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  Tsiyon News

Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 6.3 - 11/17/6010 TAM - 01/28/2011

From One Blood

He made from one blood               
every nation of men to dwell on
all the surface of the earth...

Acts 17:26 - Genesis 10

One Drop of Blood

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Tsiyon News


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Listener Q + A

Listener Comment - Good Things in LV
Hey there Eliyahu, Dawn, and all you children. GREAT NEWS!!!! Our friend _ (who we fellowship along with his brother every week) was frustrated because KKVV radio was broadcasting Eliyahu at 4am, M-F. These guys would get up every mornin and try to listen to the teachings. After a few minutes of listening to E's voice, they would quickly fall back to sleep. So [my friend] called me and told me he really wanted to hear E but he came on too early, so I suggested he call the station Manager and see what he could do, if anything. Today, [my friend] told me he talked to [the station Manager] and he told him that he needs to put E on at a better time, so [the station Manager] says, "what time u think would be good", and [my friend] says, hows about 4 in the afternoon?" [The station Manager] looks at his schedule, and without ANY hesitation says, "You got it, I got an open slot and we will put em on M-F at 4pm." PRAISE YAHWEH!!!! This is HUGE!!!! This is a door that was desperatly needed to be opened for the ministry. People listen to KKVV during this time, and I know this because I used to work at the station and I used to be the sound man for the LIVE shows. I truly thank [my friend] for making that phone call, and being BOLD for Messiah. These guys are so hungry for truth, and they love Eliyahu. Just wanted you guys to know!!!! WE ARE SOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!  [Some names removed since we do not publish names without permission.]

Tsiyon Answer - Good Things in LV
Who says nothing good can come out of Las Vegas? This recent note from one of our partners there reports on recent events in LV. There is a level of zeal for the message among the Remnant in LV that is truly exciting! Notice how a listener actually got our program moved on the radio broadcast schedule from 4am to 4pm - that's prime drive time folks! We want to thank all of those mentioned in the note for their respective part in making this happen. RADIO LISTENERS IN OTHER CITIES TAKE NOTE. You have power. Local stations almost never hear from local listeners. If you call our affiliate station in your area and ask for a better broadcast time for Tsiyon Radio - its very possible that you will get it. If our program is not being broadcast in your area, you can call your local religious/talk station and ask them to air it. You will be amazed at how much influence you have with your local station! Please think about it. One phone call could really help us get the message out in your area!

Listener Comment - 13th zodiac sign?
Thank-you for your programs! It is amazing how the media is down-playing recent events with the animal/bird deaths. I am a nurse in public health and have noticed more posting on state sites concerning bed-bug infestations, even in Alaska where we live! I wanted to share with you something that I am pondering. Recent media attention is pointing out the 'appearance' of the 13th zodiac sign "Ophiuchus" or "Serpentarius" (The Serpent Bearer). There is a lot of info about it if you do a search. What I noticed is how this appearance has 'shifted' all the other zodiac signs into different time-frames putting Virgo (Bethula) into the time-frame of the 2011 Fall Feasts. I am not smart about these things, but it has made me wonder. Also, I heard mentioned that the 'searching for the God Particle' activities of the CERN facility in Switzerland may be generating some internal problems for the earth (???!!!) Something to ponder...Be Blessed!

Tsiyon Answer - 13th zodiac sign?
Thanks for taking time to write in to Tsiyon Radio. The truth is, other than the animal deaths I had not yet heard of any of the other things you mentioned. I'm so glad you shared them with me so I can look into them further. Events seem to be moving so fast it is hard to even be aware of all the significant events. Thanks again for sharing.

From Eliyahu

All humanity is a BIG subject! Genesis 10, the Table of Nations, helps us put that big subject into a context that we can grasp. In this amazing ancient document we learn that we are all related to one another in a network of family relationships that started with one family and spread out from there to fill the planet. In this program we make a start at understanding some foundational facts about the Table of Nations - and the amazing fact of Yah's great love for people of every nation. I believe your relationship with both God and your fellow-man will be enriched and uplifted by prayerfully considering this important message.

Blessings and Shalom,

Eliyahu ben David

On The Road To Tsiyon

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