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  Tsiyon News

Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 5.50 - 10/04/6010 TAM - 12/10/2010

Evidence of the Antediluvian World
Dead Men's Secrets


Discoveries the Evolutionists 

Don't Want You to See!


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Tsiyon News

Listener Q + A

Listener Comment - Enoch, WOW!!
E and Dawn - All I can say is WOW!! I experienced quite a "trip" as I listened to this teaching [on Enoch]...because SOME of it I have studied out with various groups I belonged to, and SOME of your teaching is NEW stuff that I was "hmmmmm"ing about, and in wonder about, and even MORE of your teaching, as usual, made hard Bible verses come to fruition in my mind! I'm sure you realize that this teaching sounds so ....MYTHOLOGICAL, that it will be difficult for some (many?) to accept it at first. When you first read the Book of Enoch did you have that WOW, and "hmmmmm" reaction?! Just curious, my sister and brother. At this particular place in time in my life, YOU two are my HEROES!!!! Thanks for being there.

Tsiyon Answer - Enoch, WOW!!
I know just what you mean about that WOW and hmmm feeling on first reading the book of Enoch. It does indeed come across as very mythological. Yet, the more you look into it the clearer it becomes that it was accepted as factual by the early believers. As I said on the program, that's good enough for me. It really does clear up a number of problematic verses as well, just as you said.

Listener Comment - How could spirit angels cohabit with flesh?
I am wondering how fallen angels, which as best as I understand are spirit beings without bodies, could have relations with human women that have bodies? If you could give some insight into this I would appreciate this.

Tsiyon Answer - How spirit angels can cohabit flesh
Thanks for your question. Frankly, there is no specific answer to this question in Scripture. However, one can make logical observations about angels from the reports about them in the Scriptural record. In my book Holy Order Restored I made just such an observation that may help to explain how it was possible for materialized angels to cohabit with human women.

..[Angels] have always appeared to humans in a form resembling impressive grown men .. Apparently, one of the abilities God gave to angels at their creation is the ability to assume a materialized manlike form, though that was never intended to be their usual state of being. This would be useful to God as He could then send angels among men as messengers of His as He would see fit. There are numerous instances recorded in Scripture where such materialized angels appeared to humans. (Holy Order Restored, pg 37)

Adding to this comment, I would observe that a materialized body must be in every way functional like that of an actual man. In fact, materialized angels are even called "men" in Scripture. (Acts 1:10+11, Gen 18, Gen 19:1, 5)

While this may sound fantastic at first, it is not so difficult to understand. Scientists say that the smallest particles of matter are not solid at all, but are actually units of energy. Yes, everything is actually composed of energy, even what we think of as matter. The difference between what we perceive as matter (a body, for example) and something that is obviously energy (a stream of light, for example) is simply a question of how the sub-atomic energy is organized.

Spirit angels are energy-beings. It is not incomprehensible that they could have been endowed with the ability to re-organize energy into a physical body, identical to a real human body, with which to clothe themselves in the physical world. Perhaps they use an actual human form as a sort of template which they copy in the materialization process (beam me down, Scotty!). In this way their materialized body was/is physically functional as an actual human body. Of course, the life at the core of such a body remains angelic life, so is still different than the mortal life of an actual human. This is why the offspring issuing from the life-seed from such a body combined with the egg of a human female was/is an unnatural distortion, a genetic monstrosity, as reported in Genesis and the Book of Enoch.

Listener Comment - Follow up by same listener above
Thank you very much for responding so quickly. I can only imagine how much work you have to do and I really appreciate your taking time for my question. I would like to give you a little background information which prompted this question. I am working on the Talmidim program and I have disciplined myself to follow all the programs in order. However this past week my friend Frank and I were discussing the subject of aliens and nephilim and we were speculating on the ways in which these angels could relate with women. So I decided to listen to your most recent program and I was blessed with a greater understanding of this subject and also the subject of demons. This new understanding gives much greater insight into the activities of these beings and therefore gives me compassion for people influenced by them. Scripture references to these I now see in a different light. I've read books on demons in the past and some seem to be a bit fanciful and never really explaining their origin in a satisfactory way. Thank you again kindly for your time.

From Eliyahu

In our very first regular Tsiyon radio program we promised you a new way of seeing things - a new paradigm. We also reminded you that a new paradigm is not always easy to get your head around. Through over 250 hours of radio messages we have been endeavoring to show you a deeper level of Hebraic understanding that affects all aspects of life and aims to transform, not only your mind, but your entire inner being. The blessing of this ministry for me is to actually see YHWH doing that with His people! Given the "scientific" assumptions of the world we live in, it is a big leap today to embrace and internalize the amazing realities of Genesis and the Book of Enoch as Y'shua and the 1st century believers unquestionably did.  I have seen some of you struggling to come to grips with this amazing truth regarding the antediluvian world in a way that makes sense to you. There is a spectrum out there from "willing to listen" to "I get that too!". Wherever you are on that spectrum, I think you will enjoy our latest program. It focuses on the anomalies that reveal the shortcomings of the evolutionary theory of human history and pre-history, while tending to support the antediluvian paradigm of a pre-catastrophe civilization. Plus, this stuff is just fun to think about! Besides that, there is a powerful message in this for our day that none of us can afford to miss. Enjoy the program!

Blessings and Shalom,

Eliyahu ben David

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