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  Tsiyon News

Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 6.11 - 13/13/6010 TAM - 03/18/2011

A Great Sword
HAARP - A Great Sword
Another came forth, a red horse. To him who sat on it was given power to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another.
There was given to him a great sword.

Revelation 6:4    

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Tsiyon News

Listener Q + A

LAS VEGAS TSIYON PARTNER MEETING - John and Sue, from our Tsiyon headquarters in Texas, will be in Las Vegas from March 31 to April 2, and will be meeting with our partners in that area. Please consider joining the group for a time of worship and encouragement. Specific details as to meeting place and time will be available next week and will be published in the newsletter, but John and Sue would love to meet with you personally, as well as corporately, so if you would like to meet with them, please contact them at

Listener Q + A

Listener Comment  - hidden origin of man
I'm not of Jewish faith nor any faith.  My parents were of Catholic faith, but I did not become catholic nor believe in it. I've been involved with studying the origin of man  for 20 years. I'm extremely involved in knowing about history, because there were a lot things hidden from mankind for a while. I once made a statement that the so called names of all the gods had to be real if the nephilim were real. people in those days were in fear of them, and worshiped them. This was a theory. And the practice  of sacrifice and cannibalism had to come from the oldest generations in the beginning. Look at the Maya, and Aztec how evil, besides the practices in Europe. The pieces of the puzzle are now coming together. The leaders in those days long ago, might of been mental, deranged or demonized. My girlfriend and her family who is of Native American origin now believes what I showed her regarding the nephilim. My ancestry is from all over, Italy by way of Spanish in 1600s, Florida Colony, Native by Isleta pueblo El Paso. German and French by other Grandparents. I am so interested knowing the past.  People like you are important in this world to bring out the truths. I was about to put miniature statues of Roman and Greek gods in my place, but now am no longer going to do that due to what they represented and because of their background.

Tsiyon Answer - hidden origin of man
The sense you have of the past is quite correct. The history of our planet is very different than we have been told. The history in the Bible is the true history of the earth. I would recommend you listen to the whole series of programs we have done on the antediluvian world. I think it will answer a lot of questions for you.

Listener Comment - tax deductible?
Are my donations tax deductible?

Tsiyon Answer - tax deductible?

Thanks for your support of Tsiyon. This is probably a lot more information than you were expecting. However, yours is a legal question, and even simple legal questions seldom have simple answers.

Firstly, we are not accountants so cannot offer you tax advice. However, to the best of our knowledge, donations to Churches are tax deductible. As a legal category, our organization is a Church, so it should follow that donations to Tsiyon are tax deductible. Churches have a mandatory exception under tax law from filing with the government or registering with the government in any way, since, under the Constitution, the authority to form or be a "Church" does not derive from the government. However, Churches CAN voluntarily register with the government to receive government-recognized 501(c)3 status with the government, making them a non-profit corporation OF the government, bringing them under government control. This brings them under the authority of man rather than under the authority of Messiah's Kingdom. Today, the vast majority of Churches have sold out in this way. The reason they sell out like this is so they can give donors a receipt with a government number backing it up - this in hopes of getting more contributions. Here at Tsiyon, we are not going to sell out the Kingdom for that, or any other, reason. We are not required to do so either, since as a Church in the USA, our rights as such are protected by Amendment I of the Constitution. The First Amendment to the United States Constitution is part of the Bill of Rights and is part of the fundamental law of our country. The amendment prohibits the making of any law "respecting an establishment of religion." Consequently, we are not required to incorporate as a charitable organization or corporation, to obtain any sort of recognition from the government, or even to file with the government. Further, in agreement with Internal Revenue Code Section 508(c)(l)(A) Tsiyon has and claims a mandatory exception from requesting a tax exemption and pursuant to Internal Revenue Code Section 6033(a)(2)(A)(i),(iii) Tsiyon is not subject to the Internal Revenue Service and has and claims a mandatory exception to the filing of lncome Tax Returns, or from filing any government forms seeking recognition from the government. I offer this legal information to you in the event that you need it for your attorney or accountant.

Listener Comment  - what Bible?
I am enjoying what I am learning. I've started back at the beginning of your programs but do not plan on posting anything yet. I would like to know which bible you use so that I can read along. Several years ago I bought a Complete Jewish Bible but have never been real impressed with it.

Tsiyon Answer - tax deductable?

I'm glad you are enjoying the lessons. We don't have a single favored translation. I'm pretty much always comparing. I use the Hebrew Names Version (HNV) quite often. NASB is used quite often. Also, various versions of modern renderings of the KJV and also Aramaic versions. I am always looking for the most accurate rendering. I use the Complete Jewish Bible sometimes too, but it is not always the best choice.

From Eliyahu

Was the recent Japan earthquake and tsunami a totally natural event, or is it really a manifestation of environmental warfare? That's the question I hear a lot of people asking right now. That's why we are publishing this week's program, A Great Sword. Which ever position you are leaning toward about Japan, one thing is clear - we have been watching an unprecedented disaster unfolding before our eyes. A disaster of such monumental size and bizarre character that it can only be viewed as a sign of Biblical proportions. This is especially so, since this disaster follows in a string of natural disasters that have been rocking the world since 2008. Following is a partial list I've put together from the internet of well-publicized "natural disasters" since 2008. (Please don't get mad at me if I've left one out that has effected you).

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    Partial List of Well-Publicized "Natural" Disasters Since 2008


    Fatalities   "Natural" Disaster Location 2008
    926   Afghanistan blizzard Afghanistan  
    70,000   Sichuan earthquake China  
    133   Chinese winter storms China  
    138,000+   Cyclone Nargis Myanmar  
    215   Pakistan earthquake Pakistan  
    128   Santa Catarina floods/mudslides Brazil  
    173   Black Saturday bushfires Australia 2009
    11,800   Swine Flu Global  
    ?   Costa Rica earthquake Costa Rica  
    294   L'Aquila earthquake Italy  
    79   Java earthquake Indonesia  
    189   Samoa earthquake/Tsunami Samoa  
    1115   Sumatra earthquakes Indonesia  
    172   Salang avalanches Afghanistan 2010
    102   Kohistan avalanche Pakistan  
    1,800   Flooding Pakistan  
    ?   Iceland Volcano Iceland  
    56,000   Russian heat wave Russia  
    316,000   Haiti earthquake Haiti  
    750   Chile Earthquake Chile  
    2220   Tibet earthquake Tibet  
    2,698   Yushu earthquake China  
        weird mass animal deaths?   2011 (to date)
    1,000   Rio de Janeiro floods/mudslides Brazil  
     ?   Pakistan earthquake Pakistan  
    166   Christchurch earthquake New Zealand  
    ?   Yunnan earthquake China 03/10/11
    ?   Tōhoku earthquake/tsunami Japan 03/11/11
        What's next?????    

    600,000 - 1,000,000 "natural" disaster fatalities from these events since 2008! [Figure does not include all natural disasters of the period, nor deaths from famines, wars, and known man-made disasters]


    All of this is a sign. A sign of what? A sign that the world is now reeling under the judgment of the Almighty. These are the beginning of birth pangs telling us that we are nearing the end of the age and the birth of Messiah's Kingdom! While we all hurt for the death and devastation that is being experienced by so many around the world, we also rejoice, knowing that the redemption of Israel, and our redemption with her, draws ever-nearer.

    Blessings and Shalom,

    Eliyahu ben David


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