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   Tsiyon News

Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 5.49 - 09/27/6010 TAM - 12/03/2010

 "And the Lord said unto Michael    [regarding the angels that sinned against flesh]: ..bind them fast for seventy generations [under] the valleys of the earth, till the day of their judgment - and of their consummation ...

Enoch 10:11+12   

"the mystery of lawlessness is already at work"
2 Thessalonians 2

There were giants in the earth

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Tsiyon News


We've Moved to Austin! - Same Mailing Address: We're happy to inform you that we have now completed our move to Austin!  Phew! What a job! Many thanks to our friends who helped us with the move. Of course, we still have the big job of digging out from under all the boxes and getting ourselves organized here. Because our existing mailing address in College Station has been widely advertised we are retaining our College Station mailing address. That means you can continue to write to us, or mail-in orders and contributions to:

Tsiyon (Make checks to "Tsiyon")
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Withdrawing Samtur CD Recommendation - Some of our programs include Messianic music by Brian Samtur of "Torah Walk". Lately some of our listeners have been reporting to us that they are not receiving their CD orders from Brian Samtur for which they have sent their money. Their efforts to communicate with him about it have not resulted in either their CDs or the return of their funds. I have also attempted to resolve this on their behalf with no answer forthcoming. Regrettably, whatever the reason why Brian is not fulfilling these orders right now, I feel I owe it to you to caution you against ordering CDs from Brian Samtur, based on the negative experience of other Tsiyon listeners.

Listener Q + A

Listener Comment - mate not on same page
I am making the separation from Babylon, and like most, I'm sure, am just really feeling the weight of that decision. I am truly liberated, however, also at odds with everyone around me, including my wife. My wife is a young believer and I have tried to bring her along gently (Not my strong suit) as possible.
    Really I think the problem is that I devote all of my spare time to YHWH, and none to my wife. She, in turn does not feel loved which causes contention when I make righteous decrees in the home. I do not know how to balance the love I have for Him and still have some leftover for her.
    I am not asking you to be my counselor Eliyahu and you don't have time for that. So I will make my question as simple as possible. How am I supposed to be the zealous follower of YHWH that I am and bring along a wife I am not yoked together with? She has threatened to leave several times, over issues such as not celebrating Christ-mass and such. We have not had a tree or anything to do with santa for several years however I have just felt like I am compromising. I agreed to let her celebrate the day in the end. We do not have any pagan decor, however I just hate the day that mixes Yeshua with pagan garbage. People really do not want to sever their traditions, and I know how Yeshua feels about that! I cannot make people see as I see and that's fine, but at what point do I just let them go? I have read Holy Order Restored and it really affected me. I see the man YHWH wants me to be, I just feel a string pulling on my heart to be gentle with her and love her as the wife of my youth. I appreciate your time, Hopefully my questions were somewhat clear

Tsiyon Answer - mate not on same page
I know how hard it can be when your mate is not on the same page with you, spiritually speaking [since many of our listeners have voiced this concern.] I'm glad to hear you are being gentle in your efforts to bring her along with you. Certainly your wife is worthy of a reasonable amount of your time and attention and you need not feel guilty about investing that in her, since YHWH is approving of that. You might suggest that you spend some time with her each week doing things she likes, while she also spends time with you listening to the programs or other spiritual pursuits of yours. You could explain that other guys engage in activities that their wife may not especially prefer, such as watching football for example, and their wife will still spend some time with them doing that. While your "thing" may be your pursuit of YHWH, rather than sports, you likewise want to include the one you love in what you care about. It may be that if she sees that you are not just leaving her behind, but that you want to include her too, that she might just start to come along with you.

About x-mass and other holidays, she is seeing that much differently from you. For her these are likely social occasions that bind her together with family and friends. Women often see such occasions as a sort of glue that helps to hold important relationships together. This is a very emotional area for many women. At the same time, you are not going to feel good about participating in days like x-mass and easter. What to do about that?  You might talk with her about it and see if you can make a righteous compromise (not a compromise of your faith). Perhaps you and your family could put more emphasis on the holidays you can agree on, such as thanksgiving, your anniversary, etc. Tell her that, because you love her and care about her feelings, you are willing to do more with her for these other days, but that you would also like her to understand that it hurts your feelings to participate in holidays that you don't feel good about. If she knows you are making an effort to find a solution that takes her into account she will feel loved. If a woman feels loved she will usually want to work with her husband. Of course, if she does, you will then need to follow through on any promises you make.

Also remember that YHWH allows us to face these kinds of situations to teach us things and to develop our inner man. Perhaps through prayer you can get greater insight into what YHWH is doing in you through this situation. Ask Him to help you see your wife as He does - you may be surprised at what can come out of such a prayer. My prayer for you is that the love of YHWH for your wife may flow from you in new and creative ways that will draw her closer to both you and Him.

From Eliyahu

One of the most important events of the antediluvian (not spelled "antideluvian" - I knew I should have used my spell-checker!)  world  was the sin of the bene elohim who married the "daughters of men" and begat "Nephilim" - giants! The book of Genesis reports on this, while the Book of Enoch reports on these same events  in much greater detail. From our modern point of view these events sound fantastic and unbelievable. However, as you will learn in our latest program, the Gospel writers and other NT writers accepted the book of Enoch and even relied heavily upon it in their own writings.  As we explore the account found in Enoch about this whole sordid affair you may be amazed to find out the role that Messiah has already played  in relation to these events. As twisted as all of this was, it is an important part of the development of the mystery of unrighteousness and we need to be fully informed about it. I hope this  latest Tsiyon Radio program will give you some new insights that will bless your life.

Blessings and Shalom,

Eliyahu ben David


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