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  Tsiyon News

Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 6.1 - 11/03/6010 TAM - 01/07/2011

After the Deluge

Now behold,
I Myself do establish My covenant with you, and your descendants after you..

Gen 9:9

God made an everlasting covenant with Noah and his seed.

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Tsiyon News


TSIYON on the air 5 years! As the calendar turned over to 2011, On the Road to Tsiyon celebrated its 5th birthday. As we now move on into our 6th year on the air, we want to pause to thank all of you for your encouraging congratulatory comments and email. Please know that your prayers, encouragement and support are instrumental in everything we do here every day. We thank YHWH for you! We are blessed to be on the road to Tsiyon with you! - Shalom, Eliyahu and Dawn

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Listener Q + A

Listener Comment - Atlantis?
Was it the Flood in Genesis that took out the civilization we call "Atlantis" ? Were they (Atlantis) more advanced than we are today ?

Tsiyon Answer - Atlantis
The land area of the earth was all in one place, surrounded by water, before the Flood. One name for that pre-Flood world is Atlantis, meaning "Ad-land" i.e. Adam-Land, being the domain of the first man, Adam. No one knows for sure just how technologically advanced that world became, but some artifacts have been found suggesting that they had moved far beyond the cavemen that some might think. Ad-Land was destroyed in the World Wide Flood. However, some of the knowledge from that antediluvian world survived, enabling a quick start to human civilization a few centuries after the Flood, just as soon as the population had grown enough to support the development of cities.

Listener Comment - Paul's genealogy?
Paul is of the tribe of Benjamin and his name was Saul. I was thinking perhaps this was a continuation of the friendship and covenant between David and Jonathan. Do we know anything about the Paul's genealogy?

Tsiyon Answer - Paul's genealogy
While Saul of Tarsus gives us his Benjamite tribal affiliation he does not offer any further lineage. It is noteworthy that when the majority of the tribes abandoned the leadership of Judah the tribe of Benjamin continued faithfully in loyalty to David's Throne. Certainly, the covenant between David and Jonathan was a factor in the loyalty of the tribe of Benjamin. Saul's loyalty to Messiah on the Davidic Throne may reflect that Benjamite legacy of friendship with David.


Prayer Request: Just asking for prayer for me. I have had some blood in my urine for a long time and they couldn't find the cause. Yesterday I got some blood results that claimed some decrease in kidney function. I just would love for you guys to pray with me in agreement for complete healing. Thanks so much.

Tsiyon Response: We are always glad to pray with you!

Father, we lift up our faithful sister, __, before you now. With her we stand, and we do not receive any decrease in kidney function, nor any disease whatsoever, in her body or ours. We pray healing to her inmost parts, that all bleeding into her urine will stop and that she will be completely healed of any trouble that the enemy is trying to cause her in her body. We pray the full function and good health of her body that we know you intend and we rebuke the enemy and his efforts to cause her harm. According to Luke 10:19 we take authority over the enemy and declare that "nothing will harm her!" We pray that You will give her peace in her heart from any worry about this and that you will be glorified in her life. All of this we lift up before you now through the grace of Y'shua Messiah, through whom we are reconciled to You, and "by His stripes we are healed." Amen!

__, we now expect this to just go away. :-)

Keep us posted, ok?

On The Road To Tsiyon

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    Praise Yah! - I wanted to share some good news....I got a call saying that they had mistakenly given me someone else's report .... I am so happy that our prayers were answered!! Praise Yah! Thanks for praying and your loving, caring support of the flock!

    From Eliyahu

    Having just finished our latest message I find myself lingering on its implications. Most of all I am in awe of our wise and loving Father. Truly, the mystery of rebellion brought great trauma into the antediluvian world, which reached its most awful zenith with the destruction of the world that was, by the Deluge. Through the mystery of righteousness, as exemplified in righteous Noah, YHWH enabled a new start for a new world. As life began upon the earth's surface anew, YHWH made a covenant with all mankind, to give us hope, peace, and a needed standard of behavior. All mankind remains under that covenant today. Join with us as we consider the implications of the Rainbow Covenant with all mankind - and with you and those you love.

    Blessings and Shalom,

    Eliyahu ben David


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