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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 6.10 - 13/06/6010 TAM - 03/11/2011

Tsiyon Fellowship

That which we have seen and heard we declare to you, that you also may have fellowship with us.

Yes, and our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son, Y'shua the Messiah.            1 Yochanan/John 1:3

  Tsiyon International Fellowship

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Tsiyon News

Listener Q + A

LAS VEGAS TSIYON PARTNER MEETING - John and Sue, from our Tsiyon headquarters in Texas, will be in Las Vegas from March 31 to April 2, and will be meeting with our partners in that area. Please consider joining the group for a time of worship and encouragement. Specific details as to meeting place and time will be available next week and will be published in the newsletter, but John and Sue would love to meet with you personally, as well as corporately, so if you would like to meet with them, please contact them at

Listener Q + A

Listener Comment  - Response to "Adam means ruddy"
Just wanted to comment on the letter from listener
[last newsletter - Adam means ruddy]. You gave such an awesome reply and in your reply you reflect the love of our Father. Hopefully that person will come into the Truth; I can feel the lostness in their horrible letter. My husband and I really enjoy and look forward to your teachings.

Tsiyon Answer - Response to "Adam means ruddy"
Thank you so much for taking time to send your comment. A letter like the one included in the newsletter is quite shocking. The shock is not only the opinion, but as you say, the lostness of the person who sent it. It is saddening that there are people out there who consider themselves Israel who nonetheless, are so utterly lost. With you, I can only hope that this person and others like him will open their hearts to the love of Messiah. It's great to know that our listeners, such as you and your husband, feel the same way. I am so glad to have the two of you with us here at Tsiyon!

Listener Comment - ideological civil war
I was wondering if you could give your opinion on the current political climate in the United States as it pertains to your recent “Pale Horse” broadcast. It seems to me there is an ideological civil war now taking place between those on the right and left of the political spectrum. While this may be an overly simplified view, it seems to me that most who adhere to a leftist ideology side with the one world government aspirations of some members of our current leadership, whereas those leaning to the right are more likely to be Bible believing, God fearing people that support Israel and oppose government intrusion, especially at the expense of national sovereignty. Being from Texas, you may even have a few neighbors that would welcome the New World Order over their dead bodies.

I understand that believers must get beyond this conservative versus liberal political combativeness, especially considering that it was the
religious/political conservatives of Yeshua’s time that conspired to send Him to the cross. But I was wondering, in light of your teaching that the riders have already been released, is there anything believers can do (aside from prayer-which should be a no-brainer) to resist the onset of one world government, or is our fate sealed? I see movements like the TEA Parties that are largely pro-Israel and highly patriotic and can’t help but wonder if the New World Order might not have a real fight on their hands when they come for America. The fight may already have begun as evidenced by the recent events in Wisconsin and spreading nationwide.

Lastly, what do you think the role of the United States will be during the end times? I have a difficult time with the idea that millions of praying believers would allow our leaders to rise up against Israel to the degree that America would be seen as an enemy of God’s people. Yahweh spared Lot before he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah and said he would not destroy them if ten righteous could be found there. There are many more than ten in the United States. I hope He will spare us the fate of He has planned for Israel’s enemies.

Tsiyon Answer - ideological civil war

Thank you for your thoughtful and well articulated comments.

Globalists control both the left and the right. While some issues of relatively minor significance may be debated and settled through the political system, it is evident that the people are unable to work their will on those issues in which the people are at odds with the NWO. For example, immigration is an area where the people overwhelmingly favor a tightening of our southern border. Yet, the system is absolutely unresponsive to the will of the people in this regard. Why? Because the NWO folks have a different agenda. This issue is just one of many which demonstrates that our political system is not being controlled by the people. Ultimately, it is the big money and influence that win the day.

You mention the Tea Party. I'm sure many of my listeners share some of the major core values of the real Tea Party. I say "real" because the Tea Party has been deliberately misrepresented in the press as racist and rather stupid, which is the reverse of the truth. However, how likely is it that the Tea Party and a change from the Dems to the Reps will overthrow the plans of the NWO? For example, one issue is balancing the budget, and the Reps seem to be pushing for that. This is like a placebo that makes everybody feel better, thinking that we are getting control of our finances once again.

But is that really true? Not even close. The truth is, we don't control monetary policy at all - that is under the control of the Federal Reserve (the private banking cartel that controls this country's money). Through the ministrations of the Federal Reserve and the traitors in government and business that are in league with them, the USA now has a trade deficit of such huge proportions that the USA as we have known it can't possibly survive - no matter what we do with the budget. By the best estimate I've seen the trade deficit represents a real debt of some $800,000.00 for EVERY FAMILY IN AMERICA! No matter what we do now, we can't possibly carry a burden of that crushing weight. Such a catastrophe will come to the USA as a result of events already determined that we will all have our hands full just dealing with that - and there is nothing we can do to stop it.

As for prayer for this country, I assume the millions of Christians in America have been praying all along - yet God has long since been kicked out of our schools, where "evolution" is the creator our children are taught to believe in - the very word "marriage" has been distorted beyond recognition - while millions of unborn babies are sacrificed to the god of licentiousness/selfishness every day. Christians have prayed, but they have not stopped the slide into depravity that has ruined our country in the site of God.

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  • At this point the sins of the USA have massed clear up to heaven and the blood of millions of innocents cries out to God from the ground. Meanwhile, both Democratic and Republican administrations have consistently pressured Israel to give "land for peace" - with no place, not even Jerusalem, considered holy to YHWH - while everything considered holy to the false god of the region is given the highest priority. This pressure from America to divide His Land has already brought a curse on America, and yet this offense before YHWH continues as the policy of the USA. While individuals and even groups of believers may be repentant about all of that, the country as a whole shows no sign of repentance and continues in all of these abominations and more. Prayer is fine, but with no repentance following there is no turning away from the evil that calls forth judgment.

    The horses are out of the barn. Nothing can stop them now. While a revolution in America can happen, it will prove to be too little, too late. Yahweh spared Noah and his family, but doomed the world. Yahweh spared Lot and Lot's family, but destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. It is the power elite and those who have sold out to them that have destroyed America. The completed demise of America with be the birth of "global governance" according to their plan.

    Jeremiah spoke the word. He did not oppose Babylon nor did he fight to save his apostate country, because He knew that YHWH had already determined judgment. That is why this ministry is not about opposing the NWO or saving America. Judgment has already been determined. My job here at Tsiyon is simply to speak the word with a clear call to the righteous, while letting the world do what they will. YHWH is making a way for the righteous, as He did for Noah, for Lot and as He is doing for us. I am publishing a place of safety in the Kingdom of Messiah. He is real, and He is the one true hope of the righteous in these end days.

    From Eliyahu

    I've got the flu and I sound like a bullfrog.  :-\

    It's been going around in the area. It's no big deal, but not so great for the radio. Its a good thing that I've got a first-rate co-host who has been able to deliver a really wonderful program for you this week. I think you are really going to love this program, because it will allow you to meet other Tsiyon listeners and ministry partners. We are so blessed by the caliber of the folks that YHWH has drawn to Tsiyon, and the fellowship in Y'shua Messiah that we enjoy together. The word "family" comes to mind. Enjoy, and Elohim willing, I'll be coming back at ya with more about the antediluvian and postdeluvian worlds, in our next program. Until then, be blessed!

    Blessings and Shalom,

    Eliyahu ben David


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