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  Tsiyon News

Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 5.52 - 10/18/6010 TAM - 12/24/2010

Atlantis and the Deluge
Atlantis after the Deluge

 The Egyptians ..

.. regarded this as  
"the great deluge of all."  

Ignatius Donnelly 

Atlantis before the Deluge

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Tsiyon News


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Listener Q + A

UK Listener Comment - Revelation Series
I received volume 1 of the Revelation series yesterday and have trouble putting it down! Thank you for putting this into print for us. It is a haunting book in some sense - to share the message as presented makes one appear as a “know it all” while on the other hand to remain silent is equally wrong! Such clarity is rewarding! Thank YHWH for his revelation in these times. I concur that we are in the process of the end times yet as I try and share that, few seem interested in knowing and the many do not want to hear as they know better … Remain strong and keep focused on the Revelation of YHWH in His Word! Questions: 1. When will the next volumes be released? 2. What do you recommend doing while waiting - ie. where can I continue my study while waiting for the printed copies to come out? I know you have a sermon series but how do these correlate?

Tsiyon Answer - Revelation Series
Thank you for writing with such an encouraging message and uplifting attitude! I'm glad you are getting benefit from our first volume on Revelation. As you have found, it goes far beyond other volumes on the same subject. I don't say this from a "know it all" attitude, since I did not invent the message. Rather, I praise YHWH for this, as I know you do as well, since He has chosen to reveal this information at this time. I hope you will leave a review of the book at AmazonUK to help us reach other UK readers with this important message.

I'm hoping that we can release the next volume this coming spring. I'm working on that volume, and others also, simultaneously. As you can imagine, it creates a bit of a time crunch doing that, while also producing our radio messages and caring for other ministry duties each week - not to mention family and personal obligations as well. Besides that, it always seems that the enemy is trying to enmesh me in red tape of one sort or another to eat up my productive time. None of this is meant as a complaint, but rather, by way of a prayer request. Please pray for me, to win this time battle and get out these books in a timely manner.

While the whole series of books will take a while to be completed and published, we do offer a complete series of radio messages on Revelation from 2008. There are about 30 hours of them. I would suggest continuing your study of Revelation by the use of these messages. If you sign up as a ministry partner with us you can download these programs from our archive. Alternately, you can order the Revelation Series CD Set through the mail. Either way, I suggest you follow up the book by hearing these messages. Once you start listening to our audio messages I'm sure you will find that all of our audio messages, not just the ones specifically on Revelation, tie in with the Revelation message in various ways, to fill out the bigger picture.

Perhaps the best way to take in our larger teaching is to join our Talmidim program and take the messages in order from the beginning. That way you will not have any gaps and can take in this new paradigm in an orderly way. It may feel a little strange for me to be telling you this, since I assume from your signature line that you are a Doctor of Theology and a seminary professor. However, you will find these messages contain a lot that is not normally included in seminary education, so you may find that starting from the beginning with these messages will work best. Also, it is only fair to warn you that listening to these messages in earnest could ruin your career, since the truth we have to share is not always well accepted in the main stream and may not be appreciated if and when you choose to share it. This is not meant to deter you, but is simply offered in the interest of full disclosure. Brother, thanks again for your encouraging words! May you be blessed in your continuing study of His Word.

Listener Comment - Nephilim after the Flood?
How come after the Flood that there were "Nephilim" located in the Land of Canaan ? Why weren't they destroyed in the Flood?

Tsiyon Answer - Nephilim after the Flood
Thanks for writing. To answer your question, the original Nephilim of the antediluvian world were destroyed by the Flood. That Nephilim were located in Canaan leads to only one conclusion: there were other angels that sinned after the Flood which produced these later Nephilim.

The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown. Gen 6:4

 By saying "and also afterward" this verse is telling us that there were Nephilim produced from these evil unions later also, meaning after the Flood. We find this to be true in the Land of Canaan when Israel went into the Land. (Numbers 13:33)

While we don't have evidence of a full-scale global outbreak of fallen angels sinning with human women after the Flood, it clearly still happened (happens?) on occasion. This was likely provoked and/or accommodated by the lewd sexual rites of the demon-worshiping pagan peoples that occupied Canaan. Leviticus 20 sets out a long list of spiritual and sexual perversions that were practiced by the people of Canaan, which are forbidden to the Israelite people. In this context Lev 20:6 reads;

"As for the person who turns to mediums and to spiritists, to play the harlot after them, I will also set My face against that person and will cut him off from among his people." Lev 20:6

Translated this way, the prohibition is against "playing the harlot" with persons who traffic in demonic contact. I surely agree with that, but I'm not sure that is the full point of the verse. Lev 20:6 could be translated;

"As for the person who turns to familiar spirits and to ghosts, to play the harlot after them, I will also set My face against that person and will cut him/her off from among his/her people." Lev 20:6

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    Since the context of Leviticus 20 is mostly about real sexual sins rather than figurative ones, I believe it likely that this verse is also. I believe the verse is meant to be a prohibition against sex with spirits, such as was practiced by the people of Canaan. In point of fact, as uncomfortable as it is to even speak of such things, such sexual relations with spirits have been reported throughout history and are still reported today. In fact, within 5 seconds of a google search I found this newsgroup entry on the internet; "I THOUGHT I JUST HAD AN AWESOME IMAGINATION....TILL THE ENCOUNTERS GREW STRONGER...I CAN'T THINK OF MUCH ELSE....I DONT LIKE LEAVING MY B/R I CRAVE THESE ENCOUNTERS AND I DONT KNOW IF I CAN OR WANT TO STOP RIGHT NOW ....IT KNOWS I LIKE IT AND IM UNDER ITS "SPELL".....???" There is an amazing number of people who claim to be having this experience of sex with spirits as prohibited by Lev 20. People who take up this practice soon find themselves under the "spell" of the demons!

    In Canaan, frenzied pagan rites involving sex with spirits (rebel angels self-styled as gods) offered a constant invitation to such evil spirits to materialize and cohabit in an actual body, as before the Flood. While the penalty of confinement stands as a deterrent to said rebel angels, some of them have nonetheless been induced through pagan sexual rites to cross the line from spirit body to materialized physical body to fully participate in unnatural coupling, from which Nephilim children were produced.

    All of this begs the question: can this happen today?

    Why not? The obvious answer is: yes it can.

    From Eliyahu

    The word Atlantis conjures up a plethora of fantasy stories and occult speculations. However, all of that is new, historically speaking. The first mention of the word Atlantis was by Plato centuries before Messiah. How does this tie in historically with Scripture, if at all? I think you may find some of the answers interesting, in our most recent radio message, offered free from our web site. Enjoy!

    Blessings and Shalom,

    Eliyahu ben David


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