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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter Vol 6.19 - 2/10/6011 TAM - 5/13/2011

Messiah’s Birth Year Chronology
Chronology of Messiah's Birth

Bible Chronology proves it...

      ... and even the stars agree!

Messiah was born in 2 BC

Luke 3:1-3

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Tsiyon News

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Listener Q + A

Listener Comment - Meteorite Dream Interpretation?
Eliyahu: Last year when you were covering the end days signs in the heavens, one of your partners had what you interpreted as a prophetic dream of a meteorite hitting earth in 10 months. It is now over ten months, and while we've had a lot happening--this is "over due" according to your interpretation. I'm curious as to what your thoughts about this dream and your interpretation of it are now? Thanks.

Tsiyon Answer - Meteorite Dream Interpretation?
Thanks for your question about Meteor Impact Dream #234.

There are several possible answers as follows:

1. The meteor impacts happened, and are included among reported events which have happened since program #234 was aired.

Here is a partial list of meteor fireball reports since 1/1/11:

1/11/11 Indiana
KATC News Video of Meteor Flash of Light 1 11 11


Meteor Madness: Space fireball lights up night sky in Wisconsin

1/23/11 Ontario
Did You See That Fireball?

2/08/11 Arizona, USA
Arizona Meteor Fireball

2/8/11 Italy
Bright Fireball Seen Over Italy

2/14/11 North East, USA
Daytime Fireball Makes Waves in Philly – 2011-02-14

2/14/11 Daytime Meteor in NYC Feb 14

PA NJ NY CONN RI Philadelphia Daytime Bolide Fireball 12:45 EST 14FEB2011

2/15/11 Alberta Canada Green Meteor Fireball 14FEB2011

2/16/11 East Coast USA
Giant fireball possibly a meteor sighted over East Coast


2/20/11 Netherlands
Meteor Fireball Explodes Over Netherlands

2/23/11 Update To 23FEB2011 NE US, SE Canada Fireball...

3/8/11 Italy

3/30/11 Mysterious Fireball Filmed Over Australia – Video – March 30, 2011

4/7/11 US: Tennessee Fireball Caught on Video

4/10/11 Italy
Fireball of 10 April 2011 Over Northern Italy

4/29/11 Jacksonville, FL
US: Green fireball reported over Jacksonville, Florida

4/30/11 Doha, Qatar
Fireball Meteor or Space Debris over Doha, Qatar, Saudi Arabia


Bolivia meteor swarm April 28, 2011:

Other Links:

2011 Quadrantid Fireball Meteor

UFO or METEORITE on LIVE BBC | 4th January 2011 | 04/01/2011 Stargazing Live

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  • 2. The meteor impacts happened, but were not reported in major media.

    Most all of the reports in the list above are local reports that did not make the major media. Major media definitely are not reporting all of these events. Meteor impacts could happen in other parts of the world, such as Asia for example, and not be reported in the major media.

    3. The meteor impacts happened, but were reported as something else.

    Meteor impacts may actually be reported as something else. For example some people claim the "gas pipeline explosions" of Feb 11, 2011 may actually have been caused by a meteor impact, as have others as well. See these links for details:

    Tsunamis can be caused by meteor strikes in the ocean, which then cause earthquakes.

    Some have theorized that the Indonesian quake/tsunami may have been caused by an asteroid impact.

    Earthquakes, Tsunamis and .... Asteroids??

    What if the Japan Tsunami/Quake of 3/11/10 was actually caused by an asteroid strike in the ocean? The timing and location both fit very well with the message we are talking about. Also, there were a lot of Near Earth Objects reported in March 2011, one of which may have caused the tsunami. See this link:

    Mar 6th Spaceweather Reports 4 NEW Inbound Close Approach Asteroid/Comets, Geomagnetic Storms

    4. The heavenly body that will cause the impacts has been sighted within the timeframe given, but the impact itself will occur when that heavenly body gets here.

    Discovery of near-earth-objects is increasing at a rapid rate. Some of these discoveries may yet impact earth.

    The closest fly-by ever was on Feb 10, 2011.

    ELEVATED Detected NEOs Close Approach April 2011 Green Fireball Alert 6APR2011 7APR2011 (Asia)

    See this video to get some idea of the NEA problem. This video, of course, shows only KNOWN NEAs. More are being discovered daily:

    More NEA links:

    Potentially Dangerous Asteroid Spotted Passing Earth

    Nov. 8, 2011. Asteroid 2005 YU55 passes very close to earth, .4 - 1.4 Lunar Distance. Its 130 meters wide, about 400 feet, so 120 Megaton estimated energy if it hit earth, so a very large H-Bomb size explosion. And it is 3 days before 11-11-11.

    This brings us to Comet Elenin

    Elenin was discovered by Russian astronomer Leonid Elenin on December 10, 2010, within the timeframe of the dream reported on in our program. It is on its way to a close encounter with the earth this Fall. If it has a debris field in its wake the earth could pass through that, causing meteor impacts on earth. Below are links about Comet Elenin.

    Comet Elenin - Path and Information - Oct. 2011 - It will be Upon Earth

    Comet Elenin is coming (2011)

    Elenin Size Compared to Known Asteroids

    CONCLUSION: There have already been enough reported and unreported sightings, impacts and potential impacts within the stated timeframe to meet the requirements of my comments in program #234. However, it would not be a shock to find out one day that the Japan Tsunami-Quake was also included among the events caused by meteor impacts during the period. Also, Comet Elenin was discovered within the stated timeframe and may yet result in impact events during its close approach to earth this Fall. A lot continues to happen in the heavens - more signs in the sky than we can keep up with!

    From Eliyahu

    In our last program, #279, I shared with you my love of Bible Chronology and it's ongoing importance for us last days believers. One of the key dates I mentioned but did not fully explain in that program was the year of Messiah's birth. Ussher's famous chronology has Messiah's birth year fixed according to the most popular date for that event, 4 BC. I told you that date is incorrect - that Messiah was actually born in 2 BC and that this throws Ussher's chronology back 2 extra years. Since the difference between out Tsiyon TAM chronology and Ussher's AM chronology turns on this one point, I felt I owe it to you to prove the 2 BC date before moving in our series. We can precisely fix the year of Messiah's birth to 2 BC, as our program on Messiah's birth year proves.

    Blessings and Shalom,

    Eliyahu ben David


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