. I noticed that the door lock looked like it had been pushed in. The whole thing from the outer screws on the plate of it. It was loose and I wiggled it because I could see sunlight shining in through the sides of the lock panel. It feels like early morning just after the sun rises and starts to get bright. How the morning feels when you first walk outside. I jiggle the lock panel to the right and I can see the desert outside. I see the man on the whiteish horse charging at me in the distance. I run to the counter and see two knives laying there. One very shiny and one dull and broken. I go back to the front door holding these knives and yell at my mother to hide under the bed and say "He's coming back". I look out the locks crack and he is about 30 feet from me charging fast. I get to the side of the door and wait for him to charge in. I feel like the shiny knife will work. Just before he reaches the door I wake up for real and say what a wild dream. My mom is watching TV and I tell her about it. She says no way are you serious? She tells me about the end times in the Bible. I am not very religious at all. I investigate this and find too many things similar to this Skeleton Cowboy in my dream. It felt very real.

Tsiyon Answer - Two Dreams
Following are some thoughts about these dreams.

1. A lot of people are having very similar dreams to this one. I myself have had a dream of this sort which was very vivid. In my opinion YHWH (God's name) is giving you a glimpse into the future, here in America. This doesn't mean that you will personally experience what you saw in your dream. It just means that it will happen - nuke or nukes in America. We have some very hard times ahead. A young man like you would normally be thinking about all the things that young people think about, your education, social life, etc. - and not much about God. YHWH is showing you this glimpse into the future so you will realize that it is not business as usual here in the USA anymore. He is trying to establish a relationship with you before these things happen. NOT religion - a relationship. He wants to help you through these events - if you will let Him get close to you to do it.

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2. The young people 'in the back yard' are sent as a distraction from the real danger, and to ensnare you if they can. This could represent influences in your life that are meant to absorb your attention and distract your focus from your real situation, and even ensnare you into the wrong path if possible.

The 'older man' knew what was coming. He was someone sent to you by YHWH to arm you against the enemy whom, as yet, you knew nothing about. The older man could be me.

The cowboy with the black hat and coat is the quintessential "bad guy." No ordinary bad guy though, as shown by his skeleton face and his desire for your soul. This is THE bad guy - satan himself.

He is angrily looking at the young people he had sent to ensnare you, because they had failed in that part of their mission and were hightailing it out of there. Seeing they had failed, he turned his attention to you, with the threat that next time he would take your soul. You could not kill him with a shotgun, of course. But, having been unprepared, at least you had something, the best that could be done in that situation. The truth is, you had come through that situation eluding his purpose to get a hold of your soul. Not bad, but don't forget, his threat is very real. Next time he wants you.

Waking up in the old house is "next time."

It's great that you want to protect your mother. I see why YHWH likes you. The enemy is coming for you ... that's the end of the story. My advice is, draw close to YHWH now, BEFORE the "bad guy" charges through your door.


From Eliyahu

In out latest program we tell you how all the trouble started. To find our way through these crazy times, we need to go back to the basics, and move forward from there. There is a lot to think about here. I hope you will enjoy the program.

Blessings and Shalom,

Eliyahu ben David

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